(한글)How China Changed My View of Korea, USA, & North Korea

(한글)How China Changed My View of Korea, USA, & North Korea

I was never proud to be a Korean. Now, don’t get me wrong I’m not saying I’m against my country or I hate my country or anything like that, but being in China made me think about was I ever so proud
of my nationality you know the fact that I’m Korean because in China the country where you’re from is considered very very
important and for some people it’s the main thing from which they form an
opinion and judgment about you and also in China it is considered very crucial
to think and speak highly of your own country Therefore many Chinese people
that I met in China show a look of surprise when I say I don’t really enjoy
kpop or don’t really watch K dramas and they’re also kind of shocked when I
don’t say absolutely nice things about Samsung and hyundai, and they are also
surprised when I answer “Chinese” to a question “do you think Chinese food is
better or Korean food is better?” which I’ve got a lot whenever I said I am from
Korea. And they kind of expect me or any other Koreans to be super proud of kpop
how you you know all the Korean brands because they are very huge
internationally. But if you talk to many Koreans you’ll notice that that’s not
necessarily the case and some will even have bad things to say about it.
It’s like Americans don’t necessarily or have to like Hollywood nor do British
people have to worship their royal family. Hollywood do get criticized
by Americans even if it’s an American thing and the British royal family do
sometimes get criticized by the same British even if it’s the British royal
family. I have many American and British friends
and they’re not like so proud of Hollywood and royal
that it becomes their lifeblood and they don’t get offended when I say I didn’t
enjoy watching certain Hollywood movies or when someone comments I don’t find
Prince Harry that’s charming things like that and this is because we normally
don’t associate talking about these things to spitting up myself right? If
something about my country is far from my preference we do have to right and
freedom to think and say that before worrying about is it going to you know
hurt my national pride and am I gonna lose face? What my country or other
people from my country have done whether that’s good or bad doesn’t represent me.
Simple as that. So I am Korean and I have a Korean citizenship and I was born and
raised here and let me talk about Korea. Korea has a huge cultural power
with internationally popular kpop, hallyu fashion and makeup brands and so on and
we also have a very big economic power. It has the 12 th biggest economy in the
world, and our GDP back in 1950 was – and now it’s – and
this happened in just 50 years. We started from starvation to one of the
most prosperous societies and this is an unprecedented miracle as a nation and
South Korea’s achievement deserve to be acknowledged. Howver, I think because of
all the seemingly good parts of Korea it’s easy for the outsiders, who are not
born and raised here and lived here as a Korea,n to think that Korea is somehow
perfect and I never thought Korea was a perfect country nor did I imagine that
people from other countries would admire and some would even be jealous of Korea so much like this until just a few years ago when I started actively hanging out
with a lot of like expatriates and foreigners who live and travel in Korea,
and most of them get good impression from all the
nicely put together people, well-organized and clean environment, facilities and
buildings of nice qualities, and think that “how can anyone live in South Korea
and not want to live here?” Even when I tell them about how high suicide rate, insanely high competition high standard and almost everything that’s
impossible to meet , 왕따 (korean word for bully) issues; they don’t completely
understand it. It just doesn’t come real to them because they’ve never
experienced struggles as a Korean in Korea and that’s not their
fault they actually don’t have to understand that. So I always thought
Korea is a good place to live for foreigners but not so much for Koreans
because they are usually the exception to the Korean society’s social rules,
social norm, social judgment that I believe are making making a lot of
people depressed ,miserable and angry and foreigners can just enjoy the nice
environment and facilities that Korea has created, and I always thought that’s
quite unfair because that’s 주객전도된 상황 All the
nice things that Korea has built are more appreciated and enjoyed by people
who are not from here. Koreans are usually not nationalists. We’re not like
proud or feel the need to be proud of our own country. Koreans in general have
more fantasy toward And usually when Koreans say they don’t mean well. Many Koreans especially younger
generation don’t think like oh I’m from Korea, I’m so privileged. Many of us actually have insecurities of being an Asian and we somehow think you
know people from the West will somehow look down upon us just because we have Asian looks and had Asian upbringing. And I
think not a lot of Korean people realize how much of a big influence
Korea has internationally and I think this is not all bad. It’s actually better
than you know a false belief or a silly sense of duty ingrained in us that we
have to protect our country’s image and reputation and think highly of my
country no matter what. It means we at least have freedom to think and say
honestly about our country and that’s good that means we are a democratic
society and I am grateful to be a citizen of a country that has achieved
democratic institutions good economy safe and organized environment
facilities and what not but at the same time I also know so many inner issues
that people are going through that should be taken seriously and be
redirected into a better path. I know that my country has upsides and
downsides and I can say this freely because I know my country does not
represent every single part of me. What my country has achieved is not what I
achieved ; its what my ancestors grandparents parents the past
government and maybe some luck too have worked together to build not just one
person or one element. I feel lucky and grateful to have been born in such a
developed influential and well-off country, but as an insider I cannot say
that Korea is so good and I’m so proud of Korea, everything so good in Korea,
because it is a country whose societal atmosphere made me have many suicidal
thoughts from very young age and go through so many emotional turbulence
self-esteem issues and so on but that doesn’t mean I should never feel
grateful because that altogether shaped the person I am today. I was more able to
develop empathy and it also made me think about
what kind of part or role I can take to help people who are suffering from
similar issues and help the next generation suffer less. When I was
younger a part of me always thought that it was unfair that I was born in Korea
especially when I was you know in the US where people are more open and have
grown up in a relatively chilled and diverse atmosphere and also looking at
all the Korean Americans and Korean adoptees in the u.s., I remember I envy
them so much you know seeing how open active and chill they are made me think
my life would have been so much happier if I was raised in the US. And I still
think u.s. is a really good country which I will talk about soon, but I also
think that the grass is greener on the other side because I’ve met many
northern Americans who presumed that I grew up with such privilege just because
I was born in Korea, and also told me how bad it was growing up in the u.s. things
like that and that made me think everything is relative and in one
country as insiders and outsiders we are going to experience and see things
differently. You could have been born in a country that is under a lot worse
conditions and you may think like why was I born here, it’s so unfair ,people in
the first world country have it better than I do, and I do understand that. But I
think life is not about what you were given but about what you do with what
you were given, and I think no matter how terrible circumstances you’re in, there
are always a hidden blessing and greater opportunities to be drawn from and it’s
all about attitude and perspective. I mean look at all the North Korean escapees who turned their lives around after escaping; they were born in the
worst and the most oppressed country in the world and even after they escaped in
China and in South Korea and in Thailand they had to go through a lot of terrible
conditions and had hard and long time adjusting to the new environment far
away from home. But they’re now living in such a graceful state of mind and they
are very enthusiastic about the second life they are given, and if they can do
it I think anyone can pull through. Back to USA, I think the USA is a great
country. Probably greater than many other developed and democratic countries in
Europe or in Asia. I don’t mean it’s problem-free; we’re talking about human
the world here so there’s no like problem free country
and I also know that just because I think USA is great that does not mean
like every single one of us citizens is great Just because I admire former
President Obama doesn’t mean everybody is like him right? So I don’t have a
fixed president or like opinion about a person based on their nationality
because that’s very absurd, because regardless of nationality and how they
are brought up culturally, everybody in the end has their uniqueness and
individuality and their own way of seeing things but I think we should
admit that USA has a strong democratic institution, diverse and open
immigrant culture, entrepreneurial society that provides so many
opportunities and cushions for many individuals to utilize and fall back
upon to make the most of their talents and potential. And it is no
wonder so many people emigrate or wish to emigrate to the USA; it provides
abundant opportunities to its citizen whatever educational cultural and
personal background they have and you u.s. society is more used to and tolerant to diversity and is more flexible for sure. The USA is a
country that gave birth to so many renowned individuals historically
whether that be inventors writer developers entrepreneurs and many other
outstanding individuals who not only have talents and knowledge but also a
sense of humor wisdom humanitarian passion and I think this is not just a
coincidence. It was all possible because of all the well built and
stable, inclusive foundation and institution. They used what was already
there, what was already available for them that the country has built and so I
think that’s why building more of such prosperous countries is very important
for the world and for the people because the more countries there
are that are able to offer many good service, resources and institutions, the
more people will benefit from them and the more inclusive those countries are,
people who weren’t born into the most privileged part of the world will
benefit from them too. And I wish Korea would become a country like that too.
Actually, Korea has so many potentials and we have already accomplished a lot
economically politically and foundationally, and we are already doing
a lot of charity and giving financial aid to other like poor
countries, but what we lack is tolerance and acceptance for difference
and diversity, and I’m not talking about diversity in race, language that kind of
self surface-level things, but more of diversity in humaneness,
and individual paths, respecting each other’s uniqueness, individual
personality, not putting everybody inside the same
box telling us this is what you need to do in this industry and in this industry
this is the way it works and if you disobey or do things differently you’re
gonna mess up. And it is true that Korean society in general teaches and
leads us to a very limited paths of life and that way the competition gets
inevitably higher and higher. I think the more the society lacks diversity or
tolerance for diversity, the competition among the individuals cannot but become higher and higher, because they only know of a few good paths that the
society taught them, and everybody tries to fit themselves into that narrow and
limited paths, and imagine how pushy and desperate people will become. And the more competitive the society is, the more stress, pressure, self-esteem issues, the intensity of conflicts between people will increase and become higher
and higher and it is only a matter of time before it becomes an abnormal amount
that we end up drowning ourselves. So as a Korean citizen, I really wish that
Korea becomes a country that embraces and appreciates diversity and encourage
individuals to think outside the box and discover their uniqueness and kind of
encourage them to follow their path. That way, we will be able to form a creative
dynamic, and diverse atmosphere and that will naturally bring sustained
prosperity to our country. Korea is still busy trying to build not just
individually but also politically, institutionally, and on a national level,
and that’s very good there’s nothing wrong with that but we have already
achieved more than enough and it is time that we take a break and look back upon
what we’ve done wrong and what we lack, and how we should utilize what we already have in a better direction. We
already have good economy, technology, intelligent human resources, and why not
use them into educating and raising awareness on human right issues, mental
health, friendship, love? Before I wrap up I recently
read the book called why nations fail and it is a very insightful book that
talks about what kind of political and economic institution decides a nation’s prosperity, why America has turned out to be one of the
most prosperous countries in the world, why’s there a huge gap between North and
South Korea, and why don’t all nations follow such ideal institution
and blueprint that would lead to prosperity. And I hope that many of you
read this book and get some insight and analysis, and furthermore hope you get to think about the true meaning of patriotism. True patriotism at
least partially is coming to terms with the problems of your country, knowing
what’s the best for your country’s growth and its people, and taking action
in line with that to solve the problem. It’s not denying, hiding, putting
on a good front and trying to build an unsubstantial reputation When you have a
toothache, you cannot say “No my tooth is so clean. I heard Sally has worse toothache, so I’m fine.” Because that’s only going to worsen your
toothache and it would be just a matter of time before you have to pull it out.
At least Sally recognizes that she has a toothache and she is taking
action to heal from that. And her toothache is getting better because of that. So, if you want to consider yourself a true patriot, then I suggest you take Sally’s approach. That was it for this video! I hope you like it. If you did, please give it a big thumbs up and also let me know in the comment section which country you’re from ,what kind of
change you wish to make to your country, and what kind of contribution you can
make in order to do that, I would really love to know and thank you for watching
and I’ll see you in my next video! Bye!

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