2020 Candidate Gov. Steve Bullock Wants to Take Money Out of Politics | NowThis

2020 Candidate Gov. Steve Bullock Wants to Take Money Out of Politics | NowThis

what actor should play you in your biotech the kids would say Ryan Reynolds what nice I think that might be a stretch good what yeah that's good one what did the momma Buffalo say to the baby Buffalo when she dropped him off at school I son oh it's from Montana so he must have just done moderate things it must be pretty darn conservative but both as Attorney General and his governor and with legislature that's about 60% Republican we've been able to bring people together to get progressive things done to get dark money out of our elections we all need a third state that banned all foreign like we got health care for a hundred thousand ninety minutes by passing Medicaid expansion frozen college tuition for six of the eight years where the fourth lowest tuition fees limitation so the base assumption might be oh it comes from somewhere in the West so I must be pretty moderate but I've been able to get good and meaningful and progressive things done in Montana I deliver newspapers it's kind of funny because I actually delivered newspapers to the governor's house so from where I began raised in a single-parent household to where I'm living now I've only made it about four blocks in life the corrupting influence of outside money in our elections it's been the fight of my career since citizens united and I think it really is the challenge of our time if you look at it we have to address the climate crisis and Republicans can't even acknowledge anymore the climate change is real because that's not what the donors want you look at the fact that Lindsey Graham literally said we had to get this tax cut passed to make our donors happy when most Americans wouldn't even have 400 bucks in their pocket in case of a family emergency so to get our economy working for everybody and get our democracy working for everybody we've got to tackle what is really sort of at the base and that's the Washington DC is now driven by the donors dang my family would say I'm a little bit sloppy my legislators majority Republicans and I was asked to go to a poker party with some of the most conservative folks in that legislature and some my staffs like why would you ever do that and even though I fundamentally disagree philosophically disagree with where they are building that relationship and trying to find some degree of commonality and yeah I lost a little money in 2015 when we got medicaid first expanded a hundred thousand Montanans have health care now 30,000 have the ability to access mental health treatments of 10,000 of God and treatment for substance use disorder but what it's stunning to me is when I'm just walking down the street and someone comes up to me and tells me what a difference just have any preventative health care this college for their lives and those not the statistics not the headlines that's not what you remember you remember how you actually impacted someone and someone that might not have felt like they even had a voice in our political system first time I actually met Jimmy Buffett met him in Margaritaville in Key West Florida whoa Donald is embarrassed my daughter's Claus governor and guy named Richard Spencer and the daily stormer were actually attacking some folks in our community with real anti-semitic remarks so what I did is governor's first sat down with the Jewish community in that town talked about what I could do to help make them feel safer and I got both the Democrats and the Republicans in our delegation to say that's not who we are as my dad's so I have a 17 year old daughter a 14 year old daughter and a 12 year old son they are the inspiration for the work that I do I want to give them much more than what I have well I think that I can bring a lot certainly as the president to both get this economy in this democracy working for folks again I know that we're gonna have a good candidate in Montana and I'll do everything I can to support him or her well I think at the end of the day that's a decision that the voters need to make and I think I offer a lot to this field I both been able to win when Donald Trump was on the ballot he took Montana by 20 I won by four I've been able to bridge divides to get meaningful work done for Montanans and that impact has gone beyond my data and have done mortified the corrosive influence of money in our elections than anybody else in the field so at the end of the day it's up to the voters but I want to make sure that we not only be dealt with Trump but also make sure that this economy and this representative democracy works for everyone last night I didn't get that mani usually about somewhere between six and seven Sweet Caroline I have read quite a bit of the Moller report I haven't sat down and looked through every single page but I have what are we going to be able to do to make sure that our political system is something that the next generation can both be inspired by and aspire to kids learn from our words and our deeds what we as leaders say and what we do and our kids are watching I believe that true now more today than ever before that's your question to all the other candidates here's a question from one of the other candidates selected at random senator Bernie Sanders asks how does it happen that over the last 45 years the average American worker adjusted for inflation is earning the same as 45 years ago while the top 1% has seen a 21 trillion dollar you know in their wealth and the bottom 50% have seen a 90 billion dollar decline we've had what's essentially crony capitalism because of the influence of dollars and the person who cleans a studio tonight paid more in taxes last year than 60 fortune 500 companies as outside influence of dollars came in as tax codes were written for donors as you looked at the influence of corporations that at some point Washington DC quit worrying about the average person that's just trying to live that country and I think we need to restore that more 2020 candidates are coming your way drop us a comment below and let us know what you'd like to ask them you can also check out more presidential contenders in our full 20 questions for 2020 playlist and be sure to subscribe to now this so you don't miss an episode thanks for watching

11 thoughts on “2020 Candidate Gov. Steve Bullock Wants to Take Money Out of Politics | NowThis

  1. If you you won't admit the harms done by fluoride in the potable 🚰 water OR man-made weather control that is causing not stopping storms flooding and drought (for the purpose of proving the global warming / climate change HOAX), than you aren't the right choice.
    That goes for admitting to the American people the semi secret Jewish Sanhedrin court system and Noahide laws future plan for America.

  2. I literally don't even remember him from the debates. This election cycle just feels like scrolling through tinder. Everyone has basically the same profile and none of them are attractive.

  3. but then how will the rich remain above the law?
    rich people cant hold a job, cant provide jobs and things unless the law doesnt apply to them.

  4. Think about this! Replace money donations from any body or any group with a registered signature from a voting US Citizens who can donate a single dollar donation, if they wish to make a contribution. Citizens can support as many candidates as they wish, anywhere in the nation with a personal registered signature and one single dollar bill. Efficiency and effectiveness will prevail over who knows who!

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