62 thoughts on “13-Year-Old Maddox Pritchard Weighs Two Deals – Shark Tank

  1. If it was a grown up they would bury the product right away and all say i'm out because it's not even on the market yet. But since it's a kid they are going to be nice to him.

  2. “I love this shovel and think it is a unique and brilliant idea filling a gap and void in the market that consumers have been needing for quite some time now. I believe this can be bigger than you expect, potentially hitting multi millions in sales once we license it to the correct manufacturer. And for that reason I’m out” -Barbara

  3. I went to school with him he is one of the nicest people I’ve met and sadly his father passed away from cancer a week after this 😭 it’s so saddening and hope the best for him with this deal

  4. I hate to say this, but I often find Robert's over the top exuberance a bit annoying

    He would be the last shark I'd wish to have dinner with

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