2 thoughts on “3. The Four Schools of American Foreign Policy

  1. Here's my view of what American policy should be. Feel free to agree or disagree with me. My view is that, foremost, we must secure liberty here at home. Secure our boarders so that no one can illegally enter the United States. Protect our boarders. Secondly, going abroad I do not think we should use foreign policy as a means to expand our economic interests. I think the economy should be completely free market and left entirely to the people. If they want to trade and do business with people's of other nations, they are free to do so. But the government should have no role in this. Regarding our military strength I believe we should intervene in other nations, but only in certain cases. First, intervention must always be done with a declaration of war by Congress. There should be no policy action like we've seen in recent history. Secondly, at least one of three conditions must clearly apply to justify our intervention. 1) If a country or group attacks America we are obligated to defend ourselves. For example, Imperial Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. The day after, we declared war and went to war. 2) One country invades another country. If this happens we are obligated to lend support to the invaded country, if they want our support. As a recent example, Iraq invades Kuwait and we defended Kuwait during the First Gulf War. 3) If a country is severely oppressing its own people we are obligated to defend those people from an oppressive regime. Nazi Germany did this, Saddam Hussein did this. Currently places like North Korea do this. We should stand up for the weak. I say we have an obligation to defend weaker nations from aggressors and peoples from their own governments because America is the most powerful nation on Earth. We are the single world's superpower. We should defend those who cannot defend themselves because we have the means to do so. Picture yourself walking along a street and coming across a strong man bullying a weaker person (old lady, child, whatever you choose). Let's say you are stronger than the aggressor or even have a firearm. Do you simple walk by and ignore scene? No, if you are strong you have an obligation to stand up for the weak.  Stand up for yourself and stand up for others. Beyond that, we should not impose our will on other countries. Others are free to do as they wish so long as they abide by a few simple guidelines. Do not attack America; do not invade your neighbors; and do not oppress your people. Do that and the American government stays out of your business. This should be America's foreign policy. Defend the weak. Oppose aggressors. We also act as a major deterrent to aggressors. Behave consistently and send the message to would be aggressors that if they cause problems (attack us, invade others, oppress their people) they will face the full wrath of the United States Military. In short, feel free to do what you want in your own countries. Just don't piss America off. You will regret it. By the way, my final point is that America should be the most powerful military force by far in the world. Use that force wisely when putting it to use, but also have it as a major deterrent against aggressors. Show them that we mean business when we say don't piss us off. That is my view of American foreign policy.

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