태백산맥(1994) / The Tae Baek Mountains(Taebaegsanmaeg(Taebaeksanmaek))

태백산맥(1994) / The Tae Baek Mountains(Taebaegsanmaeg(Taebaeksanmaek))

Taeheung Films Inc   After the second world war
the division of the Korean peninsula was the greatest tragedy and by-product of the conflict between
the U.S. and Soviet Union in Asia. The cold war between the two countries
encouraged the conflict within Korea and the South and North were
separated into two separate governments that were both antagonistic
and followed separated ideologies.   The Taebaek Mountains   Producer: Lee Tae-won Ahn Sung-ki, Kim Myung-kon, Kim Kap-su,   Oh Jeong-hae, Shin Hyun-joon, Choi Dong-joon Jeong Gyeong-hoon, Bang Eun-jin, Lee Ho-jae   Original Novel: Cho Jeong-rae, Screenplay: Song Neung-han   Cinematography: Jeong Il-seong, Lighting: Lee Min-bu   Music: Kim Su-cheol, Editing: Park Sun-deok   Artistic Direction: Kim Yu-jun, Props: Kim Ho-gil   Special Effects: Lee Mun-geol, Park Gwang-nam Sound Recording: Kang Dae-seong
Simultaneous Recording: Yang Hu-bo   Director: Im Kwon-taek   October 20, 1948 01:10
Boseong-gun, South Jeolla province Beolgyo Police Station. Hello this is Beolgyo Police Station.   Kwangju police headquarters? Hello.   Young Men's Organization?
Why are you calling at this hour?   Ministry of Supervision department head?
He went home earlier in the evening.   What? There's been an incident in Yeosu?   October 20, 01:20 Rebel forces enter Yeosu.
Hurry and get in! You jerks! I'm leaving. What's going on? The 14th Yeosu regiment that was supposed to go to Jeju Island
to fight the Commies – has revolted.
– Revolted? The Sunchang Police have assembled
nearby troops for protection so it should be ok.   October 20, 08:30
A skirmish has broken out between rebel forces and 500 members of the police
in front of Suncheon station.   Kwangju's 4th regiment has been
dispatched to suppress the uprising. Suppressing it is only a matter of time.
Don't worry and go back to your homes. Sir.   We just lost Suncheon.   Look, it's the army! Hey!   October 21, 16:30
Rebel squadron penetrate Beolgyo.   We have just arrived at Beolgyo. Our comrades have already
secured the area.   Staff Sergeant Park came across Boseong
to Hwasung and towards Gwangju and   Staff Sergeant Choi is pushing through
Jangheung and Goheung.   I will update you again later.   Comrades! How we have suffered over the years?   Thanks to our patriotic troops, we are free. Our suffering is nothing.   Kim Sa-yong is a landowner that has exploited
the blood and sweat of the people, has confiscated their assets
and should be executed. What is everyone's opinion? Kim Sa-yong is a landowner but not
an enemy of the people. He was generous to farm tenants and
gave money to help fund independence. We should let him live! Down with
evil police and reactionary landowners! Listen up!
I am taking back the words of that comrade! We do not have to purge all landowners. – What do you think?
– Let him live! Yes! Yes! Let him live! I agree! Equal and Free Distribution of Land
Hooray for Land Reform!   October 22, 00:00
Yeosun is under Martial Law It's time to get in your cars.
Everyone in the car!   October 23, 11:00
Suncheon is recaptured.   Suncheon is back in their hands.   What?   It appears that command has retreated
towards Mt. Jiri. We plan to join them there. What should do about the rest of them?   If you wanted to be a part
of the Communist party you shouldn't have gotten married or
had children. You're going to leave me alone with
the children and go by yourself?   I thought things would be ok from now on but it's only been a year since you've
been back and you can't even stay for five days?   Mother, go to my Sang-gu's house.   I can't get a moment's peace
stuck between the two of you.   I don't understand why two brothers are shooting at each other.   Mother, I'm leaving. If you wanted to be a part
of the Communist party…   So… where will you be going? I'm not sure.   Am I ever going to see you again…   You cruel men!   It hasn't even been ten days and
you're going to be leaving anyway, why do you have to kill people!   In all my 70 years of living I have never seen anyone win when doing
something the government doesn't approve.   What?   How are we to live. How…   Do you think I want to leave you guys!   You don't need to run away.
Hide like you did before.   We've received orders so
I have no choice.   I'm going. Take care of San-il.   Honey!   It's warm here but it's winter in the mountains…   Take care of San-il.   Pray to the gods to bring me back alive.   Main rebel forces retreat
to Mt. Jiri and Mt. Baekwun   Local leftists disperse
and flee to nearby mountains. Number of people in the mountains.
200 from Beolgyo, 300 from Boseong.   October 24, 13:00. Beolgyo recaptured. They brutally killed many people. By morning we confirmed over 100 dead. The communists drew their swords first, now it's our turn.   Stop!   I'm sorry. While you were suffering, I wasn't here for you.   All of the landowners
put on trial were killed. I'm grateful to Yeom Sang-jin.   When Sang-jin put my father on trial
he had two reasons.   By saving my father
it showed the court was fair and that those who donated
money for scholarships were appreciated.   He always manages to
catch two birds with one stone. But there is something he missed.   He may think he saved my father's life   but he killed his spirit.   We received orders
from the provincial party to get ready for mountain combat. We're going to restructure the organization
and make plans for winter. This decision was made because our
organizational structure has been revealed and we have no choice.   I too regret this situation.   It was my mistake,
I overestimated the situation. The mistake is with the provincial party who
thought this was the right time to fight. This conflict was solely the action of
the 14th regiment. The provincial party acted
without any orders from central headquarters? Comrade Ahn!
The Party is sacred and wise. The Party should not be criticized.
Any questions or doubts are not allowed.   Intellectuals like Comrade Ahn
should keep this in mind.   November 1, 00:00. Expansion of Martial Law in South Jeolla.
89 related to Yeosun executed. November 3~11
Government arrests 3293 related to Yeosun. November 19, 700 North Korean partisans
attack Gurye's 12th regiment   – I'm in charge of quashing the rebellion.
– I'm Choi Dal-su, in charge of security.   This is my boss.   – I hope you had a good trip.
– Thank you.   This is Lee Byung-gu the town mayor.   – You're doing a fine job.
– Thank you.   – I'm Jang Gil-chun in charge of investigation.
– I'm Lim Man-su.   This is Yeom Sang-gu who
currently heads up inspection of the Young Men's Organization. He's in charge.   This is Yeom Sang-jin
chairman of the Boseong faction. A graduate of Gwangju Teacher's College during the Japanese occupation, he was arrested for leading
farm tenants against landowners and was in jail for a year.
After he was released he became a member of
the hard-core south labor party, then went into the mountains.
He led mountain warfare, came down for a bit
then went back into the mountains. He's very well versed in leftist ideology
and is extremely bright. If you want more details ask his brother
Mr. Yeom.   Don't talk about that asshole. Don't you know how much it pisses me off?   If he's a cop then I'm a communist. That's how much I hate him
so don't ask me about him. It makes me lose my appetite.   Next is Ha Dae-chi.
He's Yeom Sang-jin's right-hand man and was active with him
before independence. It's well known that he is simple-minded.
He was born Communist.   Next is Ahn Chang-min.
He was a teacher at South Elementary School. While Yeom Sang-jin was gone
he was in charge of the Commies in town. This time he has shown
us his true colors.   – Next is Kim In-seok.
– What evidence was used to create this list of traitors?   It is based on reports by citizens
who stayed here during the war. What are you talking about?   Pretty much everyone left was a Commie. How can you trust them?   We can't trust this report.   Gather all of the townspeople at
South Elementary School this instant! Let's start from the beginning.   Look here!   What do you hope to achieve by
redoing something that is already finished!   I have full authority.
All you need to do is cooperate.   Begin.   What's going on with the electricity! It looks like the fuse went out.
We sent someone to replace it. You idiot, why does the fuse always go out!
Tell Jang-gun to get over here. Listen you idiot!   Her! She reported my husband. It wasn't me. I didn't do it. Shut up! You got my husband in trouble. No! No! I did no such thing. Get out here!   – Choi Kkeut-sun! Choi Kkeut-sun!
-Yes?   Is your husband the same Min Jun-ho
who went into the mountains this morning? Yes? Yes. Consider it your lucky day. Come out here!   What do we have here. Why are you here?   My husband…   – Come here.
– What? I said come here.   Shoot!   You better tell the truth! You're communicating with
Yeom Sang-jin aren't you? A report came in! You're just guessing and
I'm not going to fall for it. So you're saying if you could
you would help Yeom Sang-jin. I have no desire to help him but
I can't kill him can I? Whether I like him or not
he is the father of my children.   This cannot do.   If you're protecting a commie
then you're a commie! Do you want to go to jail? Do whatever you want.
At least I'll be fed and nobody will beat me. I think that's a good deal.   You think because your brother-in-law
is the head of inspection – you can mess with me but…
– Don't even talk to me about him!   He's not a brother-in-law, he's an enemy! I can't help what my husband does but he's not human. He's so cruel to his young nephews. His young nephews are starving
yet he sends them nothing! So you should have stopped
your husband from becoming a commie! What is the point of being a commie
when his children are starving! Let's call a spade a spade. He's a commie because
his children are starving, – not the other way around!
-You're crazy!   – Why did you hit me?
– What? Did I say anything that wasn't true? There's nothing sadder than starving. There are so many people starving on
one side but those with food have so much rice they make cookies and rice cake. Does this make sense? Shut up! – Talking isn't going to get us anywhere.
-Kill me you asshole!   Kill me. Kill me you bastard!   Who is it?   I'm the head of inspection.
Open the door.   Is there something wrong? Open the door. Hurry and open the door.
I have something to tell you.   I don't know what it is
but let's talk tomorrow.   Open the door!
You're not going to open it?   – Why are you doing this?
– Be quiet!   How do you think you got out so easily?   I know and I'm very thankful.   So you have to give me something in return?   Why are you doing this?
I'm going to scream. Really? Go on. Try it.   It's normal for a man and woman
to have relations. You must know that?   Hey. Look here.   What's with the commotion?   The day is almost over, you should go.   Think you're doing me a favor
and go.   It's still dark out. What do you mean the day
is already over.   It's morning. Please help me out and leave. Isn't that doing us both a favor.
What are you doing? You know what I'm doing.   Do we have to go through this every time?   Hello.   – Hello.
– Who… Who are you? You'll know when you see me.
Hurry and open the door.   I need to know who it is first.   – If I say I'm Jeong Ha-seop, is that enough?
– What?   You mean president of the distillery? Mr. Jeong's… Hurry. There's no time.   Don't turn it on. Where is your mother?   She died from a stroke.
It's been over a year.   You've heard the rumors about me, right?   Some.   What do you know? Tell me.   That you're a left… a leftist.   That's right.   You heard correctly. I'm a commie.   What do you think of the commies?   They speak for the poor and helpless
so they can't be all bad. But I was surprised to hear
you were a commie.   Anyway, I'm in big trouble.   I was going to ask your mother for a favor.   What is it?
What if I help you instead of my mother.   I want to help you any way I can.   Even though you know who I am
you're not afraid?   It doesn't matter what you are now
you're still the same person I knew from before.   Once, when I followed my mother to
your house to perform an exorcism you gave me a yellow loquat leaf and asked why a girl like me
was born the daughter of a shaman.   I still remember it to this day.   People are always coming here
so it's not safe. Mr. Hyun's place might be safe.
What do you think?   Hey! Hey! Beom-woo!   Are you deaf or are you just ignoring me?   Can't you hear me Beom-woo?   Is that you Sang-gu? Beom-woo.   It's not like I'm begging, so why are you ignoring me? Look. I didn't hear you because I'm
in a rush to catch the train.   Are you going to Suncheon?
You can't go now.   Why? The commies destroyed the railroad.
It's being repaired. You're going to have to wait
until the afternoon.   By the way, are you carrying identification?   What do you mean? You're a college graduate and a teacher and you're asking what identification is?   I'm asking why you need to see it.   There are commies everywhere. How would troops from other regions
be able to tell who is who? You are famous only in Beolgyo. But elsewhere nobody
knows who you are.   Hello.   Sit here.   Why are you drinking so much
this early in the morning?   She's from Seoul. – Hey come sit next to him.
– Ok. That's ok.   Two coffees please.   Why is it that some landlords died
and some didn't? They must have been a commie
on the inside.   Please understand.
They're angry because they lost their fathers.   Is that them?   The ones that are terrorizing
the families of commies after curfew? Yes. Right after we finish investigating the families of the commies, they grab them and beat them half to death.   They beat them so badly that
they're better off locked up.   Is there someone supporting them?
Chief Nam?   What are you talking about?   Those violating the curfew are usually
shot to death but the fact that they can roam around freely means someone is looking
out for them doesn't it? That's none of your business.   Hey aren't you Song Du-yeong's nephew?
Come here.   Come here you commie!   – Give me some! Me too!
– Stop it!   Send them away. It's so loud I can't stand it. You know they do this every year. I told you to send them away.   Sang-nam! Don't do this? It's not like they're asking for money.
They're just taking the leftovers.   People have been talking about us. Nothing good can come from
losing public favor. That idiot. He's not a son,
he's more like an enemy. There's someone here to see you.   What are you doing here?   Come in.   Is he ok? He isn't injured? He's ok.   I don't have much cash right now
because I had to bail my husband out.   I'll go borrow some money.
Can you wait for a bit?   He asked that you don't tell his father.   Hey you. Stop right there.   What can I do for you?   Are the Jeong's having an exorcism? Yes.   – What is it for?
– Just your typical exorcism. Ok, go ahead.   Hey wait a minute.   Yes? Your mother and I were friends. What's your name?   So-hwa. So-hwa? So-hwa. It doesn't mean digestion
so what does it mean? It means white flower. White flower? I don't know who gave you that name. but it suits you perfectly.   You can go now.   What a pretty young thing.   It's So-hwa.   I brought it.   Did anyone follow you?   I made sure no one was following.   Is everything alright in town?   Last night some commies were shot.   Your mother told me to tell you that you must remember you're their only son.   Where are you going? I need to go make lunch.   I'm not hungry. Stay here with me.   I'm so tired.   I heard you drank until 2 a.m.? I tried to learn this song but it's so hard. Not just anyone can learn pansori.   Hey Mr. Jang!   Didn't I tell you to hand over that guy
we arrested in the market? – Sorry we're still investigating.
– Hand him over right now! – Look Mr. Lim!
– Yes.   Your men are causing trouble
everywhere they go. What are you going to do about it? What are you talking about? Yesterday the head of the village
made lunch for them but your men were unhappy
with the food and overturned the table. Then they beat the him and ate all of his chickens.
We received a complaint. So?   Make sure this doesn't happen again.   Next time I'm not going to
look the other way. It's hard chasing after commies
all day, don't we deserve to eat some meat? It was his fault
for just serving them kimchi. There's nothing wrong with my men. If that bothers you than you should treat
us to a good meal. What I'm saying is why are you
harassing innocent civilians?   Because of you guys
we have lost the public sentiment! Innocent? What do you mean innocent! How can you say that when there are – commie families everywhere?
– What?   Because pathetic people like you
are in charge we can't catch the commies! – What?
– You son of a bitch!   Who do you think you are! Let go! Let go! Let go! I said let go! Let go! Please calm down! We have to work together
whether we like it or not. Do you think this is helping? Stop interfering and do your job! You lost the police station
because you didn't shoot a single bullet! You idiot! Sir, sir! Sir!   What a coldhearted man! Who does he think he is coming in here
and causing such a commotion?   Get out here!   Father! What's that noise? It looks like the anti-communist group is
terrorizing people in this neighborhood.   The old people are really getting it good.   It's none of our business.   I've been wanting to meet the members
of the committee for peace.   You've donated money
to bereaved families of the police and supported them. We're so grateful.   The reason we asked to see you is
to ask you a favor. Anything, but saving the commies.   We know that you work hard
trying to – catch commies all day but…
– Yes.   Aren't you being a bit too harsh.   If you are too harsh then you risk
losing public sentiment and that's not good for us.   You're the principal of
North Elementary School, right? Yes.   What are you trying to say?   We should prevent
innocent people from getting hurt. At the landowner's trial
there were many innocent people who were unfairly killed.   Even the commies need to have a fair trial. We know that you're protecting the anti-communist group.
They must be stopped. People have already died.   So it looks like
you brought me here to protest but   let me say something.   There are people here from
families of landowners. My father was a famous landowner
in Hwanghae province.   But after the commies came into power
do you know what they did?   They took away his property
called him a reactionary and executed him.   My family was left penniless
and scattered everywhere.   I don't even know if they're alive.   If you've never gone through it
then you couldn't possibly understand.   That's what commies are all about.   But you people in the South don't know their true colors. In fact everyone seems to like them.   Frankly, I think that 80% of the people
living in Beolgyo – are commies.
– That's not true   but if you keep treating them that way
that's what will happen. Mr. Kim. I think you're a commie. If you're not a commie
how can you think like that? Commies don't need a trial! Haven't you seen what they do?   Let me be very clear. From now on, anyone who sympathizes
with the commies will be treated like one.   You should all be careful!   The terms commie, communist and socialist
all mean the same thing but they evoke such different emotions. When the general
used the word 'commie' today he said it with such hatred.   That one word is enough to
put someone's life in danger.   I'm going this way.   – Good night.
– Good night.   Sir!   I picked up the book you were
looking for while I was in Gwangju.   Really?   Welcome.   Is this the book?   Yes. I was thinking of going
to Gwangju to pick it up. I'll wrap it for you.   How did it go at the meeting?   It's no use talking to him.   Shouldn't we at least
stop the anti-communist group?   They're killing people and getting away with it. They need to be stopped.   Hey Mr. Kim.   What are you doing?   Die you commie!   Come on let's go.   Sir! What happened? Sir!   This is serious.
You should have come right away. You came so late… You're so stubborn.   If it was any deeper
you would have been in big trouble. December 1
Fear of the National Security Law   December 11 South Jeolla governor and Chief of Police
attacked by 200 strong mob. Choi Ik-seung provincial assemblyman
has arrived.   Eradicate communism!   – Welcome.
– Come in.   We've gotten most of the collaborators and left-wing sympathizers. We are training with the police
and the Young Men's Organization. As soon as training is finished
we'll start dealing with the guerillas. The martial law troops will be here soon.
Just guard the town safely.   – Look Chief Nam.
-Yes sir.   This report is all wrong.   Min Jeong-su and Song In-gap could never be commies. Either that or they were coerced
to cooperate for their freedom. Arresting those who support rightists – is exactly what the commies want.
– Well we arrested them based on anonymous
tips from many people. Is it true that Jeong Hyeon-dong
was released? Yes he wasn't connected to any crimes… What are you talking about!
His son is a commie. There are many people that
are dying just for that. Why wasn't he arrested?   – Listen Chief Nam.
-Yes. Arrest him immediately!   You don't look well. I'm dying here.   Why did you ask to see me?   Did you know why
Assemblyman Choi wants me arrested? Why is he out to get me?   In the election last May
whose side did you take?   You turned down his offer for help and supported Mr. Ahn, didn't you? Wasn't it a tight race? If I didn't send my boys to ruin the election, Assemblyman Choi would have lost.   Not to brag or anything
but if it wasn't for me he would have lost. Isn't it any wonder he doesn't like you? He was waiting for an opportunity to get you back and since it turns out your
son is a commie it was the perfect opportunity
for revenge.   What should I do?
Tell me what to do.   Sir we're all wondering
how the National Assembly is dealing with
the farmland reform. As you are aware on February 2nd
the government plan has passed State council and the National Assembly is reviewing it. Their plan indicates that
30% of the yield will be paid over 5 years, but
isn't that the same as collecting rent and giving away the land for free?   It's deplorable.
The reason we support capitalism is to protect our assets. Most of the assembly members
including myself are landowners but we don't have a choice. If we don't do it
the country will fall apart. If we delay land reform the idea of equal
and free distribution of land will spread and people will start to fall for
communist ideals throwing the country into confusion. If we're going to implement it anyway
it's better to act fast to stop the spread of communism.   Anyway. – Chief Nam
– Yes sir. How long are you going to keep the
Young Men's Organization post open?   We're still looking but because of
the way things are in this country, no one suitable has applied but
I'll take care of it right away. How is the head of inspection? He's going a good job. In reality the head of the Men's Youth Organization
is an honorary post. It's really the head of inspection
that does all the work. Then give him the job. Excuse me?   Why? What's the problem?   He's… well we've got our reputation to think of and well…
his brother is the head of the communists. That's exactly why I'm recommending him. Don't you think he'll work twice as hard
to overcome that weakness?   Make it happen.   This is Yeom Sang-gu.
Oh. Thanks.   No, today the boys
are taking me out to celebrate so I don't have time.
How about the day after tomorrow? Thanks.   – Shall we go?
– Yes.   Stop being so sad. That's not going to
bring him back from the mountains.   Is it true that you've been appointed
head of the Young Men's Organization? Yes. It's true.
That asshole may be head of his faction but I don't care. Some people aren't happy about
me becoming the head but you wait and see.
I'm going to do the best job.   Let's send some rice to your nephews. I heard that they're starving. Why should we care? What's it to you
whether they starve or not. If it breaks your heart that much
go live with them. Nobody's stopping you. How can you say that? He's your brother.   You don't know how much I've
suffered because of him. Don't you remember how you and dad
raised us? You only cared about him.
Did you even know I existed? When we fought
I was the one that got in trouble. Didn't you always feed him first? You sent him to teacher's college but made me quit elementary school. He needs to die for me to shine. Bring me some new clothes.   To celebrate,
the boys sprayed booze all over me.   January 8, 1949
A special investigation committee into anti-nationalism is established The capture of communists delivered a blow to the Jeolla faction.
We anticipate fighting in Duksan and Bonggam. Strengthening of right-wing organizations
established firm anti-communist systems. Even if it's just for a grain of rice
ask for the people's consent. If there's anyone trying to
steal anything like last time, they will be severely punished. If we lose public favor we will be cut off. – Always keep that in mind.
– Yes.   – Comrade Bang.
– Yes sir. Name three things the
North Korean partisans are prepared for.   Yes sir. We are ready to freeze to death,
get beaten to death and die of hunger. That's right. You can't be a part of us
without that kind of resolve. Now it's time to begin
examining our weapons.   Pass.   Comrade Chairman.
I only have ten bullets.   When you become a great marksman
you'll get all the bullets you need. In the meantime train hard. – Yes sir.
– Pass.   Anyone home?   Are you sleeping?   Who the hell is it?   She's wandering around after curfew.
I would love nothing better than to put a bullet in her. She will hear you.   Hey.   Who is it? Who? Are you sleeping already?   I've got the flu.   – But who is it? It's late…
– It's your neighbor.   I made some rice cakes
so I thought I would bring some over.   If I had known you would be so sound
asleep I would have come in the morning.   Early 1949, Interference from
pro Japanese groups makes things difficult for the special anti-nationalism
investigation committee. April 22, Members of the special
investigation committee resign.   Eradicate communism!   Have you been waiting a long time?
The meeting was longer than expected. That martial law commander
isn't easy to deal with, is he? Since Beolgyo first erupted, this is the
first time I've seen so many soldiers here. Is it true the police are going to
withdraw after three days? – From now on, consider yourselves dead.
– What? You're going to be called out
for training everyday.   – I'm Lieutenant Shin Jae-mo.
– Come in.   – This way.
– Ok.   – Here.
– Thank-you.   Do you know Park Du-byeong?   He's a friend from college and
we were both student soldiers.   He's my immediate supervisor. When he heard that I was being
transferred to Beolgyo he told me to find you.   This is my wife.   I apologize for coming uninvited.   Tell me about Beolgyo. How is it
there are so many communists here and why is there such tension between
the right and left wings?   The tensions between the two begins and ends with land.   Land? That's a little unexpected.   To understand this issue we need
to go back to the Japanese occupation. When Japan colonized Korea the first thing they did was conduct an eight year
investigation of the land with the intent of
pillaging farmer's properties. As a result, 80% of them were
reduced to becoming mere tenants and endured severe poverty . That was the reality of the colonial times.   In the meantime, many landowners
started cooperating with the Japanese and bought land to become rich
landowners. What we call pro-Japanese landlords. Along with the Japanese they
started exploiting the farmers and actively collaborated with their politics.   The farmers had no choice but to give 70%
of what they earned to the landowners and lived in a vicious cycle of poverty. This misery was centered
on the three southern provinces with the most fertile lands and among them, the worst was
Jeolla province. Then, we were liberated. But due to influences from
the U.S. and Soviet Union there was a big difference
between the north and south.   While the north carried out land reform in pursuit of free
and equal distribution of land, landowners in the south didn't
want to lose theirs so with strong protests,
kept pushing back on farmland reform. Then followed the disappointment and
anger of the people. As tensions between landowners
and farmers increased the communists took advantage
of the situation.   Their belief in equal and
free distribution of land appealed to the farmer's desires
to have their own and as a result many of them without
knowing it sympathized and sided
with the communists.   That's why many of them went
into hiding in the mountains during the Yeosun incident.   Kwang-jo, you better get out here!
I'm going to kill you! You dirty commie! Get out here!   Who is saying that! I'll kill you for calling
my son a commie! – I'll kill you first!
– Go ahead. You've been hiding in this room,
you commie! You accused my son of being a commie.
I'm going to kill you! Your husband killed mine and now I'm going to kill you!   Calm down, lets talk things through! Are you serious, I'm going crazy and you're telling me
to talk things through? Look at my son. Look at what your son did to mine. I came to break his wrist so bring out that commie kid of yours! He's not here. Not here? I can't believe this! Your husband killed my husband and now your son is beating mine! I'm so mad I don't know what to do!   I'm sorry.
I'll make sure it never happens again.   A commie and a martyr's kids will forever be like oil and water so make sure he doesn't
play with my son ever again. Commies are worse than lepers!   Let's go! It's your fate to live without a father. That's why you have to be
smarter than other kids. You're the only thing I have to believe in.   What's going on?
Kwang-jo, grandma's here. Grandmother! Oh you sweet thing! Are you ok? I'm fine.   – I brought some rice.
– Rice? I don't know what got into Sang-gu but he told me to take some rice
and look in on you. Really? I can't believe it. Where's Kwang-jo?   I brought some sweets,
open it when Kwang-jo returns. Is that you, Grandma? Oh my sweet thing.
What's wrong with you? I think I'm drunk. Kwang-jo, where were you? I hid because
I heard Sae-hun's mom screaming. Mom what do you think?
That was smart of me right? Why did you hit Sae-hun? Do you think I wanted to? He kept shouting 'You're dad is a commie'
'You're dad is a commie'. That jerk! I hate those words. Oh you poor thing.   Keep up the good work comrade. Tell me what you know
about their activities. All I know is they are training
day and night. Is that all you know comrade? Our faction is having difficulties
due to lack of information. How much longer are you going to
report such crap? I'm sorry. Their security is really tight. I don't want your excuses.
I'll give you two weeks. If you can't give me anything
useful by then I'm going to have to refer you
to the disciplinary committee.   I understand.   This is a list of landowners
that have been selling their land recently. Contact the other cells
and share this with the farmers so they cause trouble.
Make the first target Seo Won-sang. He'll be back from Gwangju in three days.   One, two.   Who are you? What's going on! Stop right there! Stop!   He's hit!   He's hit!   What happened? Comrades Lee Man-seok
and Park Dong-yi are dead. Comrade Ahn Chang-min is missing. Since he is missing it doesn't appear as if he's
been arrested or killed.   Thank god comrade Ahn is ok.
He's probably hiding somewhere. – Comrade Cha.
– Yes. Order our underground cells to start – looking for Comrade Ahn.
– Yes sir. – Comrade Ha.
-Yes. Search the patrol line once more. Yes sir.   Mr. Lee.
It's the director of Cheil Hospital.   Hello this is Lee Ji-suk.   Welcome Ms. Lee.
Please have a seat.   Why did you ask to see me? I wanted to ask for your help.   I have patient here in critical condition
and we are short of blood. He has type B blood.
I noticed yours – is O.
– I don't quite understand. There are lots of people with type O blood.
Why call me… – The patient is Ahn Chang-min.
– What?   I don't know what the truth is but
I heard you were soon to be married. It's just such a desperate situation.   I managed to remove the bullet
in his thigh but the blood loss was so severe he fell into a coma.   I heard his brother is here from Gwangju? How can he do this! The law states clearly that
landowners can't do as they please.   We know he's back. This is a matter of life and death!
Get out of our way!   What is the commotion!   If you were told not to come in
you should have stayed back. Why are you making such a racket
in my yard! We heard that you sold
the land we were renting. – Is that true?
– What? Who is spreading such nonsense! We know everything so don't try to fool us! This is my land
and if I want to sell it there's nothing you can do about it! Sir! If you sell the land we dedicated our lives to
what are we supposed to do? What are you talking about! I don't need your permission
to sell my land! You can't do this! It's not up to you to sell this land. When the farmland reforms take place
we have the first rights to the land. So we own half of it! That's a load of crap! – Mr. Huh!
– Yes. What are you doing?   Kill him! Kill him!   What? Who is Seo Won-sang? So? Ok.   – Master Sergeant Kang!
-Yes.   A local landowner was attacked
by his tenants. Arrest everyone that was present. Yes sir. April 23 Inauguration of the
National Press Federation to re-educate and protect ex-communists.   Welcome sir.
Come in.   April 27 The National Assembly passes
the farmland reform bill. The government vetoes.   Comrades! These men here have
given a strict warning to reactionary landowners.
Comrade Choi Yeong-seon has returned and joining us here in the mountains is Min Ki-sik and Kim Dal-ho.
Please give them a warm welcome Comrades! Let's give them
a warm round of applause.   Nice to meet you all.
I'm Min Ki-sik from Haejeongri. I don't know what communism or revolution means but I caused some trouble and
had no place to go so I came here with Mr. Choi. Thank you for being so welcoming. I'll willing to work hard
and do anything you ask of me.   And now it's time for the entertainment.   Get rid of vicious landowners!   What are you going to do with the
farmers you arrested? I wanted to see you to discuss that matter. The landlords are
putting a lot of pressure on me. They're asking for strict punishment. If it was up to me they would
pay for damages and leave it at that but they're holding a demonstration.   If I let them go now they will say
I gave into the pressure and released them.   How about this?   I will have the townspeople
sign a petition and make is so the commanding officer
frees them after accepting the petition.   That's a good idea.
Please start right away.   You've been through a lot.   Let's hurry.   Thank you Comrade Lee.   I received orders to cooperate
with the faction. The organization was feeling a bit lax
but now I feel like we've got a good team.   Thank you doctor.   Don't think I sympathize with you. My beliefs aside, I was only doing
what I had to do as a doctor.   When we seized Beolgyo
near Sohwa bridge we lost a policeman
by the name of Jang Il-do.   He was shot three times but you saved his lived.   Isn't it about time you picked a side?   Take these 30 minutes after each meal. Thank you.   Hey Huh Dae-chi!   Mr. Yeom, it's been a long time.   My wife is having seizures
and I need to go to the hospital.   Comrade Ha, come back.   Hey Bo-gil. Wait. Let's talk for a moment.   Hey Bo-gil. I said let's talk for a moment.   We have a problem. Comrade Gang said he was going to stop by
his house but he's not back yet. What?   Who's there!   Yeom Sang-gu. What are you doing, Sang-gu.   Run away! Hurry up and run away! What are you doing!   Help me!   Help me! It's a commie!   He was killed early in the morning.   He sometimes comes to the hospital
doesn't he? Yes. His wife has something like epilepsy – has hysteria related seizures right?
Yes.   – Is the doctor here?
– Yes.   You idiot!
Get up!   Hey.   You haven't eaten anything in days,
you must be starving.   Here, eat this.   No. We must follow the rules.   Just leave. Yeom Sang-gu lost his position as head of
the Young Men's Organization. He was demoted to head of inspection. There will be another opportunity.
We all know how you feel and are trying to figure out ways
to kill that s.o.b. He's going to die one way or another.   Who are you? I'm here to see the woman that
just went inside. Don't worry. I'm just going to have a few
words with her then I'm going leave.   Why did you run from me?   It's not like I'm a ghost.   When I heard you tried to kill yourself I went to your parent's house but they wouldn't tell me where you were.   Leave. I have nothing to say to you.   You may think of yourself as unlucky
for being born into this dangerous world and resent your situation
but I don't think of it that way. Thanks to this world
I was able to meet a woman like you.   When everyone knows you're poor,
you don't have to be ashamed of it.   Your husband is dead.
Given the situation, we should just live together.   Leave! I said leave! Never come back! Never!   Are you her uncle?
Yes.   Here's some money. Take care of her.
I'll be back.   I'll do whatever it takes to get you out. – Don't give up.
– Thank you.   All you did was give blood.
You'll be released soon.   This rain is ruining the exorcism.   It must be the tears of those
who died an unfair death. What's going to happen to that widow?
Her children are so young…   Hello? Hello? Hello! Yureoh-myeon has been
captured by the enemy.   What? According to the report
of an escaped prisoner he puts the number of enemies at 200. It appears that all of the commies
in Boseong have been mobilized.   There were four men working at the time but there was no sound of gunfire,
we assume that they surrendered.   What is the terrain like there?   The head of inspection is a
better person to ask.   This is Beolgyo and this is Yureoh.   Yureoh is famous for its use as a training
camp for Donghak troops during the Donghak revolution.
This is the ideal location for commies in Boseong to set up shop. How so? Because it is surrounded by mountains
which serve as protection. The only way in is through this pass making it difficult to attack. In addition there are so many leftists
living in the area they call it the Moscow of Boseong.   We should have paid
more attention to this area. Unfortunately we didn't think much of it.   – Eat as much as you want.
– Thank you.   He's alive. He's right here. He's alive.   It's you. We can't delay any longer.
You need to get married.   Everyone get together.   Even if they break through our defenses
it's still a long way through the mountain to get here. It will take at least two to three hours. We need to assume the worst
and prepare to retreat but do it secretly
so we don't scare the townspeople. Yes sir.   Everyone is gathered.   – We'll be on our way.
– Good luck.   I heard that Yureoh is full of commies. How can anyone live there?   Why do you ask?
You're acting suspicious. I'm just curious. They said they were going to
build a paradise on earth. I wonder if they did? They're having a grand old time.
They did their own farmland reform and the commies and the locals are having fun together and
building farms together… Sir! Here you are.
Sit down.   The martial law troops are
going to be dispatched again tomorrow. Send 20 men to support them.   I don't know what
the commander is thinking.   Secrecy is the key to any operation but even the neighborhood kids
know what's going on. If everyone is talking about it what kind of operation is it. And what about that battle? It's like kids play. All they did was make a few moves
then retreated. It seems many of the community's leaders
have a problem with him too. What the commies want
is a war of attrition. We're doing exactly what they want. Five people have already died.   Sir. About the commander. If the country gave him that much power
it should be used to catch the commies and help the landlords. If he is siding with the farmers
and not us, there is something wrong here, right? Let's file a complaint and
bring in someone new. There is too much at stake.   June 5 The Beolgyo branch
of the National Press Federation is formed. June 6 Special committee
on anti-nationalism attacked by police. Special guard unit dissolved.   June 21 Government announces farmland
reform law impossible to execute. It's time for the bride to bow.   Now for the groom.   Three times.   – Long time no see.
– Good to see you.   Comrade Ha. It's been a long time.   – Just in time to witness a happy event.
– Yes.   The provincial party believes that this is the best run area
in the liberation faction.   I'm going to be here a few days to assess and report
the operational status of this town. I look forward to your leadership.   He just took her top off.   Someone must have snitched. They singled out our living quarters.   The enemy is approaching.   This is Mt. Baekdu. This is Mt. Baekdu. Come out Mt. Kumkang.
Come out Mt. Kumkang.   The targets are heading towards you.
The targets are heading towards you.   Don't lose them.
Make sure they don't escape.   – Kkeut-sun. Get me a glass of water.
– Of course.   – You can relax now. Your husband is ok.
– Are you sure? Yes. Sang-gu looked into it.   It's all thanks to Buddha. They say that there are piles of bodies
behind the police station. There are over 40 people dead and
over 20 wounded or captured.   I had a bad dream. I hope he's not hurt. That jerk. He better come back alive so he can see how much
suffering he's caused me.   Welcome. Cover yourself.
You're going to get
a widower like me excited. That's pretty cheeky for the morning
isn't it? How did you know a widow lived here? I could smell you a mile away. I followed the scent and here you are. Give me a bowl of soup. You're going to have to wait.
It's not ready yet. Then give me some booze.   I've never seen you before.
Are you here to sell wood? Why, are you buying? How much? You should know what market price is.
Give me what you think is fair. I need to see the product first.   How can I quote you a price
before I know what I'm getting?   Take a look.
It's as good as your thighs.   How's 600? Isn't that too cheap?
Fine. Think of it as a widower doing
a widow a favor.   I'm Ha Jeom-saeng.
What should I call you? Is there anything special in a name?
Just call me market girl. How long has it been
since you've been widowed? About five years…   Let's not talk about that
first thing in the morning. Just go get the wood.   She was easy to approach.
He wanted to finish the job – so I came back alone.
– He needs to tread carefully… She seems to like men
more than the rumors say so – he said not to worry.
– Good job.   I can hold my own
but you're something else. If five times isn't enough for you
what will it take to satisfy you?   Promise you will come to visit me often. Now that you've shown me
what you've got you need to take responsibility.   Either that or leave this behind. This isn't something you can just
take off and put back on, you know?   I'm never letting you go. Never.   Hello? Yes sir.   Wait a moment. It's the boss. Kyeombaek and Munduk
have been attacked simultaneously.   Hello.
Yes, this is the head of inspection.   What?
This is driving me nuts.   They're just doing this to wear us out. We can't chase them everywhere. By the time we get there
they're already gone! What? Ok. I understand.
Yes. I will. Yes.   Hey Sang-jin. Sang-jin.
Mobilize them.   Oh my heavens.
Look at what they've done to them.   Private Na. Private Na.   I want to see the commander, you jerks!   Get out of my way!   Do you know how important our son is? He's the only son left
to carry the family name. Who's going to take care of our ancestors!   We are going to drive out
the American imperialists, free our people and re-unify our country. We are carrying out a holy war. In order to win this war we need your complete support.
Actively support us by joining this war. Together, let's build a country where there is no
rank or exploitation.   Comrades. If you stay in this town you're going to be forced to join
Lee Seung-man's army and die a cruel death. You're going to have to fight either way so isn't it better to join us
for a rewarding and just cause? Those who will fight with us,
stand over there.   Comrade, why are you hesitating?   Wait. We don't need old comrades.
Stay here and help out. Thank you.   What are we going to do about our farms? Be careful Man-sik!   Come on, everybody take a seat.
Sit down.   If anyone finds out they were here
we're all going to be in trouble.   We must not speak of this again. Make sure the children are warned. This is the only way we're going to survive.
Do you understand?   We're here because we received a report.
Are you going to keep lying? Why were there torchlights
in the middle of the night? Where are the young men? They all left. Execute this man!   I didn't do anything wrong!
I'm innocent! Please. He's innocent! Please save him!
They were here. The commies were here.   Over there, Pyeong-san. Come out. He volunteered to join them
but was rejected. Mr. Choi. Come out.   Yeong-gil. Come out.
Didn't your husband join them?   Gong-duk!
Didn't you send your son?   Over there. Kil-sang!
You gave the commies a cow, didn't you? What are you talking about?
I didn't give it to them, they stole it. They took it! I said they took it!   I will show you exactly what happens to those who betray the people. I want those of you who haven't
betrayed anyone to the reactionaries to step forward.   Comrades! I want you to take your burning resentment and plunge your swords into their hearts. Pledge your steadfast commitment
to our struggle and this war.   People!
Watch carefully what happens to traitors!   Execute them.   Everyone is Chilbok village is to leave by 17:00. Until the enemy that has infested this
village is suppressed, this village is to be evacuated. Make sure everyone is out.   My house is on fire!
What are we to do!   Did anyone suspect you?   They were suspicious
because a country girl like me was asking around for drugs and needles. What else could I say?
I told them I had an old, sick husband. Good job.   While I was in Beolgyo
I stopped by your house. What?   I'm only human.
I felt sorry for your wife. Everyone is saying that the families
of communists are starving so I was curious to see how they were doing. I took some barley for them.   Thank you.
How are they doing? The house was empty. They went to your in-laws
and no one has heard from them since.   June 26 Kim Gu assassinated July 7 Members of
the special investigation committee on anti-nationalism resign.   July 7 The National Assembly
begins revising the farmland reform law.   Thanks for everything.   Thank you.   Thanks to the lawyer you hired,
among other things, I was released early.   Did you go to Kim Gu's funeral? While I was in Seoul,
I spent some time there.   – Ok, everyone to the stream.
– Ok.   I heard you were back from Seoul. It's not open yet? It's going to take a few more days.
It's harder than I thought.   Ms. Lee.
I want to help out. Is there anything you need?   As a matter of fact I was going to ask. If you could donate
some school supplies…   I have what I need for now
but I'm worried about later on… They're just so expensive
and hard to acquire. – I'll donate them.
– Thank you so much.   I'm having a hard time
recruiting students. They don't think they need to study
because they're just farmers. To someone who's barely getting by
studying could be just a luxury. That's why I realize studying
is all the more necessary. Ignorance leads to submission and
that leads to exploitation by the upper class. The only way to create an equal society is to educate the people.   It sounds like you want to
create revolutionists through education.   The purpose of education isn't to bring
about revolution, it's to create awareness. We should get rid of foreign power
and the division of this country… Are you still hung up on nationalism? I think it's time to abandon
those sentiments.   The term nation is just an excuse
for those in the middle. It's not the nation that is important
but class. First we should free the exploited class
from the exploiting class and then you can worry about the nation.   You're going to have to choose a side. Those in the middle won't be
tolerated any longer. Goodbye.   As you know during the time when
farmland reforms were announced then pushed back,
landowners have been hiding their land. If an honest landowner
would step forward and distribute his land equally
and for free, it would give farmers hope and serve as a warning
to other landowners.   I hope your family
will take on this responsibility.   If you think about the influence your
family has in Beolgyo, the effect would be greater than
anything else we could imagine.   I trust you won't refuse. I also believe that your father will agree.
Yeom Sang-jin.   I was told to bring back your answer.   Tell him I said no.   After the law has been approved
I will distribute my land accordingly. Don't you see the people's republic?   With the success of farmland reform there will no longer be a gap
between the rich and the poor. They are creating a perfectly
equal society free from classes.   Ha-seop, in the real world
nothing is perfect. Even the communism you believe in is an illusion created by
politically-minded people. Thinking that is the absolute truth will
eventually make people unhappy.   You disappoint me.   To think the person I respected
has become a nihilist.   Is that so?   Here you are. Are you coming from the Jeong's?   Anything going on? I saw that shaman
stop by the house again. Really? I wonder if they
had that exorcism last spring? They didn't have one.   Really?   Why is she so late?   There he goes!   Catch him!   Spill it! Since when
have you become a commie? Not me. I'm not a commie. I've loved him since I was young. He showed up one day and asked me to do him a favor. I ran some errands for him because
I liked him. Listen carefully.   I know you're a commie!   If you don't tell me who the others are you will die in here. Tell me!   I did what I did because I like him.
If that's a sin then kill me. The gods looking down on me
know that I'm not lying. What? What are you saying? What is going on here? Now girls are making the first move?   Stop overreacting! What is she doing? Bring her down!   Eradicate communism!   Hey Sang-gu! You're a great guy
with the exception of one thing. You still like to take
the credit for everything. Come on. You know it's not like that. When I got the results
I was going to report them to you. What happened here.
Is she having a miscarriage?   Mother.   Mother, help me.   Mr. Jang is coming.   What brings you here?   – Come in.
– Detective Choi, please excuse us.   Did you give money to your son
to support communist activities?   What are you talking about?   The shaman confessed.
It looks like your wife is involved.   Why would you do such a thing?   Martial law command wants to
arrest both of you, but   protest that you acted alone. If they take both of you, this
family is finished.   Oh, and also…   you now have a shaman for a daughter-in-law. And it turns out she's pregnant.   I heard you lost Ha-seop's baby.   Only a few people know about this.   Both the head of investigations and
inspection have promised not to tell anyone
so nothing will happen to you.   You've been through a lot
because of Ha-seop.   It's his fault for behaving irresponsibly   but it's also your fault for
giving him your body.   Does he know you were pregnant?   No, he doesn't.   That's a relief.
He must never know of this. You must keep it a secret
until your dying day.   I'm sure you already know
that you two can't be together. It was never meant to be
so it's better to forget all about it.   Please don't criticize me
for being so heartless. I expect that this will be
the last time we ever meet. Goodbye.   September 9 To celebrate the one year
anniversary of the establishment of the left-wing system conflict continues. September 14 Mokpo prison destroyed. 350 prisoners, communists included, escape. What are they doing over there? October 27 300 North Korea
partisans attack Jinju Are they pumping salt water? What? Salt water? Oh no. We're ruined!   What are you doing! Who are you?   Who are you people… and why are you pumping sea water
into our rice paddies? Who are you to say? – We are the farm tenants here.
– You're going to go to hell for this! I don't care who you are,
stop getting in my way. Do as I say – and get out of my way!
– What? We're just doing what we were told. This rice paddy is going to
become a salt farm. What? A salt farm?
Says who! Why a salt farm? Isn't it obvious?
Salt farms aren't subject to the reform laws so they are making this a salt farm. What? You're going to go to hell!   There is a rumor that you are hiding your land by transferring their legal titles and that half is already under
your relatives' names. I may not have
shown you much kindness but I lowered your rent and I don't think
I treated you harshly. How could I do such a thing? I know it's rude to ask but we want to see the titles
with our own eyes. Show them to us.   This is just terrible.   Just yesterday they were talking about
erecting a monument in his name.   I can't believe how generosity
is treated now.   Sir. The communists say
when they take over they are going to take all the land
and distribute it equally among everyone. Is this true?   Do you think it's true? If that were true everyone would be happy   but I also wonder if such generosity would really happen in this world.   You also want to own land right? Of course. If not in this lifetime
then I wish for it in the next.   Then suppose your wish is granted and
you're given a small plot. And let's say you planted some rice.   But how would you feel if you had to
give the government that rice in return for a monthly ration? Are they crazy? I want the pleasure of taking care
of the farm I built. What would be the pleasure in
taking a ration? Then what about this? You build the farm all together
and are given a fixed amount of rice. Then it doesn't belong to anyone. Nobody would work hard
and the farm would suffer. When it's your own, you take
much better care of it than if it belongs to someone else. This is what the communists mean by
dividing the land.   November 1949 The military and police
begin the Great Winter Attack in Mt. Jiri.   Have you heard the news? The faction moved to Mt. Baekwun. Really? That means the situation
must be pretty bad.   Please cut off my toe!   We're completely surrounded.
There's no way to get through. We have to find a way.
If we don't, we'll be wiped out. Ok. I'll form an attack team
and see if we can break through.   Comrade Chairman! March 1950 The Great Winter Attack ends. 90% of the partisans in South Jeolla
have been wiped out. Comrade Chairman!   She said she would do whatever it takes and bring back medication
in three days.   Can you trust her?   Yes. She always keeps her word.   Where is the rendezvous point? It's a deserted house in Seolchi valley. Next door is one of our cells.   Hello?   Is everything ok?   April 6 A new farmland reform bill
is announced. Buying and selling of
1.51 million farms carried out.   What did you say?   Are you saying you're a communist cell?   Please don't kill me.
I'll do anything you want.   There are other cells besides yours, right?   You better talk if you want to live.
Who is it?   There's one person
in the Young Men's Organization and one in Kangyung. I only know of those two.   Wake up!   Moon Gi-su has surrendered
along with the other cells.   I knew he was an opportunist but I never thought he would betray us.   I never thought there would be
so many traitors.   But the biggest blow
is the farmland reform. After the farms were sold on April 5th
public sentiment changed completely. There are people openly protesting
the propagation struggle.   People are no longer interested in
free distribution either.   Comrade Choi. Comrade Choi.   Damn it! We are all dying. What are they doing
over there in the North.   Excuse me. I'll give you this
in exchange for something to eat. You look like you've been
living in the mountain. What are you doing here? The war has started.   What? Really? It's already been over ten days.   Hooray. Hooray for the people's republic!
Sir! Sir! The war has begun.
They broke through the 38th parallel!   The Liberation Army has broken through! It's already been over ten days!   Hooray for the Liberation Army!   Please don't kill me. I had no choice. If I didn't do what they asked
they would have killed me. Remember how much I helped you. For old time's sake please…
please don't kill me. I have no choice. Don't blame me, blame this world.   Although we've committed unforgivable sins
please forgive us communists Although we've committed unforgivable sins
please forgive us communists We are grateful for a free Korea that
has given us a chance to rehabilitate. We are grateful for a free Korea that
has given us a chance to rehabilitate. We are deeply grateful We are deeply grateful   Where have you been?   Are you ready to evacuate? It looks like Gwangju has fallen into
the hands of the commies.   Do you know why they are being
summoned everyday? It's already been five days. They were once commies
but they've converted. They might have a change of heart so we're just making sure.   They have a miserable existence.
Here they are given the cold shoulder but if they go back
they'll be the first to die. There's nothing the commies hate more
than a turncoat. – Unification without the communists!
– Unification without the communists! Eradicate the commies!
Early July across the country mass execution
of Press Federation members.   What happened to my son, Dong-su?
Are you the only ones that survived? What happened to Dong-su?
My son! Where is my son?
My son!   Where is my son?   Hooray! Hooray!
Hooray for the people's republic. Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!   Let me introduce myself. I'm the vice chairman, Bae Jang-su.   In charge of security is Comrade Lee Chang-sae.   In charge of recruitment is Second Lieutenant Song Yeong-duk.   And responsible for
ideology evaluation and purging is the Director of Politics, Kim Byung-jae.   They all have a wealth of
hands-on experience.   I'm Director of Politics, Kim Byung-jae. The central government
sent us here to help you.   We will be taking care of
all of the day-to-day activities so please lend us your support.   This is Comrade Ahn Chang-min.
In charge of security is Comrade Ha Dae-chi. Second in command of security,
Comrade Kang Dong-sik. Chairman of the Farmer's Commission,
Comrade Park Gil-su… Head of the Women's Union
is Comrade Lee Ji-suk and chairman of the
Young Men's Organization… All of the positions in the organization
will be reappointed after evaluation. Until then, please continue to work hard. First we need to discuss
how to deal with the traitors. How is this coming along?   There are more pressing issues than that. We need to discuss
the upcoming election. – Comrade Ahn.
– Yes. Please explain the process for – tomorrow's election.
– Ok. What are you talking about? What's more important than
dealing with traitors?   What the people want is stability. Each position
will be chosen internally.   What do you mean by chosen?
The people elect those in charge. We are at war. The election is really just a formality. – But…
– Comrades! Let me give you a warning.
Please don't confuse what is ideal with reality. The comrades in the South have been
separated from the people for too long and have become lost in what is ideal. – What are you saying?
– Comrade Ahn!   We still have a lot to learn.
We look forward to learning from you.   – Comrade Choi Ho-gil.
– Yes. – Comrade Min Kwang-nam.
– Yes. You have not been
accepted into the party.   You must struggle harder
to serve the party. Then you will be given
another opportunity.   Why weren't these comrades
accepted into the party? Comrade Choi here helped us
by running a secret cell and Comrade Min has been a part of
the party since 1947 and has a party card! The central government
does not trust the south's organization. What? They weren't screened properly. You allowed anyone to join
making a mess of the organization. What?
Anyone? Listen you assholes!
While you were getting a paycheck safe and sound
we were getting frostbite and our toes were falling off.
We risked our lives to fight. – But what?
– Comrade! That's enough! Listen you assholes!
Are we your slaves? We worked our butts off to
get rid of the upper class and now
you're acting just like them. Comrade Ha!   What are you doing!
Hurry and apologize. Sir, did we risk our lives
to suffer this indignity? This is so unfair.   We can't condone this.
I'm going to call a party meeting.   Despite offering you the position of chairman several times
you refused. Why did you refuse? I believe I have the freedom to say no. After studying your ideologies
I have discovered that you have consistently been
opportunistic. We also found out
something very interesting. During American imperialism you were in touch with an officer in the
American military office several times. Is that true?   He asked me to interpret
but I turned him down.   You son of a bitch!   Tell me the truth! Are you going to deny it even though
I found english books in you room? You didn't flee
because you're a spy aren't you?   Tell me the truth. Who is your contact? Stop making things up.   You reactionary fool!
Give him a taste of what we can do!   They escape the enemy's bombs and mobilize for restoration and
increased production. August 15 The people's republic declares
400,000 volunteer to serve. Late August At Nakdong River
the tides turn.   Gather under the banner of revolution
Volunteer!   It's tough living as a traitor's daughter. I'm thinking of volunteering
as a medic. If I volunteer then my father
will be reinstated and they said they would
accept me into the party.   Hooray for the
Democratic People's Republic of Korea!   – He's coming.
– Comrade Jeong.   – Welcome.
– Sir.   It's been a long time.   I heard that you were
appointed the role of inspector. – What will you be inspecting?
– Well, the status of the election, collecting taxes
and farmland reform.   It's going to take you at least a week
to visit all of the military sites.   Here, have a seat.   So how are things on the front line?   Not good.
We haven't fought a proper battle, all we do is run away to avoid their planes.   We can't fight the massive
American offensive.   I almost feel like we fell into
one of their traps.   More serious is public sentiment. Counting the grain we collected in taxes
is a huge problem. And the timing is also a problem. Things are tough and we're forcing them
to pay the government. There is a lot of discontent
among the people. Without knowing the situation
the central government keeps rushing us and the people keep turning against us.
If it keeps going like this public sentiment is going to be worse
than before the war. Please raise this issue with
the provincial party.   – There's nothing they can do about it.
– This is a big problem. Once you lose public favor
it's hard to regain it.   Have courage.
We've endured far worse than this.   Don't forget to keep the faith. As long as we have faith
we can overcome anything.   Anybody home? What is it?   I'm Kang Dong-sik
from the security department.   I wanted to ask you
to perform an exorcism. For what?   My wife died after eating
potassium cyanide. I heard about that.   But she keeps appearing in my dreams
looking sinister. It's making me crazy.   I moved her grave to a good location
but it didn't help.   I came so you could help her find peace.   Hello?   Don't you know that exorcisms are
banned in the republic?   I know.   Communism forbids all religions.   Don't do them. I'm not that smart so I don't understand. If this ideology is all about the people
then why does it forbid exorcism? It's relieving the pain in a person's soul. We don't believe
in the spirit of the dead
or the afterlife. We only believe in what is real.   But it exists. Even Kang Dong-sik said his dead wife – keeps haunting him.
– Don't do them. You're going to become the wife of
a high ranking party member so you need to stop
all shamanistic activities.   What is your request? Two days after thanksgiving
is my dead wife's birthday. I want you to perform
an exorcism on that day. The shaman said
since she died in the hospital the exorcism should take place there. That's not a big deal but
isn't exorcism banned?   I'll take care of that.
I'm going to go then.   Be careful!
How many times do I have to tell you!   Hurry up and give it to me.   Give me a lot of taffy. – Give me some more.
– Give me whatever you have. Worn out rubber shoes,
empty bottles.   Mother.   Oh you've come.   What is that? It's nothing.
I'm going to throw it away. I thought you
weren't coming home tonight?   Mother. Let me see that.   Let's go inside.   No matter what, he's family. The reason our family is alive is because of your brother.   Where are the kids?   I sent them to my sister's.   Give me your gun.   It's been a long time.
What are you waiting for? Don't you want to shoot me in the chest. Don't expect me to let you go alive. I'm not going to beg for my life. I'm just sorry I couldn't
kill all the commies before I die.   We grew up together. We both experienced poverty and
starved together.   I don't understand why you
became such a reactionary?   Aren't we doing this to survive? You did what you had to do
and I did what I had to.   Now that I look back all I did
was kill innocent people.   Thanks to you I wasn't educated and I'm ignorant so I don't understand
what this communist ideology is all about. But it's not like you did anything good. You always talk about making
a world fit for humans but you treat people's lives
like they're nothing. Equality? If it were that easy
wouldn't we have done it? From what I've heard, people are
turning their backs, aren't they? What's that all about. You went through all of that for this? You jerk!   We will succeed.   Sure, everyone has their own methods.
Now shoot.   Take care of mother.
That's my dying wish.   Don't even think of coming back.
Even my house is being watched.   Sang-gu!   Early September The people's army
is defeated at Nakdong River.   September 15 The UN's landing operation
in Incheon is successful. September 25 The Jeolla provincial party
receives orders to retreat.   I have an urgent message from
the provincial party.   The Commander in Chief has ordered
us to retreat immediately.   We will be reorganized into an
underground operation and based on the party's recommendations,
the elderly and ideologically weak will go into retreat. The rest will start a guerrilla war.   The people's committee along, with the women's
and young men's organizations, must retreat with their families. Hide your papers and
distribute food and supplies.   Do it as soon as possible.
We don't have much time.   I hope you find a safe place.   You traitor!   Look. I caught a traitor!   What are you doing!
How can you do this!   Stop at once! Right now! You talk about a world for the people! – Get out you asshole!
– Let him go comrade! Please excuse us for a moment.
What's going on?   See for yourself what is
going on around us! People are dying everywhere.
Stop them right now! Sir, we're ready to go. What's going on? Didn't I order you
not to retaliate?   The men from Boryeong
wanted to take revenge… Stop them immediately!   It's impossible to control them right now.   You have failed completely.   I can still remember how I felt
when I first read Marx.   A world without class or exploitation.
Where everyone lived a life of equality and stability.   I swore I would devote my life
to create that world.   But where did it all go wrong.   If I could, I want to start all over again.   But it's too late. You have killed – too many people.
– It's only the blood of traitors.   The blood spilt from the purges was
what caused the Russian Revolution. Take another look at your hands. That blood belonged to a human.   As long as you continue to
use people as a means to build hatred there is no ideology that will save them. Sir, it's time to go.   I'm leaving.   Where are you going to go? Where are you going to go?   How am I going to survive?   Is the exorcism over?   Yes.   I realized much while
watching the exorcism yesterday.   While the lives of the living
are treated with little regard, you treat the dead with all your heart. It felt like I was watching
the world we had lost.   Exorcism's are for the living. It's to bring them peace.   Relieve them of their pain… It looks like you have
a lot of work to do.   July 27, 1953 An armistice agreement
is reached. Military casualties 2.42 million Civilian casualties 2.86 million
It was a war with no victors.   The people who made this movie Production/Planning: Lee Tae-won
Original Novel: Cho Jeong-rae Screenplay: Song Neung-han
Director: Im Kwon Taek Camera: Jeong Il-seong
Lighting: Lee Min-bu Music: Kim Su-cheol
Editing: Park Sun-deok Artistic Direction: Kim Yu-jun
Sound Recording: Kang Dae-seong Simultaneous Recording: Yang Hu-bo Props: Kim Ho-gil
Yang Dae-ho   Featuring Kim Byeong-woo: Ahn Sung-ki
Yeom Sang Jin : Kim Myung-kon Yeom Sang-gu: Kim Kap-su
So-hwa: Oh Jeong-hae Jeong Ha-seop: Shin Hyun-joon
Shim Jae-mo: Choi Dong-joon Juk San-daek: Jeong Gyeong-hoon
Wae Suh-daek: Bang Eun-jin Jun Won-jang: Lee Ho-jae   The End Korean Film Archive presents
Korean captions and English subtitles are sponsored by Google
Translations and subtitles by Free Film Communications  

37 thoughts on “태백산맥(1994) / The Tae Baek Mountains(Taebaegsanmaeg(Taebaeksanmaek))

  1. 우리나라의 아픈 비극의 역사는 애시당초 일제의 36년의 만행의 시작이였고 그로인해 남북 분단의 쓰라린 역사는 현재 진행형이다…일제청산이 1%도 되지않았던 이땅에서는 좌우익의 대립이 지속되는 아픈 역사 일수밖에 없다…

  2. 일제강점기때 일본천황에게 충성혈서를 썼고 독립군 때려죽이고….해방되자 남로당공산당 앞잡이 였다가 잡혀서 사형선고 받고 동료밀고하여 풀려난 사람은 어떨런지?

  3. 공산주의자를 미화.. ㅉ ㅉ .. 아무리 좌익소설가를 근간으로 만든 영화라 할지라도.. 나약한 예술, 소설가들이 감성적인 공산주의 에 편향된 모습을 그려낸것이 ,,, 여기서 보면 전부 남한정부에 의해 학살된 주민들 모습만 보여주는데,, 사실 해방전 북한에서 얼마나 많은 사람들이, 조그만 땅 가진 지주들도 얼마나 많이 잔인하게 확살당했는지는 전혀 보여주지않고 오로지 좌익에 편향된 시각.. 공산주의는 인간성이 상실된 사라져야할 이즘이건만, 이이즘의노예가 되어 순한양민을 얼마나 많이 죽였을까.,,,

  4. One of few movies which show reality in Korea between 1948 and 1950 and great tragedy of innocent people. Most of the harms were never compensated. I hope thta young generation of Korea which is just struggling for money and live with follow stupid empty and meaningless fashion and music trends will appreciate the effort of their prevuous generations.

  5. 영화 내용, 연기력 훌륭한 거는 다 아는 내용이니 나는 평을 안 해도 되겠고,
    좌우익 옳다 그르다도 다들 소신껏 판단 할테니 그것도 내 할 말 아니고,
    다만 58:26부터 나오는 삼남지방 좌익 태동 및 발달에 관련한 팩트는 참으로 가슴아픈 일이 아닐 수 없습니다.
    더불어 가슴아픈 일은…
    아직도 청산되지 않은 친일…그들이, 그 이기심들이 6.25 이전부터 우리 동족들의 상잔을 부추기고,
    현재에 와서도 남북 분단의 고착화를 기원하고 있으며,
    심지어는 남북의 평화적 통일을 위한 모든 단계를 철저히 거부하고 반대하고 왜곡하고 있으니
    이들은 한국내의 한 부류라기 보다는 차라리 일본 우익 찬양족이라고 해야 합니다.
    (지금 아베 신조가 추구하는 방향과 정확하게 일치..)
    근데 사실 일본이 이렇게 하는 것은 자국의 이익 때문이니 어쩔 수 없다 치더라도
    이명박근혜정부도 이 방향과 많이 일치했던 것은 어떻게 이해해야 할까요…
    이거 청산 우리 민족의 사활이 걸린 중요한 일입니다.
    통일도 이것에서부터 출발할게 되는 거라고 봅니다.

  6. 피눈물나는 영화다! 눈물이 쏟아져서 못보겠다.이런 역사는 절대로 반복되서는 안된다

  7. 다시 올려 주시면 안될까요?  이런좋은 역사적인 영화를 왜 ?  삭제하는지  통 모르겠습니다,

  8. 간만에 빨갱이 영화좀 볼려니 버퍼링 넘심하네 역시 빨갱이는 지구상에서 사라져야할듯.
    결국 버퍼링땜에 영화 다못보네 십부랄 개좆같은 빨갱이 십새끼들

  9. 영화가 노태우 군부독재 말기에 제작된 것으로 보아 당시 김일성에 비해 이승만 정권의 악행에 대해서는 다소 누락된 부분이 많다. 김일성 못지 않게, 아니 훨씬 그 이상으로 이승만은 수많은 양민들을 학살했다. 서북청년단의 보도연맹 학살사건이나 제주 4.3 학살사건에 대한 묘사가 상대적으로 너무 빈약하다. 당시 한국전쟁 전후로 70만명 이상의 양민들이 빨갱이로 몰려 학살되었다 하니 민족을 배신하고 미군정의 개노릇에만 빠져있던 독재자 이승만이야말로 얼마나 천인공노할 매국노인가.. 공산주의도, 자본주의도 극으로 치달아서는 결코 아무것도 이룰 수 없다. 이제 각각의 장점만을 수용하여 자연은 공유하고 보전하되, 개인의 능력 또한 존중되는 온건한 지공주의(地公主義)로 가야만 한다.

  10. 김갑수군의수십년팬이지만

  11. 전쟁에는 좌파 우파는 없소이다 한민족 싸움 뿐이죠.//영화 실감있게 잘봤습니다.

  12. 우파 좌파 문제는 진짜 해결하기 어렵다. 둘다 일리가 있어. 친일했던 사람들도 결국 살기 위해서 친일했던건데 그때 열심히 노력해서 순사 되고 면장되고 했던 사람들이 사실 죄가 있나?
    없지. 그땐 뭐 독립운동 이런건 위험해서 일반인은 사실 못하고 그냥 순응해서 살려면 친일 하는 수밖에 없었지. 근데 그걸 해방 후에 봐주다 보니까 친일청산이 안됐고 일제시대 순사했던
    사람들이 버젓이 해방 후에도 순사질을 해먹고 있고 심지어 그 친일파 순사가 독립운동 했던 사람을 잡아다가 고문까지 하고 그러니까 해방 되면 새 세상 올줄 알았던 사람들이 열 뻗치지.
    거기서 부터 저 영화의 스토리가 시작된거고.

    어떻게 보면 친일청산 차라리 제대로 했으면 깨끗했을거 같기도함.

  13. 이상적인 것은 현실적이어야 하는데 공산주의야말로 너무나 평등을 강조하다 보니 인간의 자유의지와 창의성을 지나치게 억압한 것이 패착의 원인이 아니었나 싶습니다🧐

  14. 저렇게 몸을 망가져가면서 싸우러 가고싶을까… 하여간 좌익이건 우익이건 다 거기서 거기다 ㅉㅉ

  15. 아 벌교 다시 가고싶다
    역사와 문학이 살아 숨쉬고있는곳
    포구의 갯벌과 자연이 어우려저 생명이 움트고 노래하는곳 아 벌교
    꼭 다시 가고 싶다ᆞ

  16. 지주들을 강제적으로 내쫓을수밖에 없었던가요? 당연히 반발이 거셀건데

  17. 2:37:41 그러나 김범우 본인도 나라를 위해 할수있는게 없는 어쩔수 없는 이론가일 뿐이다. 좌익 우익들한테 일갈하는거 외에는 김범우 본인은 나라를위해 할수 있는것도 한것도 없다. 그냥 이론가 몽상가일뿐 내세울거라면 아버지가 지역에서 돈많은 유지였고 형이 독립운동가였고 본인은 교단에서 교편을 잡는 교육자라는거뿐

  18. 처자식 굶겨가며  빨갱이질 해서 뭐하자는겨 ….. 입 은 삐뚤어졌어도 말은 바로하랬소빨갱이질 해서 처자식이  굶는게 아니고  자식이 굶은게  빨갱이질 하제..

  19. 지금 3번째 보고있는데,,  너무 잘 만들었습니다.  임권택 감독은 천재입니다.   태백산맥을  이제서야 보다니,,,   왜  이런 진실을 진리를 사랑을 눈물을 이제서야,,,

  20. 너무나 슬픈역사다….ㅠㅠ 36년간 일본의 지배에서 벗어난지 3년밖에 안되는데 … 본래 하나의 단일민족이 였던 우리민족이 또다른 두강대국인 미국과 소련의 영향으로 남북으로 분단되고 서로 빨갱이로 몰아 적으로 몰고 그것도 일본놈들이 소련군과 전투를 벌이면서 만주에서 한반도 북쪽으로 끌어 들었고 미국은 한반도가 소련의 지배에 공산화가 되는걸 반대하여 미군을 인천항 상륙하게 하여 결국 남과 북으로 분단시켜지 ㅠㅠ 결국 한반도 분단의 주범인 바로 일본놈들 때문이지…ㅠㅠ

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