2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson On Her F0oreign Policy Goals

2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson On Her F0oreign Policy Goals

our current foreign policy today has nothing to do with a proactive effort to wage peace just as no person to think only of themselves no generation that should think only of itself there is nothing about our foreign policy today that has that factors in any goal setting any intentionality regarding a world at peace 25 years from now or 50 years from now why is that it is because it is driven more by corporate profits than it is by any kind of humanitarian or noble or moral goals we are not currently a champion of democracy around the world people wall their eyes that that thought people around the world we're not champions of democracy around the world anymore we're not champions of humanitarian values when I was a child I used to always hear politicians talk about how American foreign policy would protect our vital national interests I was so silly I thought they meant democracy silly me more and more that is not meant protecting democracy it has meant internationally doing what we do is mess tickly our government far too often working to advocate for short term corporate profits then for the kind of democratic and humanitarian concerns which should be the core of all public policy both domestic and international when it comes to our international policy first of all our national security agendas driven more by short-term profits for defense contractors than it is by an effort to wage peace we have a 750 billion dollar defense budget but within the State Department now the State Department is only 40 billion so that's development and diplomacy and mediation it's interesting because even Donald Rumsfeld the Secretary of Defense under George Bush said we must also learn how to wage peace and general mattis said before he left the Defense Department that if you're not going to fully funds the State Department then I will need to buy more ammunition now within the State Department we spend 17 billion on the USAID which is humanitarian efforts and less than 1 billion dollars in the budget now this is very important this is why I want a United States Department of Peace you cannot just take medicine you have to cultivate health sickness is the absence of health health isn't the absence of sickness war is the absence of peace peace isn't just the absence of war we're not going to just back ourselves into peace somehow through this endless perpetual preparation for war a peace building a skill is every bit as sophisticated and takes just as much expertise as does the skill necessary for preparation for war and I have great respect for the US military but my critique here is not of the military my critique is of the political decisions that are being made here now when it comes to peace building there are four factors which wind present statistically indicate a higher probability of peace and a lower probability of conflict number one expanding economic opportunities for women number two expanding educational opportunities for children number three reducing violence against women and number four reducing unnecessary human suffering wherever possible we should see and we'll see if I'm president large groups of desperate people as a national security risk desperate people do desperate things such as walking across deserts desperate people are also more vulnerable to ideological capture by genuinely psychotic forces so for me in both domestic and international policy first of all if there will be a Williamson Doctrine it will be that the world will understand that from this point forward America's greatest ally is humanity itself and in all public policy domestic and international the core guidance is what will help people thrive that is how to build prosperity and that is how to build peace what would help people thrive

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  1. MArianne you are not going to be president . You are living in an alternate universe. Go take your disciples and do something productive for the children you care about. MAybe you can collaborate with Habitat for Humanity and get those running toilets in the schools you say millions of our children lack. You don't have to be president to do great things.!.

  2. Marianne you need to listen to our President more often. I hope you are subscibed to the WHITE HOUSE on youtube. BEcause You really have no idea how great our president is.

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