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  1. That’s why we need to implement Islamic Shariya law, which is just. In islamic law the punishment is given based on careful investigation and understanding of the situation. If someone killed a robber to protect themselves then islamic law has provisions for him to pay fine and get free because it was done to protect from the robbery. However in US system that’s a death penalty or lifetime imprisonment. If someone threatens someone with a gun that’s a lifetime imprisonment!!! They just don’t try to understand the circumstances they just read from the book and give verdict. this is the reason so many people with small crime or innocent are on prisons for decades. This should stop

  2. America THIS IS WHY THE WORLD LAUGHS AT YOU🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. Gotta say that most murderers kill a person of the same race and age as themselves; if 60% of the condemned inmates are white, nearly 60% of the victims of said inmates are white as well. Its proportionately correct.

  4. The mom made me cry. They washed her hair and gave her a bath. Im glad she was cared for. God bless you.

  5. Eye for an eye simple as that,you kill my kid I kill your kid,,if you have no kids then your mom or dad are getting it,,and all thanks to you for being a low life POS that choose to kill that night now I get to kill you or your kid or your mom or dad 😂
    Think wisely retards and who cares

  6. So to stop violence the state commits violence❗️How absurd is that⁉️ Some say "an eye for an eye" to me that only leads to two people becoming blind= the blind leading the blind❗️😳 The death penalty has shown very clearly it does NOT discourage or stop violent crime. Along with that,the police are so corrupt as well as those in power, that the whole judicial system can be called into doubt, so to accept their judgement is no longer on safe ground.If the State wants you out of the way they will find or go to any lengths to make sure they get what they want❗️ This is yet another reason why we should abolish killing even the most heinous alleged killers.They may not be who we are told they are, and many so called" killers and rapists" on death row have been found to be innocent❗️No matter what the dinosaur Keating says,The Death penalty needs abolishing ASAP❗️

  7. Boo Hoo so sad. That father only made excuses for his son. Did that father feel just as bad for the child and family his son so callously murdered? He is so upset that his good for nothing son was put to death for murder. I wonder how that father would feel if his son was murdered?

  8. Very few people in life will ever be on the death penalty… Why? Very people are willing to commit the kind of crime necessary to be sentenced to death! When they're truly guilty with REAL evidence, I have on sympathy. There are some crimes I believe, that should result in the person who committed it being put to death.

  9. America's got cancer n sadly Australia always has looked to America n fallow's wat they do ……………

  10. Checks and balances. Execution is indeed homicide. Murdering someone for murdering someone, there is still a murderer alive and walking around on the streets.

  11. So the government should not have control over the life or death of an individual (as that would be as if they are equating themselves with God) but a murderer can have that control and kill innocent folks. Got it. Thanks.

  12. Killer keatings let mask slip there on thoughts of American justice system …he said No-one goes court cause never did something they go cause they did somethg well governed keatings how many people are found be innocent in past let's say ten years …Its a lot it's to many …and you just proved in America your guilty till innocent when full system is built on innocent till proven guilty supposedly but u let cat out bag there with slip tongue you killer your physco power happy killer shame on you

  13. Sorry Selsar first guy but government hasn't right be God and decide who lives who dies but then again your not got either and you murder someone and admit it so in my book you shld die and I'd have killed u long ago as u admit it so won't be miscarriage justice it be justice for taking someone else life you dirty murdering scumbag

  14. America & usa society just sickens me ! To the core ! Why would anyone go even to vacation, there ! Shame, shame, shame !

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