1 Nationalist VS. 100 Antifa

1 Nationalist VS. 100 Antifa

43 thoughts on “1 Nationalist VS. 100 Antifa

  1. It’s funny when I seen this video when I was younger it was labeled skin head vs Antifa and I sympathized with the crowd. Know that I’ve grown and understand the radical left I understand I was wrong.

  2. Carlos Javier Palomino Muñoz, an anti-fascist, was murdered in Madrid, Spain on 11 November 2007. He, aged 16, was campaigning to counter against a fascist rally. The murder occurred at Legazpi Station, where he was stabbed to death.
    Josué Estébanez de la Hija, the murderer, is a neo-Nazi who originated from the Basque Country and was a soldier. He received a 23-year prison sentence.( this is from wiki)

  3. lol its very funny when youre from germany and see a spaniard who looks like a turk acting like a nazi 😀

  4. Imagine living in Europe where you cant just ventilate the first one with a couple 10mm jhp's and watch the rest flee

  5. The bloke just threw someone off a train and they stood their cowering. Shouldn't act the part unless you're willing to throw down.

  6. I am proud to be german… and i am very proud to have neighbours like Spain, France, Italy, Austria, Poland, and all the other great countries. PLEASE… lets fight together, side by side, against all this fascists from the left wing.

  7. death to antifa=communists. antifa worship genocides like the one their heroes did in USSR, China or Cambodia …..

  8. 100 pussies, 1 King dong Kong! Now in the words of our great US President Donald Trump, "grab that pussy!"

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