🎄Everyday Spoken French – Noël en France

🎄Everyday Spoken French – Noël en France

Hello hello everyone it’s Camille from French Today and today I’m at Magasin Vert it is a store in paimpol, and I am more particularly in the department of Christmas decorations. Behind me there you see a pretty Christmas tree, a Christmas tree with all kinds of decorations: then we’re going to get closer we’ll take a look at what’s there so here it is ah here with the camera it is difficult for me to operate the camera … “to operate” the camera I think so here you have a christmas ornamentl here here pretty Christmas flowers – why not – and then some kind of twigs decorative a christmas star so and the tree itself is a Christmas tree you see there are lots of different things and here I wanted to show you other Christmas decorations still Christmas ornaments here we say they are frosted: frosted ornaments OK and here over there you have what is called garlands The garlands we will wrap that around the Christmas tree and it is very pretty these are the typical Christmas decorations you’ll also sometimes have wreaths that we put around the doors and things like that here are lots of decorations for Christmas. Christmas is masculine in French we say: Merry Christmas! so I wish you all a very Merry Christmas here on french Today you will find an article … several articles in fact on Christmas with all the Christmas vocabulary, the French vocabulary and also a little text that I recorded, a conversation which will show you both the vocabulary and the Christmas traditions here: Merry Christmas to all and see you soon on French Today. Goodbye

3 thoughts on “🎄Everyday Spoken French – Noël en France

  1. I love this video especially with the English subtitles it makes learning French so much more understandable.
    Camille and family I wish you a very merry xmas from my family to yours and looking forward to what you have in store for 2020 ❤❤❤

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