22 thoughts on “2nd Term Bid : 'Name Your Completed Projects' PDP Challenges Gov Bello |Politics Today|

  1. Governor Yahaya Bello is a resourceful young man. he's youthful and youthful. we've never had it this good before. PDP demolished the state for good 16years. I'm surprised that they want magic over night. if ex wada of PDP didn't owe up to 50bn, why will he be requesting for 50bn to clear the debt? again past govs such Ibro, wada have no tangible project, but Bello came and despite the 20bn that was given to him, he was able to construct roads, erect standard revenue house, Erect billion naira Rice Mills Industry, Water projects across the 3zones. Truth they say is bitter. Gov. Bello is a generational cum advocate of positive change, we shall vote him again for November 2nd as our governor for the next 4years inshaAllah

  2. Despite the large deposits of stones in Kogi State, it remains the poorest and most backward! Shame!

  3. Naijah is a joke leaders are often failures while the nagerians are in love with the tyrants, dictators, opressors, ok some nagerians enjoy sufferness sha.

  4. PDP Failed In Kogi and Tbh APC has been fixing PDPs mistakes Idris Wada made the state a debtor state and did nothing for the state

  5. I trust oshiomhole and tinubu he might transparently not get d partys ticket because oshiomhole is gradually taking those that are not working out in respective of the party

  6. I traveled through kogi several times last year is in a mess … Roads are bad pot holes everywhere

  7. PDP, please don't say anything about Project. 8 years in the state. What did you do? At that time, there was lots of money given to states. What did you do with the money?

  8. These APC guys in kogi are only good in politics and talking about politics but when it comes to governance & development, they are absolutely useless.

  9. Yahaya Bello is a useless Governor, he's got no single infrastructural project in the entire state and he thinks the people will be stupid to vote him for 2nd term. No way! His aid seats there and he couldn't mention a sing protect executed in Yahaya's name, for 3+ years! Not one! Sad.

  10. Imaging smart Adeyemi bowing down to Yayaha Bello. Wonders will never end, bootlicking and stomach infrastructure.

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