2018 Cheerleading National Championships

2018 Cheerleading National Championships

(crowd chanting) (upbeat pop music) – Today we have an invitational practice where we invite a bunch of different teams that we have connections with
and that we’re friends with. And so we bring them all in and we all have an opportunity to show our routines to each other. We’re all cheering for each other. – We want to be able
to support one another, we love hearing them supporting us and it means even more
to be able to return that and be able to get them excited, push them through their routine. – Honestly I’m so excited. It’s something really special
that we have this year. I mean, a lot of our guys
can both tumble and stunt. And then we have girls that can mid-layer and top in pyramids. Although some are more
focused on acrobatic skills, and some are working on
strength and control, really we have a lot of
people that can do everything. – It’s such a rush when they throw us, I wanna say like, 20 feet in the air. It’s to where you have
that certain trust level with your teammates, you just know that they’re gonna catch you. You’re not even scared anymore, you just know that they’re gonna be there for you and
they’re gonna catch you. – That team dynamic, that
culture, is so important, and I really think that we
have that bond this year. I think that what we have
is something truly special and we’ve put in the work,
we’re hitting routines. – Everyone gets that little bit of anxiety walking in, that
little bit of nervousness, but just knowing that you’re there with your family means the world. – For me, it’s about going out there, making memories with my
team, heading a cleaner team, and doing the best that we can. And that’s all I can ask for. (cheerleaders shouting) (upbeat pop music) (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Man] U! C! F!

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  1. My friend sent this to me to remind me that she is my cheerleader. That I have a team of people who love me and are cheering me on because tomorrow I get a port to start my chemotherapy. My wish is that everyone reading this invest their time and energy in good people, enjoy their time with them and know that if they need them, they will be there for you. I am so grateful.

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