2018 Midterms: Fear or healthcare?

2018 Midterms: Fear or healthcare?

the last weekend of early voting for the
2018 midterm elections is over the candidates have made their closing
arguments nearly 40 million Americans have already cast their ballots on the
one hand we have the president and his enablers whose sole accomplishment is
passing a multi trillion dollar tax cut for the wealthiest Americans which
they’re gonna have to pay for by cutting Medicare and Social Security when that
didn’t go over well they turned their hate machine against those scary brown
refugees seeking asylum families fleeing violence and terrorism in their home
countries if you don’t want America to be run over by masses of illegal aliens
and giant caravans the president said at a campaign rally in Missouri on Thursday
you better vote Republican it’s comments like these that led to three right-wing
terror attacks in one week including the worst attack against American Jews in
history on the other hand we have Barack Obama who was in Miami on Friday
reminding voters it was Obamacare that made it illegal for insurers to
discriminate against folks who had a pre-existing condition he was here
something for Andrew Gilliam who’s running on expanding Medicaid so that
800,000 Floridians can get health care coverage now with their 2018 tax plans
having failed to come to fruition and their 2017 tax law still polling poorly
the president and a number of other Republicans have made a hard pivot away
from economics and into nationalism a debate with heavy racial overtones meant
to energize the conservative base ahead of Tuesday’s midterm elections
nationalism is just another word for not having gotten anything else done it’s
the excuse losers who live in their vans use so they can send pipe bombs through
the mail it pits neighbor against neighbor and throws children into cages
I’m hopeful that out of this political darkness I see a Great Awakening of
citizenship all across the country President Obama said in Miami
one election won’t eliminate racism or sexism or homophobia but it will be a
start that’s what leadership looks like that’s what might still make this
country great if you found this information helpful share it with a
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