$100 Honesty Social Experiment In Las Vegas!!!

$100 Honesty Social Experiment In Las Vegas!!!

38 thoughts on “$100 Honesty Social Experiment In Las Vegas!!!

  1. This is NOT about race, here's a $100 honesty social experiment video I did in 2014 –> http://youtu.be/LW8U96xmcOY 😉

  2. I can't stand some people in the comments saying, "ONLY WOMEN ARE HONEST." like omg not all men are rude and selfish like everyone thinks. And no, I am not a man. I'm just telling the truth. And if people would say, "ONLY MEN ARE HONEST, WOMEN ARE SELFISH" everyone would be after them.

  3. Please don’t Talk Trash about Joey salads
    I watch him And talking Sh*t Doesn’t help you make subscribers

  4. You are quick to make fun of them when they take it, but you give no reward for honesty. I hope you really lose $100 you piece of shit.

  5. It wasn’t nice when you laughed in that woman’s face. Most people do it because they don’t have money and you should still respect them for who they are.

  6. I just noticed all the girls in dis vid is all honest and all da boys are not pls give me a shout out

  7. you are cool, but your laugh it`s much worst than people`s dishonesty, you are no better than them, when you laugh them in the face.

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