15 Worst Forms Of Capital Punishment

15 Worst Forms Of Capital Punishment

32 thoughts on “15 Worst Forms Of Capital Punishment

  1. Cute kitty’s i’m just going to remember that the full video because I’m only 7 and I pretty sure I have nightmares now thank you for the puppies to

  2. For those who want to see even worse check the history of Sikh Religion and how Muslims killed men, women and children. And what they done to children heart and lever.

  3. Tnwalking the plank is an old wives tale. Pirates never made people walk a plank they would just toss them overboard

  4. The Spanish tickler reminds of something from a video game like mortal kombat plus it also looks more like a deadly weapon than a method of execution hell anyone could actually make those claws even the king of random on YouTube could easily make those claws all it takes is some black smithing and you could easily make them in no time that also reminds me of the claws that wolverine in xmen uses

  5. Crushing got confessions out of almost anyone, except for one guy during the Salem witch trials, and when they tried crushing to get a guilty plea, he just said "more weight" until he died.

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