🇪🇬 Street Food – Feeding unrest in Cairo: The politics of bread

🇪🇬 Street Food – Feeding unrest in Cairo: The politics of bread

42 thoughts on “🇪🇬 Street Food – Feeding unrest in Cairo: The politics of bread

  1. Needs Major Birth control in Egypt ..the Government needs to Educate the people of its country to Educate them from Mass Production!

  2. It's nice to see that foundations like the Mubarek Foundation is helping people out when they need it.

  3. Bosnia always has a surplus of wheat and corn. They should start importing from Bosnia. Bosnians love to help out other people 🙂

  4. Egypt is a disastor, Conmbine Islam, abject poverty, authoratarian regimes and over population and you get Egypt.

  5. Egypt, that great Country that has such a milennial rich heritage, the bread I'm sure its pita bread, we made from a recipe shared by a Lebanese lady, it is so good and I like seeing the bread puff up, corn tortillas also puff up even if the corn hasn't any yeast. Maybe when I go to visit Cairo, the people will have Egyptian corn tortillas, this way compare which is better, lol….Interesting upload and thanks to you Al Jazeera English for bringing this IRIE upload to YouTube for all to view. 🙂

  6. هذا الرجل الذي يتحدث عن الحكومة لا يريد أن يساعد ، وربما هناك بعض الحقيقة لذلك ولكن الله يساعد أولئك الذين يساعدون أنفسهم ويبدو لي مثل هذا النوع الذي يريد الجلوس طوال اليوم ، وشرب الشاي والتحدث حماقة كبيرة

  7. I ate there and would order koshary for take out too. I lived near Tahrir also, could hear the protests from the square.

  8. sana your beyond beautiful, as for the future food crisis….ask china to irrigate the desert with a desal. plant. problem solved have a good day.

  9. I tried Kushari for the first time about 3 weeks ago, in a local restaurant, and I must say i fell totally in love with it. It's hard to imagine something so 'disparate' in flavors :lentils, rice, macaroni, fried onion etc., could be so yummy. I went back again to that restaurant and tried the slow cooked faba beans and oh my goodness… It was yumm. I do love beans so it was easy for me, but still… I don't think i'll ever go to Egypt as I have other places i want to see first, plus i don't like how the (Christian) Zabaleen are treated.

  10. Awwh I pray the guy who dropped out of school to open a food stand gets a restaurant. I massive pray improvements gets to Egypt, historical land!

  11. I agree the solution is corn not wheat. Corn is the staple of most of Central and South America and does extremely well in heat and drought. It produces twice as much yield per ton than wheat. I actually prefer corn tortillas over flour tortillas. A flour tortilla is very similar to pita bread or naan for a point of reference. When you make corn tortillas they actually have a better flavor. That is the solution in Egypt but I don't know if Egyptians will be able to change their diets like that.

  12. I can never eat street food in Egypt because their hygiene level is zero. Even their high class restaurant is with prayers, if not you end up with food poisoning. To me, Egypt is still one of the best countries. I love Egypt

  13. These are mix breed EGYPTIAN and are not the original Black EGYPTIAN people and the original Black EGYPTIAN people are really the poor one's being oppress in their own land and have to live on the outside of the major cities in the outer land of EGYPT in their own Native land So why their not being shown as the original Black Native people of that land living poor and oppress because the one's mix breed on this video live better than they do because they work with those white European and sale out Black EGYPTIAN people who had them to oppress the original Black Native EGYPTIAN people in their own land So this video is not showing how Black Native people are being treated in their own land just like they are all over the world in their Native land as the original people of their own land and are really the one's poor and being oppress by those who acting like they are the original people of that land. When is it going to stop? I can tell you if it doesn't stop the judgement day is on it's way soon soon soon!!!!! AZIZ aka Z

  14. How can people only survive on bread
    I cant imagine a life without delicasy as in varanasi india
    In fact people in streets are able to earn 20 dollars a day if their fast food is tasty and that so very easily
    Alhamdulillah by the will of allah we are good

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