2017/02/25: Jordan Peterson: Postmodernism: How and why it must be fought

2017/02/25: Jordan Peterson: Postmodernism: How and why it must be fought

So I Want to recommend a book first? To everyone here. It’s called explaining post-Modernism, [and] it’s by a gentleman named Steven Hicks and You need to understand post-Modernism Because that’s what you’re up against and you’re up against it far more than you know or think and it’s a much more [well-developed] and Pervasive Pernicious nihilistic intellectually attractive doctrine than has yet come to public realization it absolutely dominates the Humanities and increasingly the social sciences [and] universities, and what’s happening? You see someone once said who? unfortunately, I can’t remember it might have been friedrich Nietzsche said that everybody is the unconscious exponent of a dead philosopher and Fortunately the post modern Philosophers most of them are dead, so that’s a good thing but That doesn’t mean that their words aren’t continually being spoken by people who who are following in their wake like saying it’s not like any Given person is absolutely possessed and saved by the spirit of post-Modernism Because often they’re not educated enough to know all the [details] about what it is that has them in their grip but if you get 20 of them together And they’re all 5% influenced by the post Modernist Ethos you basically have the spirit of the mob that’s a mouthpiece for [that] particular philosophical doctrine and if you understand the doctrine Then you understand why things are progressing the way that they’re progressing and so I’m going to tell you a little bit about the doctrine Because it’s not optional to understand this it’s absolutely crucial to understand this huh you can’t underestimate The power of ideas and also the power of words of course because ideas are expressed in words But you see the post modernists completely reject the structure of western Civilization And I mean completely so I can give you an example in one term jacques, Derrida whose head trickster for the Post Modernist movement Regarded western culture, let’s call it the Patriarchy as a logo centric, okay? So fallow comes from Phallus Pha, lL [oh], and so that’s the insistence that what you see in Western Culture is the constant of a male-dominated Oppressive Self-Serving society and we might say well you know societies do tend to be self-serving and people in power do tend to Act in their best interests, but a Tendency is not an absolute, and that’s one of the things that needs to be considered continually There are no shortage of flaws in the manner in which we’ve structured our society and compared to any hypothetical utopia It’s and that’s absolutely Dismal wreck but compared to the rest of the world and the plight of other Societies throughout the history of Mankind we’re doing pretty damn well And we should be happy to be living in the society that we’re living in So the first thing that you might want to note about post-Modernism. Is that it doesn’t [have] [a] shred of gratitude, and there’s something Tautologically wrong with the person who does that it doesn’t have any gratitude? Especially when they live in what so far is the best of all possible worlds, and so if you’re not grateful You’re driven by resentment and resentment is the both the worst emotion that you can possibly experience apart from Arrogance resentment Arrogance and deceit there is an evil Triad for you And if you’re bitter about everything that’s happening around you despite the fact that you’re bathed in wealth And there’s something absolutely wrong with you. You know the black community in the united states is the 18th wealthiest community 18th wealthiest nation on the Planet now that doesn’t mean there isn’t such a thing as relative poverty and relative poverty matters It’s an important It’s an important political economic issue And it’s very very difficult to deal with but absolute wealth matters too and the western Societies have been Absolutely remarkable in their ability to generate And distribute wealth as you can tell by just looking around and taking a you know a brief bit of consideration for the absolute miracle That even a building like this represents So you have to [educate] yourself about post-Modernism [ok] so here’s what the post modernists believe they don’t believe in the individual That’s the logos [Park] Western Culture is Fel logo Centric Logo is logos That’s partly the Christian word, but it’s also partly the root word of logic [ok] they don’t believe in logic they believe that logic is part of the process by which the patriarchal institutions of the west continue to dominate and to justify their dominance they don’t believe in dialogue the Word of dialogue is logos again They don’t believe that people of goodwill can come to consensus through the x through the exchange of ideas [they] believe that that notion is part of the philosophical substructure and practices [of] the dominant culture So the reason they don’t let people who they don’t agree with speak on [campuses] because they don’t agree with letting people Speak you See it’s not part of the ethos [ok] so, what else do they believe and not believe? They believe that you since you [don’t] have an individual identity your fundamental identity is [group] fostered and that means that you’re basically an Exemplar of your race hence white privilege or you’re an exemplar of your gender or [your] sex or your ethnicity or you’re an exemplar of? however You can be classified so that use you are placed in the position of victim against the oppressor Because that’s the game and it’s it’s [a] it’s a post marxist [sleight-of-hand] right the old Marxist notion was that the world was a battleground between the burgeois [z] and the [proletariat] [and] that failed to have any philosophical or ethical standing that Argument after the working class actually saw its standard of living massively elevated as a consequence of western corporate democracy [Western] free Enterprise Democracy And also the end and also as a consequence of the revelations of everything terrible that had happened in every bloody country that ever dared to make equity and and the Marxist Communist [dogma] part of their fundamental structure right and nothing but murderous [Nozanne] depression and so by the 1970s it was evident that that game was up the postmark the post Modernist Marxist just barely basically pulled a sleight of hand and said ok if it’s not the poor against the rich it’s the Oppressed against the oppressor will just read of I’d the subpopulations in ways that make our our bloody Philosophy continuing it’s in its in its movement forward and that’s where we’re at now and so for the post modernists The world is a Hobbesian battleground of identity groups They do not communicate with one another because they can’t All there is is a struggle for power and if you’re in the predator group which means you’re an oppressor Then you better look out because you’re not exactly well come Not exactly welcome and neither are your ideas, so [that’s] what you’re up against. [I] would say it’s time for conservatives to stop apologizing for being conservatives no and You don’t apologize to these people that’s a big mistake apology there. They read apology as An admission of guilt [you] don’t apologize And you don’t back down you young people that are out [there] who are [University] students you need to take over the student unions you need to take them back because they’re absolute snake pits And they have been since the 1990s with regards with regards to the universities I thought at one point that the best thing [to] do would be to cut their funding by [25] percent let them fight amongst themselves For the remnants because it would force the universities to decide exactly what’s important and what isn’t so I would say the humanities and much of the social sciences has turned into a Postmodern neo-Marxist playground for radicals the scholarship is terrible 80% of humanities papers aren’t cited once Once and so what that means is that they write papers for each other and they sell them to libraries [and] that’s how the publishers make their money. No one reads them but the publishers can print them because the libraries have to buy them and they’re buying them with your tax money and so all of You who are sitting here are? funding a Postmodern Radical neo-Marxist Agenda that has its roots in the university and your tax money is going towards that and if you want proof of that you just go online and Look at the websites especially of disciplines like women’s studies. Which is pathological right to the core, but it’s not just women’s studies It’s all the ethnic studies groups it’s anthropology its sociology its social work and most of all it’s Education and oszi for example in Ontario is perhaps apart from the Ontario human rights commission the most dangerous institution in Canada [it] should It should be defunded It’s as simple as that [they] don’t do the research they purport to do they’re not interested in it at all in education They’re interested in the indoctrination of people as young as they can [fun] as young as they can get their hands on so to speak [now] we need to figure out our society needs to figure out how [to] stop shunting public tax money to radical Left-wing activists if we were doing that for radical Right-wing Activists there would be an absolute storm, but it’s happened incrementally since the 1960s and it needs to stop so that’s that’s partly what [the] Conservatives, not only conservatives, but also liberals true liberals in the English sense are up against I mean what’s happened that as also as a consequence of this postmodern? Neo-Marxist intellectual invasion is that the center keeps moving. It’s moved way to the right now So if you’re a classic liberal you’ve become a conservative and so for all of you who are interested in Purdue pursuing the conservative agenda There’s a lot of classic liberals that you could be talking to and then finally with regards to talking to young people You finally have something to sell to them You know it’s not easy to sell conservatism to young people because they want to change things And that’s not what conservatives want to do they want to maintain things Well now you’ve got something to sell the young people you can sell them freedom of speech, and you can tell sell them Responsibility the left is selling them rights You can sell the responsibility And I can tell you because I received many letters of the sort that that God was talking about young people are absolutely starving For someone to provide them with the sense of responsibility [and] say look here’s something worth living for man You know you can find meaning in life with freedom But freedom freedom is a chaotic sort of meaning right and freedom isn’t the sort of thing that makes people happy it’s the sort of thing [that] makes people trouble some trouble because freedom expands your your series of choices and that makes you nervous and uncertain so but Responsibility is another and not to say that that’s a bad [thing]. It’s a good thing But it requires that you that you shoulder the responsibility of the freedom But responsibility per se is what gives your life meaning? genuine meaning in the face of suffering and you and Young people is really [there] starving for that. I’ve been teaching young people for thirty years and mostly what I’ve been teaching them about is Responsibility, [it’s] like your heirs to a great tradition It’s not perfect [obviously] but comparatively. There’s nothing else like it. That’s ever been produced and it’s it represents a tiny minority of human qualities most of which are run by Murderous antisocial psychopathic thugs and not that Seriously, and so what kind of alternative is that we’ve got this beacon of freedom and wealth in the west That works although. It doesn’t work perfectly and one of the one [of] the responsibilities of young people is to find out what’s at the [core] of that the great great core of that the Paramount the Paramount importance of the Individual and the divinity [of] speech man, not some to sell its what our whole culture is predicated on All right, well I should stop there. So thank you very much for the invitation

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  1. Despite there is some hard valuable truth about what he is saying, but nevertheless just always ends up in right wing propaganda. Do you wanna see post-modernists in power? Look at russia, and search a guy named Vladislav Surkov, then tell me postmodernism is a left wing conspiracy. This is quite depressing actually.

  2. Mr. Peterson, you and Kent Hovind have much in common with regards to the marxist/anarchic overthrow of higher education.

  3. Mr.. Peterson, your phrase of the 'divinity of speech' struck a chord with me. This is something I have had opportunity to witness the degradation of during my life. Words that mean one thing today mean something different tomorrow. Or, newly invented words and phrases are created for a new artificial perception (umpteen genders) , or are revived (as far back as Shakespeare) to give validity to an argument that is very much worth questioning. As language has (as it's basis) ideas and, since words have meaning (at least as far as any dictionary goes), then the foundation for overthowing the existing order requires either a total redefining of the meaning of words (impossible withincommon vernacular), or to create, out of seemingly thin air, new words/definitions so as to give some semblance of argument.

  4. Hello, Jordan. I don't know if you'll read this comment, I hope you do. Or maybe the person who sees this can pass this message along.
    I was wondering what you have to say about people who choose to substitute a romantic partner for friendship, and can friendships replace a husband or a wife?

  5. Just one comment: Jordan Peterson is constantly suggesting that all post modernists are relativists, but this is not true. Richard Rorty, e. g. is a pragmatist.
    A better description of post modernism is that it represents the end of the 'big stories' like Marxism and Christianity.
    This is based on the realisation that you can't describe or deal with reality based on just one overarching theory. Reality is just too complex for that.
    This is very similar to Peterson's own analysis that you can't say that liberals or conservatives are always right. Both make valid claims and it is far better to find a balance between the two.

  6. If people in the alt right could be bothered to study the development of post-modernism like this they might not make themselves look silly by throwing around meaningless umbrella terms like "cultural Marxism". It's not unrelated obviously, but you've made me better appreciate the central role counter-culture post-modernism has played in modern western society. The cultural war especially within academia is far more dangerous and malevolent (and better funded) than the Marxist class war…It is this corruption of education and atrocious fabrication of history that we should really be concerned about. If and when everything else collapses, that won't matter anymore, but if people have been brainwashed and raised to hate themselves and their heritage, they are broken people.

  7. For a look at what a cuk Peterson is see the following:










  8. Marx was a mental impaired fake economist (actually he studied law) and he was a parasite (jewish). Fuck post modernism and those mentally impaired ignorants because they can't reason.

  9. But Peterson won't bring up the fact that Jacques Derrida was a Jew and that postmodernsim, like cultural Marxism, was invented by Jews. People need to understand that Jews are behind a lot of what is making us sick as a culture. Also, people need to understand that Peterson is not being honest about this fact.

  10. I can understand the appeal of Marxism, even though I acknowledge that it's one of the bloodiest and most destructive philosophies ever conceived, if not THE worst idea of all-time. After all, robber barons do exist. Cruelty and disregard for the poor and working class are real things that have existed for a long time, so I can understand the resentment they might foster in their victims. Postmodernism, however, is a game with no winners, no prizes, no instigators. It's neurosis, and defies reason.

  11. Is he a scholar here or a politician with an anti postmodernism agenda? I am a fan, but people shouldn't applaud when they happen to agree with Peterson. It is not a political rally.

  12. Either I don't know what postmodernism is or Peterson has taken the very opposite of what I consider to be postmodernism and claimed that that is postmodernism. From my understanding, postmodern thinkers would be completely skeptical of the idea that the west is some evil force run by crooked evil white men, which is an example of a grand narrative about the world. If postmodernism is he idea that there are no absolute or objective truths and that reality is subjective, then there is no room for grand narratives

  13. Something like this can only happen in uncontrolled ethnically over congested,and consequently dysfunctional societies,like Canada,and America!?

  14. Peterson is afraid to talk about the crucial role role Jews have had on postmodernism e.g., that Jacques Derrida was Jewish. It's (((their))) goal to fragment and destroy gentile society.

  15. How insidious has the advance of the post modernists been! It is now an all out philosophical, intellectual and social attack on Western culture. this may be the last great cultural battle for the intellectuals of the Baby Boom generation to win. What a heroic philosophical and intellectual struggle this will be regarded as in the history books for succeeding generations to study. The Baby Boomers, like Jordan Peterson and President Trump are bringing the close of that generation to a glorious end. Think about the history that has taken place in that generation. Like the “Greatest Generation,” of WWII, their offspring of the Baby Boom generation have fought a war, but an intellectual war that threatens the very foundation of Western Civilization. We are still in the midst of that war—but we shall prevail and leave the world with a truly heroic legacy of safe-guarding the important values that will sustain freedom, liberty and intellectual development. Be part of this movement, the struggle, the war against POSTMODERNISM !

  16. I use to be the Manning Center photographer, now they have a liberal photographer who thinks they are a bunch of nuts. Have fun with that .

  17. When I went to a small community college in Arizona in the late 80s, we (the student union) tried to erect a Peace Pole on campus, with "Peace" written in multiple languages on it. The administration continually blocked it because they said it was just too political. After a full semester of struggle to get them to allow it, we finally erected it and it went missing that very night. We gave up trying to have a voice at that point. That was our political education.

  18. The embodiment of crazy. People who want to challenge postmodern theory (a very admirable endeavour indeed) should actually go to the primary sources and not listen to a hack who has read one book written by another hack.

  19. Postmodernism does not deal in absolutes. It rejects the idea that there are any absolutes at all…
    Peterson, on the other hand, says that it's "not optional to understand this" because Postmodernism (according to him) is "what we're up against." Hmmm…
    What a Quack.

  20. He's right about so much of the recent trends: the anti-western, self-loathing, racially obsessive, political correctness, speech policing, SJWs, etc. But he's only getting half of it right if he sees the current american politicized "conservative" outlook as the answer. He needs to address the other side — the fact that America is sliding into a land of haves and have nots. With an economy structured to produce such an incredible wealth gap where a small super rich element receives most of the fruits of the nation's labor and innovation, the culture and societal cohesion will continue to disintegrate.

    He says "relative poverty" is important, but he doesn't spend much time on it or really seem to care about it. A healthy culture cannot be sustained when most people realize accurately that they are locked out of the beautiful life that is constantly dangled in front of them. We desperately need a huge percentage of the country to be middle class, but the economic structures that the US has been operating on since 1980 are clearly not the way to get there.

  21. The book he recommends here is awesome. Stephen Hicks is actually coming out with a podcast soon on this topic called Open Collage -> https://youtu.be/mwSAXsMo2cc
    For updates follow the Open College Podcast twitter feed -> https://twitter.com/opencollegepod

  22. Peterson…..still making liberal heads explode – commentary within proves with their puerile comments. They still have their chins resting on the balls of the monkey Barack and the liberal agenda.

  23. "Neo-Marxist Sleight of hand"…..I think this oversimplification of Derrida and other Postmodern philosophers is perhaps in its own way ideology. I say this because it is an oversimplification of complex ideas, a hallmark of ideology as the masses love simple fixes. I do however believe that to some extent the highly nuanced thinking of the original Postmodernist thinkers has been "dumbed down" and utilised in nefarious ways, so to some extent I agree with Mr Peterson but not to the extent of referring to Derrida as a "trickster". Derrida discovered the power of metaphorical nuclear fission when it comes to examining polar opposites, universities and academics then took this discovery and built a bomb with it ….and then detonated it on campus!

  24. Watch this video about ideological Subversion by Soviet Defector Yuri Bezmenov. Although filmed many years ago, it describes what is happening today and how dangerous it is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=791tx2ex8rM

  25. Jordan Peterson is not your father. If You are old enough to understand what he is saying then you're old enough not to to need a father figure anymore.

  26. Much facepalming. This is laughable. Ffs Marxists call postmodernists neo-conservatives. This maddening SJW mindset has little to do with Baudrillard. Peterson rightly angry at the state of humanities etc but he does not understand postmodernism at all. By the way neither does Hicks. The book he recommends at the outset is badly researched utter trash

  27. So PostModerism is a complete contridiction and doesn't make sense, Both pulling down the Middle-class and Rich-class down to a Poor-mixed class? demonstrating that not only victims can be CORRUPT socially but LAWLESSLY just a if not more than Rich or middle class? interesting I want MORE of this post-modernism! I want a corrupt western society, More the Merrier.

  28. sorry, i am from turkey and dont know what this conference is all about, but i do not get what he's arguing against, one thing he is against funding womens studies, sociology etc and hes also against the ''neomarxist'' wave which he equates with post-modernism ; yet to me it seems like he's making more appeal to emotion rather than presenting arguments, and speaking with anger and attachment, thats all i can see sadly..

  29. Jordan Peterson, you've helped to educate my mind and I tend to agree with most of your views especially where they influence politics, but I sense a contradiction. You lean predominantly right and by your own admission, insistence in fact, balance between left and right mindedness is crucial (reference: your winding snake analogy). In this talk regarding post-modernism you refer to the condition of young people today and how they are starving for responsibility (with which I agree) but you fail to recognize that it's far-right capitalism that has predominantly stripped these same youth of that very need. It's not a consequence of leftism or post-modernism as you define it. Leftism is the idealism that WOULD give these youth more purpose not less. It's the freedom from an OVER structured Society that these youth long to experience.
    Now this is also where you must account for the separation of genders and where post-modernism / leftism has too great of a Stranglehold on our modern culture thereby supporting more feminism. How can it benefit young men?. How do you deconstruct the tendencies of girl left boy right realities?.
    Boys need more freedom, girls need more order!

  30. As soon as you defined wealth (and progress) as a square building that's most likely to collapse from just a touch of Mother Nature's fury you lost me… LOL. You really don't understand post-modernism at all. And that's OK.

  31. I don’t like this Part of Him which rejects and throws other ideas which are not Matching to his Intellectual Agenda . He is just Rejecting Post Modernism as if it’s Nothing and also saying other people to go Against it . What is he doing ? Is he Making an Intellectual Cult ? Where each group is fighting each other’s Opinion . Post Modernism gives us the Flexibility to test out other Ideas . It does not let us cling to any Idea (any ideology) . It teaches us that any Ideology is not Complete in itself . Old philosophies are being replaced by new Philosophies . Why don’t you take this Fact that the Philosophy which we had now is also going to get Replaced by a New One ?! . Friends , please take this Fact .

  32. What do we have to think about Peterson’s resentment and arrogance?
    His way of thinking is so simplistically! No interest at all

  33. Peterson sure finds lots of distractions from the real issues with our neo-liberal society. And if you look at the statistics instead of emotion you would see most Americans are not “doing pretty damn well” compared to the past just because you and I are Jordan. Life expectancy is decreasing, the middle class is almost completely eroded. The bottom 90% of Americans live on an average of less than $30,000 per year and are making less money than they were in the 1970s after adjusting for inflation, meanwhile the wealthy like Peterson are making 100-400% more. We wage wars for profit in dozens of countries. Enriching “defense” contractors and serving as the private military for corporations to exploit other countries’ resources. We spend more on our military than the next 10 countries combined. We now have laws that violate our basic rights like the Patriot Act or indefinite detention.

    We rank 1st in military spending, 1st in incarcerations per capita, 1st in wealth and income inequality. 43rd in life expectancy, 38th in math, 24th in science, 125th in literacy, 17th in freedom according to the Cato Institute, 18th in happiness… but hey let’s just say we are the greatest country in the world because it makes us feel good. And let’s say most Americans are doing great just because I am. There’s a reason why America elected a bomb-thrower like Trump. They were desperate. Unfortunately he was a bit of a con-man and is mostly doing the opposite of what he promised. Still probably better than Hillary though sadly.

  34. Jordan Peterson was good before he was absorbed into the right wing propaganda machine. His critiques are far less nuanced and objective, moving towards the standard rhetorical techniques of the standard reactionary that has always been around, only rebranded for a younger crowd. Shame.

  35. Dr. Jordan Peterson is like the child in Hans Christian Andersen “The Emperor Has No Clothes”.  He’s one of few out there with the courage to verbalize what many of us
    are thinking, and therefore an inspiration to everyone to imitate his in-your-face
    intellectual honesty.
    It is a breath of fresh air to hear someone of my generation with such powerful and articulate message which he can brilliantly postulate not just as a lecture, but as a stream of consciousness in most cases. 
    I have reasons to consider myself pretty smart, having scored very high in IQ tests given by the US government way back when this practice was still acceptable, and having been able to get me a post graduate degree in a Science/Technology discipline, but when it comes to psychology and philosophy I am fascinated by Dr. Peterson erudition and his ability to lucidly postulate contemporary currents of social and human thinking without even pausing to organize his thoughts.

  36. Postmodernist thinking keeps the working class oppressed. If white, heterosexual male working class even worse. If white, male working class that done good – you ARE the oppressor.

  37. He just said "you need to understand postmodernism! " Why Mr. Peterson? We don't have to, you just figured out for all of us, so we have to hate it straight away! It is hard to understand Derrida, and easier to hate. I fond this answer interesting for your subject: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHtvTGaPzF4

  38. Anyone else think its strange seeing Jordan Shift from Beard to no beard, its like no beard is the genius Jordan that spreads his wisdom and bearded Jordan is the pissed off psychologist ready to take revenge on postmodernism.

  39. Left is selling rights, conservatives selling responsibility? Strange cause every conservative I know is playing the nepotism game quite strong and they fill the seats with their rich family. Responsibility is the last thing comes to my mind about conservative people because they never cared about future generations, in my honest opinion.

  40. This is the most right-winged he ever talked. There are things I agree and disagree with him. But, It's not him but his supporters that worry me. People should meme less if they respect him, and make more constructive comments on how you agree with him so everyone can relate to what you're thinking. When you say "I like him when he gets angry, fuck yeahh JP dropping bombs" kinda comments, it makes you look like you are ready to swallow whatever anyone is saying like a gospel. I think it's a big generalisation of postmodernism. I can't just accept that this is the best possible solution and can't just take everything as the absolute truth because I'm surrounded by a world of money, surveillance, wars, conflicts, terror, racism, hunger, rich countries feeding on poor, poor countries feeding on its own people. Science is being manipulated and backed by the same corporations etc. and I can go on forever. There's nothing wrong to doubt the foundations that made us who we are now. It is important to doubt. That's how we progress. We can't take everything as 'it is' and should not listen to anyone like a gospel. We are children of media, and the media's only job is to constantly manipulate you until you don't even know there's any other option. Again, I like some of his thoughts and I don't like some and i'm still greateful he's making me think on it more. My point is, everyone should, instead of memeing while being political.

  41. It's funny how things got so bad, classic liberals like myself are standing shoulder to shoulder with conservatives to take back control.
    Let me make this extremely clear: I grew up with conservatives all around me. Those fuckers are incredibly rigid and strict, sometimes narrow-minded and arrogant beyond belief. Conservatives are the root cause of most of my misery during childhood. I hated them with a passion and desperately tried to find refuge in more open-minded collectives and philosophies. With all that being said, postmodernists are so fucking radical and cretinous, I find myself making friends with my past enemies just keep my sanity when dealing with them.

  42. I think like a post modernist nihilist, but mostly use it against both left and right people. Individualism I guess is the special thing about me.

  43. Funny – I'm somewhat sympathetic to postmodernism and i don't hate Western Civilization. Who the hell does he think he is to claim he speaks for me an all people who are postmodernists?

  44. Peterson is wrong about how to fight back. Conservatism has failed because it is primarily a defensive program. You don't fight power with activism or appeals to Young People, you fight Power with Power. Take back power and you take back the youth, not the other way around.

  45. Peterson is an intellectual brawler, not a scholar. And knows a thing or two about crookedness. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cU1LhcEh8Ms

  46. Is post modernism bad in film or books or music cause some of the greatest works of art are post modern?

  47. Jordan Peterson logic: Postmodernists aren’t grateful. We live in the best of all possible worlds. So, if you’re not grateful you’re driven by resentment, arrogance, and deceit. We are bathed in wealth.

    JP fans: OMG he’s a genius!

  48. Just compare prf.Chomsky's readers and audience with yours , if you're a realistic , honest man , you would know how & what you're doing !

  49. A lack of gratitude plus living in arrogance, resentment and deceit; that sure sounds like an American president.

  50. I'm 30 years old and it has happened in my lifetime, I observed how while not changing my political ideas I have moved from a classic liberal to a conservative.

  51. 6:45: "I would say it's time for conservatives to stop apologizing for being conservatives…" Amen. This video calls out for a much wider distribution.

  52. Stephen Hick's book is absolutely idiotic. Anyone who has studied any of the philosophers presented would be stunned by the misrepresentation. Peterson is the thinker of cool kids who don't have friends and intellectuals who don't read

  53. I love his work he's up to par. But you can only sell responsibility to people who have desperation at their doorstep. When we're on the the precipice of losing everything after witnessing Horrors and decadence visited upon our people and those they know, we will accept the reins of responsibility.

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