12 Side Hustles You Can Do From Bed | The Financial Diet

12 Side Hustles You Can Do From Bed | The Financial Diet

hi I'm Chelsea and I'm Lauren and we are the financial diet so today we're going to be talking about side jobs that you can have from the comfort of your own bed which is awesome because a few weeks ago we did a video that was a lot of you know money mistakes that you might be making and we'll link that in the description and one of them was not having any side income at all which we think is a mistake and a lot of people were like but it's too are you have to like go an extra place and it takes up too much time etc etc and a lot of people were asking you know what are the side hustles that you guys know of or you like that anyone can do from anywhere so the jobs that we picked that we're going to share with you today they tap into different skill sets but they have in common the fact that a obviously you can do them from bed but they're really flexible to work with different existing worker school schedules different physical abilities or limitations and there's something that you can do just even a couple hours a month so without further ado here are 12 side hustles you can do from the comfort of your own bed so you can do something simple like a closet inventory and then sell your old clothes online so winter is coming and there's no better time to do a closet purge to give yourself a little bit more space in your closet you can use websites and apps like Poshmark vaunt and thread up to help sell your clothes online and we'll have those links in the description along with all the links we're going to talk about today oh and in before the comment that's like you have to get out of bed to go through your closet which Touche but the actual selling and going through the app and all that stuff you could even be on the train and do it so so next is customer service rep now customer service is a field where more and more companies every day are allowing their representatives to be based from home and to kind of figure out their own schedules you have agencies like LiveOps which will pair you with a company if they approve you to be part of their system and they'll put you with people who allow you to work from home or you can even go directly to the clients that you're interested in the companies that you think you might want to work for even the industry in general and see who's hiring remote workers you'll be surprised the amount of companies that allow their customer service people to work from home next you can review websites apps and programs so I have personal experience with user testing where you essentially troubleshoot websites and you leave a voice recording as you go through the website so these websites pay anywhere from $3 to $20 a test and if you're really diligent about it you can make several hundred dollars per month just a few of the sites you can look at to get started in the website app reviewing game our places like user feel user lytx and user testing another great job is social media management for small businesses as some of you might remember our former managing editor Maya actually use this very gig to get herself some extra money in college essentially if you're someone who's really good at social media yourself but is just using it for yourself it would be a really good idea to look around you at the small businesses restaurants coffee shops dry cleaners boutiques wherever you can see someone who's got a great business but is not using social media to their fullest benefit this is especially common with older business owners or business owners who opened before social media was even an important part of the game and who just aren't sure how to use it to promote and increase their business so essentially what you need to do is figure out what your packages might be anything from you know teaching the business owners the basics of promoting themselves in SEO and all that stuff all the way up to running the platforms for them if they want to put together you know some basic business cards and a little presentation of the different things that you offer and start pitching it to business owners around you obviously this is something that could happen in person as well but a lot of it can be done purely online and thus from the comfort of your bed another idea is to be a virtual assistant so virtual assistants do everything from emailing making calls setting up meetings those kind of tedious tasks that people are looking to outsource in their busy work day there are a lot of agencies that will hook you up for companies that are looking for virtual assistants and we'll link to a few of those in the description below individuals are also often looking for assistance even short-term ones we had to hire a temporary assistant for doing our book another great from home job is copywriting if you are someone who is great at writing things like essays articles blog posts even great social media posts you might be great at copywriting and since it's so easy to set up an online portfolio as a freelance copywriter there's no reason not to go for it I've personally used a site called contently which is great for setting up a profile of the kind of copywriting that you can do where clients come and find you and you can seek out freelance jobs and just ink you were curious copywriting is ADD writing another idea is to design and sell something online so I'm actually in the process of launching an eShop for the financial diet which is really exciting and it's a great way to make an investment for the long term that will earn you money as you do other work obviously this is going to require you to have some creative abilities first and it is an investment of your time but once you get it set up it's pretty automated ecommerce platforms like Etsy and Shopify are just some of the most common ones but there are a ton out there and if you work with a third party for your packaging and shipping the money just basically takes care of itself while the eShop sits there next is to become an online language tutor slash conversation partner before I was a writer I used to make a lot of money on the side using a site called wise aunt where I tutored French and then when I moved to France I tutored English some of my clients were in person but I actually had a ton of clients that I only met via Skype / typing if you speak a foreign language all the better but if you don't there are plenty of people all over the world looking for tutors and conversation partners in English strictly online you may have to put on a little makeup or comb your hair but you can still be in bed so another idea is to sell used books or textbooks online so selling old books and textbooks online is a great way to make a little extra money on the side and it's also a great way to declutter your home you can set up a professional book selling account on things like books Scouter or book finder or you can use websites like Amazon or Ebay but keep in mind that most of these websites do take a cut of whatever book you sell another option is to become a general online tutor in whatever you specialize in this really applies if you have a college degree and particularly if you have a college degree in something that you're not really actively using for example if you have a degree in history or English or chemistry and you're doing something that's maybe not totally related a great way to really use that degree is to go through online tutoring programs and tutor K through 12 students in those subjects will link to a few great sites where you can be certified to be an online tutor in the subjects of your choosing another idea is to take surveys online so there are a ton of websites online that you can use to take surveys and get paid for them and I actually found a great roundup on a mom that I'll link to in the description below make sure though that you do find a legitimate and reputable source a lot of those fake scam e surveys out there when I heard surveys I was like those are scams and she was like no they're not and she showed me and they're not but some are so the last and most general one is to search on any job listing website wherever key terms like remote work from home a home-based etcetera whether you're on monster.com or Craigslist or a specific industry site always search for those terms and keep your eye out for anything that you can do from home especially part-time if you're looking for a side hustle and on sites like LinkedIn you can set alerts so that anytime there's a new job posted with those specific details you can get an email about it and lastly as our friends stuff always says and slash said an extremely vintage 2fd video always make sure to check on Craigslist that scammy looking gigs tab also hook at the bottom that looks totally fraudulent and like you're going to end up murdered from it it's not it's not there's tons of great jobs on there a lot of them from home go check it out so as always thank you for watching and don't forget 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  1. A solid side hustle for me is I have three part time easy jobs. I make extra 1400 dollars a month by working extra on the weekends moonlighting as a Security guard working in a warehouse house off hours all I do is hourly rounds and guard the facility I am the only one in the facility. I bring my iPad and watch movies in between. I work for two different security companies on the weekends. My third part time I teach three hour drug education class on Saturday morning and make extra 450 dollars per month. For me its simply to have solid stress free part time job so you know what your income will be. I am on a four year debt free journey to payoff my mortgage in four years. The key is to find solid stress free part time job with consist income jobs that's a no brainer.

  2. I consign crocheted purses and jewelry in a dozen different local shops. Such as convenience stores, general stores, gift shops, craft stores, clothing stores and regular consignment shops. Some shops take all of their products to craft shows as well.

    I'm disabled and fairly bedridden. I crochet in bed. My boyfriend delivers and picks up. Never have to deal with customers. No specific deadlines.

  3. Consigning in a local shop is a lot less work than trying to sell online. Online, you have to take pictures, write descriptions, answer emails, go to the post office, deal with returns. With consignment, you just drop off and cash out when you pick up. Don't waste your time.

  4. This all depends upon your tax bracket. If you earn more, you're taxed more, which defeats the purpose.

    If you don't want to work more, learn to go without and spend more time taking good care of the things you have so that you don't have to repurchase. Try a studio apartment close to work.

    For example, my minimal wardrobe, kitchenware and furniture are more than 25 years old. Everything I have is still like new, because I took the time to take good care of everything I own.

    I worked part-time throughout my entire career. Saved lots of money. Comfortably retired.

    Up until now, I just didn't realize that minimalism was a special way to live life. I really enjoyed my time off. Freedom is everything.

  5. You can do this from the bed ( I know cause thats how I usually do it ) I make over 50 bucks daily from this and I only "work" on this for like 1-2hrs a day. You can check it out here: GotBizOpp. com 🌗🌗

  6. 2 other easy side hustles are jobspotter from indeed.com, all you do is take pictures of hiring signs, and rev.com where you transcribe audio and video

  7. i feel like a lot of comments are somewhat misinformed as to what a side hustle is. no youre not gonna make a ton of money from any of these unless you go full time basically- if you put 40 hrs a week into something yeah youll get results! but if you only have 1 hrs a wekk you can STILL have a side hustle because a side hustle is just extra money. i currently have a side hustle that makes me like $15 a month. is that gonna turn into a vacation or pay for any major expense? no, but it covers my hulu subscription and thats all i use for tv so it covers my home entertainment nicely. there were a couple youtubers that arent huge and they make about $50 a month for their ads. a side hustle can be a little money or a lot- with my job the hours fluxuate, so in the slow months i can put more effort into side hustles. dont be so harsh just because you cant make $500 sitting in bed and noodling on the computer for an hour. anything that makes you money requires a bit of effort

  8. Thread UP is NOT a place to sell your clothing especially reliably. They strive to give you pennies on the dollar for your clothing and its a gamble if they'll take what you want. If they don't want it/take it they give it to Africa not back to you. If they do take it you don't get much for it I heard a story of a woman who sent in items that were worth thousands and got $10 for her whole lot she was furious. Also you might not want to buy either as their inspection of the clothing you buy can be sent out to you soiled with blood, human body stains, tares, ect they don't catch everything especially in the crotch and armpits of clothing.  Also a shop online is a full time job especially Etsy there isn't a set it and forget it with that.

  9. I can't believe someone would even complain of having to get out of bed those people if they physically can get out of bed they should be grateful.

  10. Good luck selling books with super garbage margins and inventory sitting around for months….. Textbook are another story but you can only get them below market value by tricking dumb people into selling them to you.

  11. Weird question, how would you claim this income on your taxes? For example, the surveys, would you get a W4?
    Thanks for all you do! Love the channel!

  12. COLLEGE STUDENTS: you can also upload lecture notes online for some extra cash. I use oneclass. About 20 lecture notes will translate to about $10 which is pretty good for uploading notes youre taking anyway

  13. The audience on this channel is too mature to reference a certain topic, but I had a very sophomoric idea for a side hustle from bed. SMH

  14. Love the Tips, but personally, I wouldn't really consider selling old clothes and books you don't need/want a side hustle. These are usually things you can do only once in a certain period of time until you do the next purge of your closet/bookshelf

  15. copywriting is a fulltime job, and creating a GOOD portfolio takes months, if not years, it's not something you just plop in and do..

  16. I've been designing and selling t-shirts, totes, pillows, etc which I can do completely from my bed.

  17. You spoke my mind when you mentioned "History". My History degree has been gathering dust and I so wish I could do something with it.

  18. I was a tutor while I was looking for a more solid job. I still tutor in person for ~$15 more an hour than I make at my programming job (which is salaried). I only do it once a week for one hour, but I could pick up more. It's good money as a side job when you think about the value for your time. It doesn't seem like a lot when you compare it to your paycheck, but when you look at the hourly rate, it's completely worth it. It requires a negligible time commitment, and it pays my gas and parking fees every week. There is the stipulation that you have to know the subject you are tutoring in very well, and you have to be able to teach it.

  19. I’m going to add one I do: tutor through Chegg. No contract and all your own hours. Work as much or as little as you want.

  20. Wait wait wait… You compared someone that "is good a social media" with a freaking Community Manager?

    I'm out. That was hella offensive.

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  22. If you plan your week right you can get these side hustles off the ground
    You can download a free side hustler's week planner here http://bit.ly/sidehustletime

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