37 thoughts on “15 Things Only People With Social Anxiety Will Understand

  1. I have social anxiety but im slowly getting out of that i suffer through it i remember in track we had to go too mcdonalds as a team and everyone was talking and here i am quite and it really is tough man?… i can understand everyone comment its hard hang in there youll face it soon enough

  2. Idk about myself my heart beating so fast when i crowded by people that ik pretty much like anxiety but when by people that idk idont really

  3. All of the points apply to me
    Except the one about the family members. I am not comfortable among my family members, friend, relatives and I don't have any pets. I do have my phone and laptop…If they count😁😁. nonetheless my social anxiety continues to trouble me……

  4. My goal was to become a personal trainer and I achieved this through an online course. I thought that by diving into the deep end like this, I could force myself to break free of social anxiety. Now I am a self employed PT and it has only worsened. I can barely bring myself to get into the gym these days, let alone speak to potential clients. I really don't know where to go from here 😔

  5. Oh god…
    I just tought about something that happened this year.

    So we had to do this presentation in front of the class and it was to the point where the teacher had to pick someone because no one volunteered.
    And I didn't pass yet.
    So one of my classmate started to say to the teacher that I should do it.
    ME: no another time.
    Her:yes you should do it
    After some of my friends started to join with her and I started to panic real bad.
    My best friend began to pull my chair in front.
    ME: No no no no no no no
    The teacher: you should do it now after you'll be finished.
    And I ended up having more pressure than I had at first during my presentation.
    It didn't go away after. WORST DAY OF MY LIFE.

  6. I relate to every single thing and am probably failing school because I'm too scared to speak up. I'm afraid everyone judging me and I over think what I'm going to wear or do. My social anxiety is really bad but I'm too scared to tell anyone about it.Hell… i’m too scared to talk to my own mother. I just really don’t know what to do.

  7. I've never been diagnosed with SAD, but at the minute I feel that this video describes me too much. Despite being bullied, moving schools like there's no tomorrow and house fires, as far as social fears go, I'm peaking. I don't know how to tell my mum, I'm her happy unicorn child, potentially having social anxiety. I saw three of the girls in my pe at the shop, and I had symptoms of an anxiety attack, according to the Internet and my socially anxious (diagnosed) friend. If anyone could spare a tip as far as coping, please, I'd appreciate anything.

  8. When i was young, i was scared when people go to the playground even when they are small 3 year old kids, when i see them i will just tell my mom that lets turn back and wait for them to leave….im 12 right now but that still stayed inside of me XD

  9. I deal with social an anxiety I’m 21 I have no friends I can’t go into public and if I do I can’t take it and want to go back home ASAP I would always miss school bc of it it’s ruining my life but I hope one day I’ll be okay

  10. Most of the time i struggle to talk to even some of my relatives like my cousins, aunts etc. I don't know i just feel awkward and concious around them. And i hate it😑😔

  11. Having social anxiety gets me so depressed everytime. Like I wanna fucking die now. I hate myself.

  12. people always say "why don't you talk" and "why don't you just make friends? it's not that hard" and i'm like bruh it's literally almost impossible for me to start a conversation with someone so it's easier to have no friends

  13. the thing with me is that i like to be around chatty people though i rarely speak a word but i never have panic attacks. do i have social anxiety? Also most of these i can relate to

  14. I always feel like a robot because I need instructions to play or not I would just be standing in one corner until I’m being told to do something.

  15. Non social anxiety people be like :

    this is bs rude is rude no excuse

    Me have social anxiety:
    Reasons why I wanna kill myself

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