🇭🇺 Prejudice and Pride in Hungary: Inside the Far Right | Radicalised Youth

🇭🇺 Prejudice and Pride in Hungary: Inside the Far Right | Radicalised Youth

100 thoughts on “🇭🇺 Prejudice and Pride in Hungary: Inside the Far Right | Radicalised Youth

  1. that guy has terrible physical form, no muscle tone, limbs out of proportion, looks like a genetic defect, a mutant

  2. Israel is an Ethno state and is responsible for the wars in the Middle East where is the outrage from the left?

  3. Rejection of ethnic cleansing, refusing to participate in the genociding of yourself, children and future generations of your own peoples and civilization isn’t racist nor wrong. It’s literally the only self respecting human responses against the diabolical inhuman genocidal atrocities being committed against EVERY SINGLE White European Country including w OUR own indigenous Homeland of Europe and beyond in America, Canada, and Australia! This shameless mission of mass human race annihilation is pushed by Bolshevik vengeance. It’s those who perceive themselves entitled as the “chosen race of peoples” to dictate and determine the ethnic fate of every other peoples. While they themselves remain obsessed for thousands of years guarding and preserving THEIR ethnic BLOODLINE, they are equally obsessed with destroying OURS! They are a race of sheer self-entitled, egomaniacal, unapologetic, genocidal psychopaths. If I claim to be the most persecuted and mistreated woman on earth because I’d experienced being abandoned by over 100 husbands, how would you respond? Would I be giving special privileges, legal protection by criminalizing anyone who dares question my narrative or criticizing me? Certainly not, yet that’s exactly what treatment these people demand and are given. They control the worlds narrative as the majority owners of Mainstream/Social Media, Hollywood, Banking, lobbyist, ADL, NAACP, BLM and countless other organizations aimed at promoting invasions of illegal aliens, minority rights while including themselves in our Countries at OUR expense. They constantly enforcing open borders, Globalization, immigration, multiculturalism and diversity. All the while they’ve killed and displaced millions to secure their position within an apartheid state protected by armed forces and double walls. Hum, an Ethnic State for ONLY THEM. Ethnic cleansing for us…
    Within Europe, America, Canada and Australia, every single INVADER has one thing in common, they ALL HAVE ethnically homogeneous, intact and persevered peoples and cultures within their ancestral Homelands for which if chosen they can return to. ONLY WHITE EUROPEANS are being FORCED to commit Civilizational, ancestral Homeland genocide whereby literally leaving US as the only race of peoples completely displaced of our history, roots and identity to be cast into the world without a Homeland! Kinda like THOSE who’re responsible for doing this to us and their nearly 2 thousand years reality without a Homeland until recently..hum..🤔

    Buckle up because if this video offends you just realize this… you ain’t seen nothing yet! We will rise up and reclaim our Homeland!

  4. Al Jazeera never made a video of Radical Islamic who are killing innocents and blowing themselves up in the name of Allah..
    Yet you are here…..!

  5. What happened to America, there was a time when our leaders would have did the exact same thing to protect its citizens

  6. Do you have white Americans there in Hungary? Expats, who live in areas where they mainly speak English?

  7. Hungary is in europe and therefore authentic to their heritage but usa is in the americas. that is native to indians and not aryans so you all should go back to europe. WHY IS IT THAT THE UGLIEST AND MOST ILL SHAPED PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS RACIST. I BET THE SLAVES NEVER ASKED TO BE RAPED AND MINGLE WITH HATE FILLED PARASITES THAT PILLAGE AND DESTROY THE EARTH.

  8. It’s ok to be a proud white Christian country, contrary to what the liberal media says. Love and respect from Oregon, USA.

  9. I love my brothers in Hungary! Keep eating healthy, train, work out, and educate yourselves to prepare for WW3!

    Conservatives vs. Communisim!

  10. islam destroyed too many people's life. eliminate the filthy virus (islam) and life around the globe will get better.

  11. You do realize that the Jewish bolsheviks overthrew the russian czar, basically their govt then slaughtered 81 million people. You do realize that. Why aren’t we remembering the Russian holocaust?? Not only Russians but Russian Christians, why aren’t we talking about that. Isn’t that anti gentilism???? All lives matter, not just Jewish and black, all lives matter, including babies. This isn’t hate speech this is truth speech. People have the right to protect and defend themselves and their families. So the perps are upset because people are finally standing up for themselves. That’s not fascism that’s self preservation, go pick up a dictionary

  12. Is al jizeera going to talk about the gang raping of women and minors in Germany and Sweden ?? I’m waiting for them to address that.

  13. Hungary must have a whole lot of young people bored out of their wits. They sure have a solution looking for a problem.

  14. All I see is men trying to protect their country from immigrant invasion. They have a right to do what they have to do in protection of their nation, I have seen worst racia lviews in Arabic countries than I see here in Hungary. Go hungary protect your own. How about the mistreatment of immigrant work labor in Arabic countries, Rape and murder is a couple of the atrocities they commit with no repercussions of their crime.

  15. Vietnam was invaded by US &France, North & South Korea had a terrible war killing millions,millions of Chinese killed by Japan,civil war & Mao, Japan was NUKED TWICE. Look at these countries now. They remained steadfast & rebuilt their lands. They didn't run about to Europe crying &cursing their luck.We in India dont blame Britain for their 200 years rule.These people are just lazy to work.

  16. The problem with europians in general that they now mostly irreligious and they don't make children, death rates are higher than birth rates, so even without multiculturalism and immigration, western civilization is collapsing.
    But if you ask why their governments are taking refugees, because they need workers, they need people to fill the deficiency in human resources.

  17. It is funny how white people are always scared of non- white people coming into their country…And yet white people invaded every continent on this planet…
    Ps:those people coming into Europe are refugees and they need to be helped. They are not invaders. They are running from war that have been started by …Suprice😂

  18. OUIoui belle bo Huckvarie about have I got safe country pride in. One another Good Thier strong Like Poland 🇵🇱

  19. George Soros is funding illegals in central America to invade america.trump is trying to fight this crisis but our own people ( Democrats) are fighting him on it. One day soon Americans will be fighting each other in another civil war.

  20. I support Hungary and their ability to stand firm in the name of the Hungarian people! God bless you all!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  21. A culture and people that wants to preserve itself is radicalization? Why is Israel able to do this, but for any other country its considered a bad and racist thing? Why doesn't Aljazeera do a story on how bigoted Israel is for not wanting destructive diversity?

  22. This is so funny to this Old First Nation's Native American to me White is White you are all the same i do not care what part of Europe or Yugoslavia or Russia you are all the same at least behind closed door's … Don't your entire White Race know your Ancestor's was created up on the Caucasus Mountains of Russia by the Nephilim and the Anunnaki hybrids who are the children of the Fallen Angel's .. All your Law's and Religion's and Government and Politic's are all the same … The entire White Race are the reason behind the destruction of every country in the world … Your parent's the Nephilim and the Anunnaki technology's everything the entire White Race has done to Mother Earth and her Children and everything on it is bad and destructive in one way or another. I hope and prey for a 100% genocide of the entire White Race and that goes for any that has any Whiteness in them at all ….

  23. This is happening because the people felt like they were being invaded, because once again the politicians are not doing their jobs. They feel they have no other choice…sit and wait, it's too late.

  24. i agree with thebrown eyed, fine man…zionism is responsible for much… it seems like WW 1 & 2 functioned to set up Israel & the recent pushes seem to be to build the Greater Israel Project

  25. I’m an an Arab and I salute these guys, protect your homeland. Lol Qatar saying they are radicalized youth, when in reality your biggest export has been terrorism. Imagine if westerners came to take over Qatar, oh wait they wouldn’t, because they’re satisfied with their own homeland.

  26. "Far Right" Rolls right off the tongue, doesn't it? Anyone the media doesn't like, just call them far right and problem solved.

  27. no wonder people are supporting right wing ideas in democratic countries from india to Germany England america hungry poland right wing is future

  28. Al Jazeera is going to Hungary to observe extreme right. They could have stayed at home and portray ANY muslim society.

  29. i actually am pretty far left for the most part…but if a country wants to maintain their cultural identity by barring outsiders, shouldn’t they be able to?

  30. If there's a war against the white race is it not justified? All of the raping and pillaging against non white people's of the entire world for the last 600 years had to come to some sort of climax didn't it? Just one stat in particular stands out in my mind as a reason for non white people to harbour resentment and that is all the land they've stolen and made it their own! That alone is enough!! White race: you are weak, you always have been weak and your technology will only carry and protect your frail, weak pink/pig skinned bodies so far!!

  31. Anyone notice how all the BBC videos have comments disabled? That's because they are propagandists and they are losing the battle. They have been called out, and they know it.

  32. I'm glad this video has been shown, perfect opportunity to try out our nimrod nuclear bombs, wipe out all the nazis before they start trouble.

  33. I got to respect Hungarians and all for their work against globalization but I have to tell you… Transylvania is romanian land 😛

  34. So if you don't agree with wrecking your own country like the rest of Europe then your Youth are Radicalised?

  35. Right wing extremism is all about blaming others for their problems. They rely on blaming vulnerable groups of the society instead actually looking into real problems. If you go through the video the host mentions migrants is the only issue that being discussed in their media despite not having even a single migrant. It distracts people from focusing on real issues of Unemployment, poverty, poor education standards etc. You don’t want a globalised Hungary? Fine, but broadcasting that same narrative again and again makes Hungarians a poor candidate if they later decide to emigrate to a multi-cultural society. Currently they are hating on non-whites, and Homosexuals. When they will get rid of them they will target someone else(they can’t solve issues without accepting them, which they won’t as long they have something to blame for it). Just go through the biography of any overt racist, you will see one common thing, they are either unemployed/uneducated or had an unprivileged childhood. They had problems they weren’t responsible for, and politicians told them it is because of non-whites, immigrants, Jews, homosexuals etc. So they believed it. I feel sorry for all these racists that by believing in such politicians are committing suicide. You won’t find next Silicon Valley in Hungary, Poland or Czech. Multiculturalism is future. If you decide you can live without trading with Asia, then you are delusional. Agreed that multiculturalism has problems but that can only be solved by fruitful discussion, not by rejecting the idea all together.

  36. Respect from Turkey. It's really honourable thing to protect your cultures and values. We have an immigration problem too. 5 million syrians was brought without permission of my nation. I hope we wipe out the anti-turk government and send them to their homes.

  37. Thanks for red pilling me. I watched this six months ago. Quit smoking weed, drinking in excess, and became racially conscious.

  38. These guys are fit, good-looking, they respect their country, and they respect their elders. They're everything that leftists are not.

  39. Or. Its people whi want to same there nation and dont want forigners in. Not racists. Any country has the right to defend there home from invaders.

  40. You wanna report on racism. Mabye you should do a report of Hate groups in american. Today none are white. And if so they are few and far between. Most are black or Hiapanic. Sure at one point its was Mostly white. Or they had the largest hate group KKK. But not today. Its the oposit today.

  41. Interviewing Tamas Gaspar was a great mistake, he's one of the known marxists in Hungary and of course he calls everyone fascists, because he's retarded. If you base your opinion on what he says you'll sound retarded as well to everyone who actually know this country.
    Anyways, 95% of the so-called "far right" stuff in this video is just basic patriotism, I wouldn't even call it nationalism. The highwaymen's slogan is "don't hurt hungarians". If you have a problem with that your motives are dirty.
    And we all know the invasion is real, Al Jazeera or not, we see islam invading the western world and we have every right to resist, anyone trying to paint that as a form of nazism is just a part of the invasion.

  42. Hungary right now is a terrorist ruled country. Fidesz is a Terrorist party. Their Leader is an unarmed stubborn sloppy looking Terrorist, he's a criminal, he's an Extremist and he should not be named. I respect Poland and Hungary but not their governments who ruled over them.

    The border fence should now be described as a silent Terrorist attack on immigrants including middle eastern christians, atheists and innocent muslins alike.

    Assalam Allaikum

    Pray for Christchurch New Zealand


    Thor praise us

  43. Viva Great Hungary, viva big Leader Attila and Arpad khans. Great Hungary orginal Ural-Altay nation. our Fin, Eston, Turks, Mogol, Tunguz, all korean and Japanes. We are orginal brothers.. Respects grom Türkiye..

  44. Love to Hungary from Poland. ❤️Speaking as a social democrat, the American media has no proper commentary about immigration and their takes are extremist. This is not nazism

  45. Deleting my comments huh alJIZZera? What also can I expect from a news outlet that sympathises with islamic terrorists.

  46. I think Fascists and Communist have something in common. When people are desperate for change they turn to extremist ideologies. 1. Communism worship the future and value group collaboration but blindly demonize hardworking people who make money with the capitalist system instead of just the corrupt scam artist people at the top 1%. 2. Fascist worship the past and want individualism but demonize people of different races, religions, and nationalities but ignore people of those same ethnic groups who are morally good and work hard while focusing on the people in that ethnic group who commit crimes.
    Both Fascists and Communist hate people who disagree with them and in their most extreme ideological forms use violence like Stalin and Hitler. SO SAD on both fronts 🙁

  47. A muslim journal who talk about homophobia in hungary…lol this is funny…in hungary homosexuality is legal but i don't see any muslim country where homosexuality is legal, where is lgbt in qatar? Or in saudi arabia?

  48. Soros isn't a new enemy to anyone but you leftist doing his bidding. Hungary for life. Stay the course it's the right thing to do. Only A few Nations put their people over selling them out. HUNGARY , POLAND , CZECH REP. SLOVAKIA.

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