🔴Lt Gen Syed Ata Hasnain | Indian Army | Military Motivation

🔴Lt Gen Syed Ata Hasnain | Indian Army | Military Motivation

I hope a lot of people from Pakistan hear this program of yours and see
this program of yours I see some ignorant people troll you
because of your religion. The ethos and the tradition of Indian army gives
equal respect to all the religions. Anytime, India has a problem with faith. Anytime India has a problem with any issue. It should turn to its army. The best solutions are always there in the Army. Are fresh army units which are inducted in
Jammu and Kashmir given any counterterrorism training or do they get
on-the-job training. Terrain is not the important thing. The more important thing is the cultural terrain. Sir, can you explain the importance of Siachin Glacier Why does Pakistan lie about holding one-third of the glacier? What is not known to the world, not known to the rest of India. not known to the Pakistani public, what is not officially not know to Pakistani media is that the Pakistani Army is not in Siachin. How important of AFSPA is
for our army to function. can you share The terrorist will first be laughing at you. He may die laughing rather than being killed by you. Who the Ikhwani’s were &
how effective were they in counterterrorism. Where sometimes, I will be hesitant to send the soldier of the Indian Army, an Ikhwani will go and do the job. What’s the way forward in J&k? If you were the NSA how would you go ahead in
the present scenario We can’t have an Anti-national, subversive media, which is always working against India. What is psychological and information warfare? What you and I are doing. We are countering information warfare. After article 370 was revoked hardly any
major international media houses have supported India. Majority of countries
… UAE honoured PM Modi. Bahrain honoured PM Modi. Sir in your view, why are Turkey and
Malaysia aligned closely with Pakistan? Within the Islamic ummah, there are different countries who vie for leadership. Hi this is Ruchi Singh from Ruchi Singh
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Singh talks on YouTube Facebook Twitter and Instagram. It is my absolute honor to
have one of the legends of the Indian Army LT General Syed Ata Hasnain.
PVSM, UYSM, AVSM, SM, VSM and bar Pakistan has not disappeared. Pakistan’s terrorists have not disappeared. The launchpads, all 42 of them are existing. He is not only one of India’s most decorated military officers, It’s a tool and an instrument for psychological warfare against India against the Indian people and against the Indian Army. but he is also a role model for millions of patriots in India It is the Army. A lot of people say, “Sir what is this. Is this your job. Of course, it is my job. When no one does anything, the Indian Army will do it. His knowledge of defence and strategy are next to none. we have killed terrorists many times. We have killed hundreds of terrorists. We have brought the strength of terrorists from 7000-8000 down to 300 today. He’s a member of two of the most
prominent think tanks of New Delhi besides being on the Governing Council
of Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies. The Army every clearly said one thing. If there’s a mutual withdrawal, we
are aware that only one army will withdraw. His expertise and vast experience on the
the complex issue of Jammu and Kashmir is a huge asset to our nation. What the
Government of India has done is something which needed to be done in 1971. He
conceived and operationalized the hearts doctrine which focused on people as the
centre of gravity in Kashmir. With their assistance, since they knew all the terror tactics, since, they knew most of the terror cadres, they knew the hideouts He successfully balanced the utilization of
hard power in counter infiltration and counter-terrorist operation and military
soft power in dealing with the people of Kashmir. On twitter, you will find an informal reference to a personality called Gafoora His hands-on experience of
handling counter-terrorism combined with his vast knowledge of history politics
and international relationships make him a highly respected and sought-after
speaker and international stages There is another form of warfare. Hybrid warfare I have one thing in common with general
Hasnain. We are both army brats. Both of us being Army Brats will obviously think that. I noticed that his followers on social
media especially Twitter keep asking him questions related to Indian army
counterterrorism, international events which has an impact on India. So, I
reached out to General Hasnain and requested him to come to my show and
answer the questions which his countless followers have for him and he was kind
enough to agree to do this interview guess how many questions I got. 193
before I stopped taking questions so I shortlisted close to 80 questions and
let General Hasnain decide the final ones. Before starting this interview can
I request all of you listening to this interview to leave a message for sir and
our Indian Army in the comment section of the video. Sir thank you so much for
taking out time to do this. This is why you’re so loved. It’s a pleasure to be on
this show I’m aware of the fact other elements of social media we’re
sending a lot of questions but it’s only not super for me to actually respond to
it and therefore this work concept an idea which you have captured it’s a
brilliant one that those which can’t be answered in writing can perhaps be
answered better video format and that’s why this whole idea was born so
hopefully we will do many more of these and it’s my pleasure doing it and this
is actually for my followers actually so I want to start with this question I see
some ignorant people troll you because of your religion please can you explain
to the people that patriotism has nothing to do with religion the ethos
and the tradition of Indian army gives equal respect to all the religions and
also how do the Indian Armed Forces train its officers and men to be so
secular good question but let me tell you most of the trolling which takes
place on the aspect of religion actually takes place from across the border from
Pakistan well traditionally most people they have never had the charms to sit or
eat a meal or be educated alongside people from different religions and some
things that’s a major advantage we have in India India and that’s that’s the
blessing for us that we should on scout but having said that yes when I get too
old there are some there is something sometimes even from a site where people
give me a lot of lectures about religion and things like that what most people do
not understand is that in the Armed Forces the moment you have stepped in
you have left your fates behind you our faith as your private is in your privacy
you can do it in your room in your house anything but your faith the faith which
you will follow is Richard knows that is the unwritten law
of the no one tells you this it just gets imbibed as soon as you
enter your image because we have a very simple system in every unit first of all
if there are a hundred twenty men from a particular faith then you will always
have it ready just feature along with that for example if there are 120 sneaks
in a unit then you will have a gun team will be authorized an operator and he’ll
be in charge of their religious instruction the officer can be from
anywhere Muslim he will join the troops for all aspects which are related to the
field for example if a Muslim belongs to a six unit then the the fifth of that
Muslim is virtually secure his Islamic faith is the spirit which he will
practice in the privacy of his room but the faith which he will practice in
public is that of his oops so this makes it a very very unique kind of
arrangement and let me tell you I don’t think it takes too much to actually
bring bring any training into this it’s something which is invite in our troops
in our officers under right from the Academy days anyone talking of faith in
a in a in a in a awkward manner is frowned upon that is the that is the is
the thing which can show us that it is a kind of instruction because that is what
for sugar officer inward looking at himself in words feeling for the faith
of the screws that is the essential part of it otherwise the Indian Army is
entirely plural the state central all whatever you want upon and the last one
I am going to re-emphasize the faith of the officer is the faith which is
crucial so thank you so much for sharing this unique
to the indian army with the rest of the world being from the army background I
have experienced it firsthand such really troubles me when I read certain
comments certain ignorant comments which come your way just because of your
religion it is just not right yes please let me tell you that two years ago
nawazuddin siddiqui the famous actor was thrown on Twitter when he put it the
remarks saying that he had gone mad and wanted to play the role of ROM in the
Romney now he traded that for many years of his life of the child but in 2016 he
was denied that role how can you play the role of round so he put it out in
our Twitter I said I was hurt but this is something which is means that India
is when I read the tweet I am I tweeted after I tweeted one of my articles which
I have just written at that less than 12 hours to publish the title of the
article war the faith of the officer is the faith of his soldiers this is
exactly what I just told you and Times of India loved it and when I put it on
Twitter I put it out with this step anytime India has a problem with faith
any time in their life you’ve got a problem with any issues it should turn
to its army you find the best solution Wow
I’m going to read that article in there is such a brilliant cohesion of
different cultures religion languages and I personally feel that our indian
army is the best example of this what is best of india is in the indian army so
one of the questions I received is our fresh army units which are inducted
in Jammu and Kashmir given any counterterrorism training or do they get
on-the-job training you see the role of the Indian Army the conventional which
means is essentially of warfare across the water right and armed to the teeth
with artillery guns tanks whatever any whatever whatever you have but what most
people do not realize is that there is another form of warfare and that is
hybrid warfare it’s a combination of different types of elements and in that
terrorism is one of the major tools so the Army has always what we trained for
counterterrorism as a part of its secondary responsible this is not the
primary response this is the secondary responsibility where it is carrying out
internal security and it’s carrying out counted them let me briefly explain to
your audience of what the difference basically between internal security and
Carter although the virtually the almost the
same thing but internal security is essentially a term we use when we are
assisting the local authorities local security authorities like the police the
civil administration if there is for example a major agitation and Pune and
they call out the army for assistance then the army will be coming out to do
it turns 38 to civil authorities the Rousseff is much more than that
counterterrorism else is situation as interests me where or at as it was in
Punjab or as it is in the northeastern states where the army can undertake its
operations without reference for similar so you’re empowered to do that and that
is how you have to train yourself to do these duties independently respond to
situations in which terrorists are present
so when an army curve unit come to push me if I want the speed anywhere
first of all before it moves from speech location it is given a period of time
normally eight weeks to align itself with the duties that it will be carrying
out in German Russia normally it is eight weeks are not
sufficient administrative mode at that time
once they reach this me anywhere Jammu or encourage me
there is a special package for unit those who once called the poor balance
and there it is strain drink has a full unit and some elements of it are trained
initially when the advance party comes every unit the hooded move sends up and
once so when their launch party comes they’re very intensity and that advance
party then prints the main unit so you have a system of training the trainer
and the trainer then train stressful thing right so it is a formalized system
of it but I would I would say the best training is on the job as soon as the
join duty as soon as they go and relieve the I think it doesn’t take them more
than maybe a month of maximum six to eight weeks by which they are completely
into it the only aspect which may be slightly missing is the aspect of
intelligence because you have to familiarize yourself with your theory
with the people with the language with the culture of the stakes are low and
incomplete terrorism my famous adage which I always say is that the Navy is
not the important thing the physical terrain is not the
important the more important thing is the cultural gate when you understand
every aspect of the area you’re working in you’re serving in every aspect of the
people their language and their culture their sensitivities their gender related
activities everything you must understand so you mentioned cultural terrorism and
I’m aware that our army in the recent years has done some very innovative
things especially like appealing to the mothers whose children have taken to
stone pelting I think it was a brilliant move by the army so how does the Indian
Army come up with such strategies because as I said there’s a thing called
the culture and the Army mixed very deep efforts to understand the sensitivities
of the people they understand their strengths and their weaknesses for the
last 20 23 years almost now the army is involved in I think all sahaba which is
reaching out to the people and doing something for them administratively
we have chosen for big domains the first domain is education and we are running
43 Goodwill schools and which are subscribed to completely and almost
everyone actually wires for an admission in schools
the second is medical and we have opened a couple of the health centers or rather
given a system of the health and very importantly to conductor no medical gaps
to provide support and victory camps no but they cancelled it for people so that
the free of course they get their medicines their medical attention the
third aspect is women a moment where I’m very proud to say it and people wonder
what is this to do with the army I’m very proud to say that the army was the
only organization in Jammu Kashmir which recognized that the girl child had no
toilet facilities in any of the schools where do the young girls go and this is
a typical thing of a male-dominated society it is the army so a lot of
people say sir what is this is this law job of course it is my job when then no
anything in the nominee will do that job and we gave the contract to construct
many many hundreds of pilots and the fourth thing is national integration
where we send all of these school tours and excursions also women-only tours we
sent a dark to also soon as a waiter in two different places go and see the rest
of India to see what the benefits of peace can be and how the benefits of
peace can travel to you in general so and there are now many more domains like
sports so Sao Paulo is essentially a it’s also called operations of parmesan
it is a means by which we reach out try and win their hearts and minds so that
the army finds it easier to function in the same place where they are serving
with the medieval people now in the process of this we realize that women in
society are very important entities why I say this is because a woman is a
mother though a woman is the is the daughter she’s the sister Jesus is very
low she’s a daughter-in-law and her
influence enough family is very profound if if father may do something but the
yield wonders of these relationships it’s very important that you empower any
culture to say that don’t let your family get destroy allow your family to
to proliferate advance progress in life instead of
taking to the gun instead of taking to the stones in the spin in stone throwing
in the screen your child will get arrested today if he gets arrested and
there’s a police case against him he can never join government service and one
I write most of these things are not known to people at all so when you find
that that that if young boy 15 16 years old is suddenly missing and after three
or four five days you do realize police gives your locals tell you that he’s
probably going into the bush and become a terrorist or if there are some very
very prolific stone-throwers unknown to the police and won’t do us
the best thing is is any other pressure go to the family appeal to the mother
speak to the mother be to the sister and through them make deliberate very
deliberate but very soft calls to that individual and this has to be done it
can’t be a hard one are two are called the first day it has to be done very
progressively very progressively explaining to him and telling him and
the ending and the mother can do it and alongside that the army puts its it’s a
bit into it to say that your mother’s appeal to you we are the ones who will
support it you come on board and we will make sure that nothing happens to you
you will go back to your normal life and suffice it surprisingly these things
are work and if we man a couple of instances where children have actually
come back from the watch with their weapon surrender maybe a little bit of
investigation against them they have not gone to prison they may have gone to a
detention facility for a few days so you have great examples and I think this is
one of the best ways of actually countering terrorism again just the use
of the of the ak-47 of the use of the baton against us thank you so much sir for explaining it
in such detail it helps the general public to know that our army is doing so
much at such different levels to tackle such a complicated issue of terrorism
and to bring peace sir my father when he was posted to our our had told us about
a group which the Indian Army used to fight the militants in the valley and I
found those stories so fascinating so please can you share with my audience
who equine is well and how effective were they in counterterrorism okay with
a bang actually if one is recently I was it not for mr. fortnight ago I was
invited to a NGO praha which honors the widows of Ashok chakra and param Vir
Chakra winners of the year I was invited to be the chief guest and this year
through excellent lady the Ashok chakra winner was late night resident money who
wasn’t 70 Eric money and his wife was there to receive all the accolades we
all read her have you honored his memory he who also a unit called 162 infantry
battalion territory an army woman earth what is this whole thing
the woman having to give first of all more employment to the local theories
and going beyond the territorial army system these are embodied 24/7 365 days
they live in the in the valley it says they serve in the Kashmir Valley or in
Jammu region that’s why it’s called woman earth so what sex to infantry
battalion to battalion in which all if money’s worth or not going backwards
what were they was when the whole thing started in 1989 another one of local
Kashmiri both the north and south took up arms and
there was a perception based on some very very adroit information that as if
the creation of the independent state or the Pakistani a state of Jammu and
Kashmir is good will happen overnight ah there’s Google call who should be
burning up Pakistan started going around everywhere and a lot of people started
crossing the line of control for training itself lots of people went
across some of them somebody trained them once and they came back and the
eyes remain this infiltration and exfiltration and then the local elements
came and started fighting the police who could be yourself and the army in the
screams of the villagers suddenly after 1991 as it happens in every terror
campaign any insurgency militancy returns terrorist in nature there are
some elements who go after a short while have a change of heart
sure enough here also there was a chain of men you who felt that they were not
doing the right thing by fighting against them that they were fighting
against their own honey that they actually belong similar situations have
been been experienced in Malaya earlier in the earlier in northern ireland in
sri lanka these the people who come back to
support the army they are for the boots they are the ones who come back to
assist yeah right so we appealed we made an access to them and many of
them came on board joined came together and function dinner in an organization
called equal join officially this this whole thing was led by a man
for cuca I who and kukup I look upon a belong to a place called Hajin and in
south Kashmir it was primarily centered at under the leadership of someone who I
know very well today he was given the title local title called in our a
Heather and he was his name with the epithet he’s still there pretty much in
father so they are the ones who became the leaders with their assistants just
they do all the terror tactics since the new Moses that they recorded in the new
the hideouts the other one who came to our sister through and bus kentucky’s
office and with their assistance we did some very interesting very very
important counter-terrorist operations all of us out unfortunately
what always happens we’ve always had in the control over these counter moves and
countermoves that the attack them which I was forgetting accountable so the
control over the counter groups usually starts value T but they the discipline
starts to become awkward they don’t listen to the army completely and as
they are housed together they’re given weapons by the army they given out some
of their they become they become a power unto themselves and they lose touch with
a low key P and the local people take go against it that’s exactly what happened
to the local people lost faith in them they felt that they had let down their
own people they gone to the army heiresses to the army it is the rest of
India etc so this is a very awkward tough situation as it is so these people
lost that confidence and over a period of time their importance started
manually it’s only later that because great work and I have experienced all
these operations with them I can vouch for the fact that where sometimes I
would be hesitant to send the soldier of the ated honey
why do you go and do the job that’s an amazing thing to say right but in 2003
it was felt that we needed to formalize their employment so that is why the
schema Tannen was aced as a part of many other ta materials and they were
formally inducted into it they were given military training and from
terrorist groups they became regular so ever since my father told us about
the kiwannis I have been so fascinated by this band of extremely brave men and
to learn more about them directly from you who’s an expert in Jammu and Kashmir
and counterterrorism is such an honor and this is another brilliant example of
our Army’s innovation to solve the issue of terrorism lots and lots of the refine
methodologies that we are sir off Spa is an extremely important and critical
legal cover which enables the Indian Armed Forces to fight the terrorists now
due to certain mischievous propaganda pressure is put on the government to
withdraw this act from Jammu and Kashmir so I request you to explain to our
citizens how important of Spa is for an army to function an Audi when it’s
called to do assistance to local civil authorities in an internal security kind
of situation in Pune for example it will come out do a flag March and it will
always have a magistrate with it and the Ministry if there is if there is a
gathering of unlawful elements anywhere if there is some kind of a lawless was
going on the local magistrate will directly at me and say that please this
is the thing this is the problem please resolve it the army will even take
permission from him to fire and the army will fire one round
as a warning initially well not even a warning them in fire for effect but if
you start with one ground maybe a second round to discuss unlawful assembly now
that is all a to civil authorities if you have called in Jammu and Kashmir to
fight terrorism can you fight it in this way we learn if there’s a terrorist
somewhere and they say let me wait for the ministry to come join my column and
then I could respond and then I will take permission from the magista fire
now the terrorists will first be laughing at me and probably die laughing
rather than be killed by so there is a methodology by which the Army is
empowered by a special initiation asks for the Armed Forces Special Powers Act
of 1990 Germany and powers they are it is let me describe it that it is for
seven sessions and it was an act which was the finest a soul enacted in a
little bit of a hurry because the 99th in the situation was that the army had
just come it important thing to remember is that because of article 370 these
full laws of India may not happen so you had for example the CR PC and Indian
Army failure was there if you committed a mistake he killed someone
inadvertently in the course of his duties anywhere in
India he could be he would be protected he will not be he will not be prosecuted
immediately unless the central government is function in Java which
means this was not happen which meant that if a person made a mistake he
killed a civilian my mistake he could be prosecuted locally by the local police
that is something that he thought about how resourceful dysfunction so here
through the certain amount of protection had to be given to us so yes so the
special number two we have to empower our men
that in the course of the duties that they require to immediately operate
independently without so we’ll be discreet with them then they can do so
anyway they move and carry out their functions so a spy empowers them to do
this so aspires for two essential elements the element of empowerment and
the element of protection do things protection means that if something moves
wrong then it is only the central government and ready which will give
permission to prosecute the soldier or the officer now a lot of people think
that a spy is being misused by the young to conduct operations the manner in
which it wants which means that it goes to an area and will find the wrong
people it will just kill them with a spray of icky ferns as if as if officers
of the Indian Army upon that all the soldiers have gone crazy or the people
don’t realize that the army considers everyone in Yamanashi response as part
of India they are all our countrymen so tremendous amount of nefarious
propaganda information warfare will be spread by our adversities by the
separatists to say that OspA is what allows the army to function without any
discipline arrest people here are there get into homes rape women all kinds of
things it is meant for the purpose of telling people who have no idea what a
spy right and we have not been able to come to this program effectively these
purpose behind this propaganda is that if a spy is not there then the army
cannot function yeahmy cannot be there so it will be
only the police and use this situation is it possible for the police to handle
it that is the whole question we should come why is the army there why are 63
the rush to rifle steyr because they are the most important and most effective
tools of the comte abilities and besides the rest of the army which is so this
pressure is all the time on the ground to force the resentment of politically
the government in jammu kashmir of different political parties they have
August undertaken this mission the standard of far Moscow because locally
to the people if a spa goes then psychologically it means it’s of great
victory for the people and the great political victory for the political
parties so those political parties are not any idea what for their own
political purposes they wonder the army that ospa must go and the army should
not be a lot of function so that cannot happen because it is counterproductive
we have reached so far in the last year we cannot allow this situation to come
back in the same way as it was in the nineties a Pakistan is not disappear
Pakistan Stella 7 or disappear the launch pads all 42 of those are still
very much existence um I asked this question can he then chief wrestler also
in asking for my recommendation to remove a spa I said I will definitely
recommend the removal of if Iran has disappeared if the terrorists have all
the price and if all the launch pads are being dismantled and now they will sink
Rashmi but if you can certify it to me that all this has been done then Leslie
no one can obviously certified so this is the problem with for psychological
warfare against it here we must not other element to it where they say
remove a spa from the two districts of vinegar
but god that’s what they want in 2011 and I told them that it cannot be done
because you can’t do it selectively if you do it selectively then where
there’s no us and then we’ll carry out the activities because the Army is
functioning most fully the government of India did not agree to it if it had
agreed to it the problem of 2016 which we encountered with brahmanas would
probably have been ten times worse thankfully as far remains to make so
thank you so much for sharing about this very important that I’m not an expert on
these things but being an army brat I keep listening to these discussions
which take place very naturally in our living room and I was hoping you will
talk about this because our public needs to know the important of these acts for
the army and like you rightly said Indian Army has not been given the
chance to counter this kind of propaganda because there are all kinds
of love to talk about these things without having read I have researched
this very deeply and I have since I except this one you should who came to
me in 2011 I had to work on it a lot with my own legal experts so I like to
bring the experience of that knowledge back to the nation and back to the
people so that they are far better educated and this kind of thing thank
you sir India’s all for an army at least most of us are and with this kind of
information coming directly from such a highly respected army children will
enable our citizens to counter propaganda against our army so what is
psychological and information warfare and how can a common man counter the
psychological warfare of India’s enemies and hybrid war is a combination
different domains of warfare is not a single entity it’s got lots of the beams
it’s got a conventional domain in the conventional domain outside the
convention domain you are even higher level is a nuclear effect which is not
really an element of warfighting but it’s an element of you have low
intensity warfare you have border conflicts and then you have insurgency
militancy and terror right besides that you also have financial
affair or you are great above it is also a part of the whole thing you have
energy warfare okay so the old elements of of hybrid war in English Mead one of
the very important aspects of fighting this war has been the creation of what I
have on this for the ecosystem the ecosystem is supports this whole war
terrorists are underground people you don’t see them they hide and the
fighting get along with any of what occurred over ground workers they’re not
terrorists they don’t have arms but they’re armed with their tongue they are
very informative they are they know the whole area there
is no then all the history of that place there will kind of speak with you they
will come speak to me they will claim to be very Pro in here but actually and
they will assist the terrorists from above ground right they can be lawyers
they can be government servants they can be principles of colleges and schools
teachers they can be students they can be rough people in the media these are
all over ground workers okay now this this kind of a war therefore is
supported both underground and above in this manner then if along with it is
financial circuits you need a lot of money to fight – can you of terror for
example I can I can tell you this with authority that and a guide at the line
of control who does five or six crossings with
infiltrators would earn between four to six lakh rupees in a year as mutton
yeah right so money is a very important thing you a terrorists also have a
sister of amateur tennis web dying their families are actually given attention by
the terrorists so there’s a whole financial system
which is functioning now we have killed terrorists many times
we kill hundreds of deadness we brought the strength of terrorism $78,000 you
see you hundred today what we are now being able to kill so far is terrorism
we have killed the terrorists but we have got to kill terror terrorism is the
system the terrorist is only one entity in that right so in this ecosystem information and propaganda are two very
important elements to keep to sustain this this kind of home continuously to
motivate the terrorists scatters through debate over ground workers happens to do
you motivate the army to motivate the youth to be motivate the police for
example the Jammu and Kashmir Police has got a lot of local people who are
recruited and we are fighting against the terrorists information warfare will
be used again to target them filter them see you are fighting your own people you
are fighting you against your own neighbors right you should join our
ranks you should not be a lot of elements of information right the army
has to use counter information information affair of our own which
essentially means tell me the people that’s supporting terror is not to your
is not your advantage supporting separatism look at India
where there’s so much of Tolerance is so much of firm morality in the faith’s
yeah growth economic dividend dignity as much
so essential information me for example does what is you uh pasta what we show
us father we discussed this car I would say what ice for is actually information
I’m not informing my own people right why is all that they are speaking
against us is their their information warfare so this is a king which goes on
24/7 through the media through so these days through social media etc now there
are informal ways of the informal way of conquering it is exactly what you and I
have means with accounting information and at the same time we are reinforcing
the beliefs of people which is essentially again a part of information
right and we are also this is are wrong but countering this also here are this
program of yours and see this program of yours and probably also be effective to
some extent influence to some extent of words very difficult to influence people
one hearing in it in one program in this manner right so this is what information
warfare propaganda is 5400 part of this is very much Pakistan is God what is
called the is PR I will send you our viewers everyone knows what the is is
I’m sure you know what the I assignee is called the inter-services intelligence
but it’s very important that you say can see very experienced but very few people
in India have any idea once called the is PR it is the inter-services public
relations agency of my you must be seeing on if you are on twitter we will
be finding an informal reference through a personality in Pakistan colorful food
of the flora many times on the Twitter you will find who died is no one else
then made a journalist of who with the director general of the
idea in Pakistan right from India I in fact I went to the extent of actually
even raising the where I tree praise the Bonanza see professionally
their jobs they are doing for their country is an amazing job they have done
a tremendous job for this and we have not been able to counter its option
because we do not have an equivalent of the eyes in India it’s about time now we
are in the process of formalizing our response in the information and I hope
in the near future we will find that in India is information warfare handling
will be far more professional than such knowledge shared from experts like you
goes a very long way in educating the rest of us about the realities of a
given situation and I’m sure that now with the government’s backing will do a
far better job so what’s the way forward in Jammu and Kashmir and if you were the
NSA how would you go ahead in the present scenario stamina which she is
displaying is something amazing but let’s hypothetically say yes what would
you do beyond just removing and I would say now here two months a lot of people
are victorious yes they are in the sense of triumphalism to say that first
problem has been resolved to then I say forget it the Kashmiri problem has been
rekindled you are going to see many more problems interest
although those things who are very triumphant in that in the approach that
everything is going to be resolved at the same time the those who think that
everything is going to become very bad and that these two months of lost super
long dumb the whole world has turned against us the International our message
that so what what the Government of India has done to my mind is something
which needed to be done in 1971 after the war we should have removed we didn’t
go it is reason that the strategic ability to foresee how but in 1994 we
once again had all parties coming together both of the polymer coming
together to posit a solution which was under the chair under the
belongs to even aspire that was one more time when people are actually come on
ahead and obligate two three some GM certified we don’t do it again so 25
years of that very very brave decision no perhaps we’ll do it but now what next
act is the important issue which will be asking us I would say there are three
four things here to situation in German Kashmir is made up by number one
separatist propaganda the presence of the separatist leadership the
infiltration which goes on from across the the very with all which comes in
ambition which helps to convince the function the route which carries on in
North and South the squeeze everywhere and very very importantly the finances
which come in from time to even official circuits like West Indian
money transfers and bank banking transactions and lastly the radical
ideology which you seems to give a spurt to Kashmiri nationalism these are the
entities which form up the entire situation the negative situation which
is what the Army has done always it is targeted the terrorist has started with
the wherewithal the rest of it is the is the is the responsibility of the
Government of India but somehow put a period of time Romanus
than anything about the army cannot get rid of radicalism now he cannot get rid
of the finances now he cannot get rid of the rarer of these separatists and
leadership now therefore what you should be looking
at is targeting all those things which have never been targeted youth sent are
living the separatists and the Government of India has already done it
to ungraded staff detain them made them irrelevant right cut off their
communications completely it early Earth 2010 they were they were in detention
they were in house arrest but from there they were in communication with all
their followers this time when people are crying about mobile networks being
brought down I say very good though this is the experience we had of two thousand
eight nine ten thousand fifty and therefore unless you are responsible
enough to in technology used for the purpose that they require
I would not like these mobile networks to be used against the country right so
the day do you feel that that people will be more responsible we’ll use this
for responsibility my networks must be open if they will be over in the in due
course so that’s about separatist leadership
financials financial networks are so deep all over the country money comes
into cash mean by different means I think the national investigation agency
had a wonderful job and I can use agencies over all of them about stamping
door it is already under pressure it will take some more time before the
financial circuits are not taken apart or dismantle the next thing is the the
aspect of radical ideology but this is the most difficult most difficulty I do
not have any major idea it is being done some extent the use of social media the
use of information our influence operations seeing various models of from
other different countries like Singapore as a great model and how they have done
it we have you have you’ve looked at all this adopting this future one of the
ways I would strongly recommend is that they need to induct in the German three
large segments of the Muslim clergy from the rest of India who are certified
borough national nationalists completely Indian and patriotic and these are
people who must go there and help with the data recognization efforts and the
lastly most important thing once the mobile networks have been opened up
Communications have been opened up elections probably are in the process of
being undertaken etc we need to undertake a huge outreach from nur
of winning hearts and minds once again but what does this mean
so the bara done by the Army has been done for its own purpose for his purpose
of the tactical and operational requirement of the places where the
any functions to ensure that you have a kind of a very calm environment there
and the outreach to the people and confidence of the people is very very
mutual this needs to go to the highest level
it was needs to go to the national strategic level needs to go to the to
the state code and the national common level they have to want to take these
programs why because in vibrated conflict the solution does not desire
and killing the military entity that is the terrorists the solution line is
ultimately in all the departments of the government coming together in their
different domains and fighting against the various aspects of hybrid for
example the NIE a fighting financial circuits and the social fighting the radicalization is taking
place inside so all this will have to be undertaken together as a doctrine as a
strategy and the guidelines for this must be laid up this should be
simplified I would say a ten point formula or something that should be
enacted or should we draft it out and should be handed over to people to look
at example the media initially the media in question it must be brought on board
I am NOT saying that the media’s can control it I’m just saying brought on
board you can’t have an anti national
subversive media which is always working against India you need to have a media
which is okay which is a big fair where there is an administrative problem constraints among the people of feeling
what all means Emilia must point out all this but to be any nationalist our
concern should be to be completely from so that’s my approach for the next one
two three years pass sir since we are discussing information warfare there is
a certain section of the media in India who
never find anything positive to say about either India or our army so why is
it that after article 370 was revoked while most of the countries of the world
have supported India but hardly any major international media houses have
done so so why is that you found UAE honored Prime Minister Modi but international media if you look at
the New York Times and The Washington Post
even see newspapers in Japan or in Australia hardly any of any media houses
so obviously there’s something wrong with our handling of media right
obviously the song and that’s where the information domain comes that we have
traditionally been weak in the happening of the information do what we need to do
is be much more proactive in dealing with today’s it’s not just the media in
different countries it is also the think tanks New York is full of think tanks
Washington is full of thing that’s right many of the people who write to the
media are members of these think tanks you need to have your people in these
think tanks the retired diplomat generals the strategic analyst your
university professors and people like that they need to be there and we need
to be the conscious efforts to look at them right um my star is done that very
well yes Pakistan has done it very very well anyway you go down the world will
find any seminar I go to in the world I always find a Pakistani sitting there
ready to I find too many Indians so this is something so can you explain the
importance of seotc in Galatia and widest Pakistan lie about holding
one-third of the glacier please let people know what the truth is see actually number one CHF is a case
shakir area as you remember some ice what is the occasion a glacier is a
frozen river sometimes 200 300 feet deep ice when it melts in the window saw
tremendous amount of throw water the sketching gets you feeds the industrial
the Indus River is the main water source of right we’ve got the English waters
treaty with Pakistan with three of the Northern Rivers waters are they are the
lights primary nights as a lower opinion statement before the second rights other
rivers in China we other we’ve got the major race the etching glacier is one of
the major sources of water yeah for the Indus and therefore a major source of
water of the past right somehow this thing was not realized to that extent
after 1971 in 1972 after the Shimla agreement we had a demarcation of the
line of control both sides we’re doing it and they did it up to a point four
nine eight forty NGO in 1984 as on the map we have a reference point in a nine
eight four so beyond that is the section Batian area so when people saw it they
said this is an area with a nice mountain slope out no one will survive
here there is no habitation no population nothing grows here the market
in the life so they wrote four words in their agreement this adam the line of
control after nine it will travel north to issues north to the delicious the
forwards things these four words have come back to virtually strangulate india
couple of your statements in 1978 we realized that by his arm ascending
expeditions and patrols international expeditions and
the high peaks which are surrounding the seer generation when we objected they
said the meaning of North to the glaciers means the line joining 9nj 984
to the Karakoram pass is actually moving not eastwards which meant the whole
sketching get you belong so India for a company and we said there are none of
our meaning of normal relations this Indian I along the along the watershed
and what are the watershed watershed it is the imaginary line joining the
mountaintops of a range I went to water when when this rainfall then equal
amount of water flows on both sides of that line that’s called the watershed
the watershed in this area what is called the Sartor over the mountaintops
of that range it goes up 20 2013 3 thousand feet very very so from 78 till
1984 both sides continued to contest this death sea they said this is the one
we said this is the one under the triangular wedge of territory which
became the bone of Carthage in 1984 we realize the strategic
importance of see action for India everybody that he cannot hold on to the
Karakoram pass even if he or we cannot hold on to the Karakoram ranges Pakistan
occupies the whole of Ch English so it’s important that we must get there first
so I think it was an April I think April 1984 we flew a help in my helicopter
with ruber unit both battalion of the kumaon regiment same unit which fought
in 1947 to another first for me chuckle of the Indian Army was won by the speed
at which is so now Selma both of remember and I did for his self that’s
the same battalion which was flown in DC action in April 1984 and they occupied
main glacier and then they fanned out over a period of time to the mountain
passes there are passes here build upon raha
see Allah and things like that we moved up on top
from 1984 onwards the Pakistan Army 2003 made a foot of the effort to try and
evict the Indian Army from the cyber rich but they would not affect us right
but with Musharraf when he was before he became president but before he became
president commander of the SSG 1987 he personally led efforts on the Sun but
they could be famous doing that so the important thing now is sort the
religious with us sketch English it is with us right that means the contour of
the water source is with us right what pockets what is not known to the
world rest of India what is not the Pakistani public what is officially not
know the Pakistani media is that the Pakistan Army is not a change Pakistan
Army has sold this narrative tradition Pakistan to the Pakistani media that
they are actually they have never admitted that they lost the sketch of
the day in our activity so they have gone and made not this is a propaganda
comes this is my information of affair comes they’ve gone and made films on
Discovery Channel Pakistan Army in Chechen glacier where are they in such
intonation so when a Pakistani general speaks to me retired Pakistani general
speaks to me somewhere and he’s claims that he had operated in sketching and I
tell them but I come out and I am Italian sketch tell me where were you
did you come to function yeah they karate will see the sketching dish
because the whole start or bridge is there in the middle so they are way down
below but for their evo they have to tell the world that we are in sketch
right this is a fact which is which was not also hardly known but the Government
of India so I think it’s around 2004 2005 when this issue came up with
proposing to India that we must have a mutual to draw from sketches because
this is an unnecessary expense something grows there there are no people there
there is no strategic you Father why should the two armies lose rice there
through climatic conditions so the Government of India actually started
looking at it seriously and saying yes we can withdraw from the sketch it
should be ami subpoenaed the army very clearly said once this said if there’s a
mutual were drawn we are aware that only one unable to draw and that is the
Indian army because the other Army’s not even in future just the God of India
perhaps did not realize so this wishy-washy proposal of the
Pakistan Army and the Pakistani Haitian then we should have a mutual will drawn
was shelled me way back in 2004 2005 right and till now not understanding
that people like us are there who have served their know the strategic
importance of that place and that India cannot afford to give up CA we spend for
krob is the day one hunt 1,500 for all of the year in sea urchin but for a
nation with the economy that India has and in Jolla our economy will be much
bigger we have to come 1,500 copies of your is yeah I must give credit to the
disinformation campaigns so successfully run by the Pakistani army thank you so
much sir for sharing this with us say in your view wire
Turkey and Malaysia align closely with Pakistan despite the obvious
disadvantages internationally and though should India worry about this alliance remember that there are different
countries who by for the leadership there is a Saudi Arabia by virtue of its
term and having the major shrines behind Medina I know also because of the fact
that it is the virtual energy crucible of the world today
i dro kabul the devotee so the importance of Saudi Arabia and its
business economy and think that its case it has been a virtual natural leader of
the Islamic all of this form it was a Sunni / the cheetah world is led more by
the by in our Turkey is a nation which at one time the Ottoman Empire
historically was turkeys on and can offer what was called the Caliphate was
essentially Turkey base so it was to keep it was a leader of the Islamic
world feed it militia in this in Southeast
Asia has has got its a multi-ethnic nations for Indians so Chinese is got my
leaves Islam is the dominant faiths there alongside that in Indonesia
because Islam ignition 220 million Muslims so there is a virtual
competition between Malaysia and Indonesia as to who really is the
leading nation Islamic nation in Southeast Asia and by virtue of that
will begin because believing you should so this is all about competitions and in
the s5 Pakistan somehow has perceived that with his armies 750 thousands of
nuclear weapons but extremely weak economy but with this with the kind of
power that it enjoys because of this nuclear weapons and because of this just
education you know it is located in such a place right next to the northwestern
portion of the Indian Ocean this the roots from China moving into this area
of father and all these ports the side a link to Afghanistan a link to Central
Asia during the who they ship you statically
it perceives itself as the leader of the or it’s got aspirations of being the
flagship of the flag bearer of the what has happened we haven’t done the support
is that traditionally turkey has always supported with they don’t want to be
seem to be hurting the interest of the Islamic similarly militia with President
Martin Luther actually rose reema some of the see their interest and it’s because of that is because of
that that you find that this strange equation Turkey Pakistan Malaysia has
emerged how true India responsiveness I would say don’t respond immediately
there are no permanent friends enemies in the strategic world there are
interests which Turkey has got they’re not interested India has in Malaysia
right India has a strong large economy Turkey
the economies on the malaysia has got tremendous interest in terms of
investment in today so the political environment political steadily
environment is something different economically it is something different
people to people it is something right we are jumping up immediately and
looking at only the political science and we’re saying that Malaysia and Tokyo
sided and therefore we should do everything against and I say hold your
horses things are going to change maybe who knew that the UAE Saudi Arabia it
support India did we know this would happen like this so my advice to all
these people jump with solutions and general conclusions and actions on the
basis of the spa one action violation my advice to them is do you do have a
little patience in wait and watch so your wisdom is an asset to our nation
so there is one question I ask every army officer on my show what does a
soldier want from the nation what are the warrior I think what a warrior needs
of the nation is assurance that he will continue to nature’s will continue to
respect his profession and give him the total backing that if there is a problem is left behind his food family and it’s
sobbing somewhere far away by the man who care about serving a trooper for
something if nobody is not behind everything he expects society to support
is fluffy and in today’s world particularly with social media what are
the very difficult things of the social environment that we are facing yeah if
that every soldier is connected to his family through through the mobile
telephone from way off lists and the problems of his in a matter of minutes
seconds and minutes in earlier years it used to take 10 to 15 days for the
letter to reach by the time the problem would have resolved itself today every
problem of the family at the home is brought to the doorstep of the soldier
very so it affects him mentally it demotivates and therefore we must try
and show that everything in such a way and his family he looks is looked after
his children are looked after and should he lose his life in battle Wow
assembly must be completely all his dependents must become that’s the most
sacred agreement between the nation’s so thank you so much for giving me and all
your followers so much time and honoring Allah for you I hope we get more such
opportunities to learn from a legend like you and to all of you listening I’m
sure you enjoyed it as much as I did please let sir know how much it meant to
you that he gave us so much time to answer our queries
also please subscribe so that you don’t miss my future videos giant

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