불매운동에도 잘되는 일본 브랜드 매장?(유니클로, 렉서스)직접가서 한국인들 긴급 인터뷰 했더니, 반전 반응 I 길거리 인터뷰

불매운동에도 잘되는 일본 브랜드 매장?(유니클로, 렉서스)직접가서 한국인들 긴급 인터뷰 했더니, 반전 반응 I 길거리 인터뷰

Don’t buy Don’t go Boycott Japan has been stronger than before Sales of Japanese goods have been down like in half Boycott Japan..huh What’s up guys I am Ckoony Boycott Japan movement has been started since last July by Abe’s economic retaliation against Korea When the Boycott Japan started at first Japan was like Koreans have been trying to do the boycott Japan for like 25years but It has never been successful Japan insulted Korea before they said Korea is the country that get mad and forget easily mofo Have We really never been successful with the boycott Japan before? in 2013, March Japan held an outrageous event about Dokdo which is Korean territory Koreans started boycott Japan on March but after 3months later sales of Japanese beer had been increased by 61.3% in terms of imported Car from Japan was decreased by 17% at first but after 3months later the sales of Japanese car started skyrocketing It went down but went up again like a pattern oh Is that why Japan looked down on us like that? It came to my mind at the moment but I wandered about the status of boycott Japan in Korea after 100 days from the day it started Travel in Japan Japanese Beer Japanese Car ETC So many sales from Japan went down especially Beer’s sales has been fallen down on the ground but personally the thing that I was interested in was the Car Media says that Japanese Car market in Korea got serious sales issue by the boycott Japan However according to KAMA on 28th Oct imported Car numbers from Japan in the third-quarter of this year were 13,961 in total which is just 1.98% decrease in comparison with 2018 what? after starting the Boycott Japan there are tons of options to pick a Car brand without Japanese brand though importing Japanese cars means that Koreans still buy Japanese Cars? or just bought them before the day it started so not its coming ? I was curious about it so I tried to ask them by my self the reason why people choose Lexus is that Lexus don’t break easily Q: I saw the news Lexus is still good in terms of sales
A: no It’s decreased a lot Q: No customer here
A: Because it’s monday that’s why Q: no terror for the Japanese cars?
A: no never happen In this situation people do buy the Lexus Q: do you have any plan to change your job?because of the boycott Japan
A: I am struggling to sell Cars though It’s true to have a hard time now but I don’t wanna be like other ones who are changing their jobs like a migratory bird for example now the brand new Audi A6 came out a lot of sales men went to the Audi because of sales as He said Japanese Car sales volume is getting decreased since July drastically as an evidence another article says the Lexus was the only brand which is high selling among all the Japanese car brands in Korea and yet they sold only 469 Cars in Korea compared to sales volume on July It’s 47.4% change which is drastically decrease in sales which means decrease in sales of Japanese Cars is fact however I wonder why people still buy Japanese cars even though there are a bunch of good Car brands including Kia, Hyundai so I asked people who visited the Lexus store fuel efficiency is great and don’t break easily Japanese car is comfortable I can’t drive other Brand once I drive a Japanese Car ok Uniqlo is like a symbol of boycott Japan in Korea and Uniqlo’s sales volume started being decreased by 70% eversince we start boycott Japan and yet they insulted us accusing Japan that made us angry so It seems like people started to not buy any stuff from the Uniqlo brand Koreans forgot again?? some goods from Uniqlo has been sold out already?? Customers come back to the Uniqlo again? did Uniqlo sales event work? What the *uck!!! why?? there are tons of other fashion brands in Korea I was wondering so I went to see them in person checkout counter looks empty though well there were not as many people as the article I read but still so many people were at the Uniqlo store considering its time was 4pm and it was Monday I was curious why are people going to the Uniqlo even after the issue occurred so I tried to ask them in person fail next try one of them said a word and went away She was a obviously Korean when I asked her interview about boycott Japan she pretended to be a Chinese she spoke a Chinese word means sorry? but her pronunciation was totally Korean this is interesting well.. I failed interviewing people from Uniqlo but I am gonna try to interview people asking about their ideas of boycott Japan instead He keeps being turned down We kept trying by turns We had tried it for like over 100times though We failed We failed so I just searched the article… about that participation rate of boycott Japan in Korea is 65.7% which is highest rate Korea You did it! son of bitch did it! boycott Japan isn’t by force each individuals act by them selves with their free will and patriotism that’s why since it started 3months ago so I think the fact that its participation rate is highest even after 3months means something well the data is from 500 people not like all Koreans so It can’t be trustworthy for like 100% though well it’s enough for me I am a Korean as a Korean I am boycotting Japanese stuff I will keep boycotting Japanese stuff I am not sure how long is this boycott Japan movement going to be maintaining in Korea Japan said Korea is easy to go mad and forget Let’s try to show them what We are what we can make when we make a decision for Japanese What about you? Boycott Japan Are you still in? I am Ckoony thank you for watching

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  1. 불매운동 하지마요~
    한국에서 불매운동은 한국사람이 망해요~
    망하는 사람이 가까운 가족일수도 있어요~

  2. 100번이나 시도 하시다니 대단하네요!

    역시 불매운동이란 주제 자체가 인터뷰에 응하기 어렵다고는 생각합니다

    영상 잘 봤습니다 😛

  3. 일본제품 꼴보긴 싫지만 인정은 해야할게 유니클로 때문에 옷으로 먹고사는 사람들이 눈탱이 못치게 됐고 도요타가 적극적으로 한국시장 공략하는 바람에 현기차가 쉽게 가격을 못올리고 있는건 사실이다. 기본적으로 경쟁은 좋은것이고 유니클로와 도요타는 우리나라 사람들에게 도움을 줬던건 맞음. 일본맥주는 우리나라 경제에 하등 도움 안되는거 맞고.

  4. 나라팔아먹어도 찍어준다는 30%가 있으니 그 인간들 제외하고 생각해야죠. 전 일본차 열심히 주시하다가 주차위반이나 신호위반 하시면 상품권 보내드립니다.

  5. 불매운동에 반대하는 이유
    정치와 경제는 분리해야 하며, 해당 일본기업이 잘못한 게 아님
    한국에 들어와 있는 일본기업은 사실상 한국인을 고용하고 임대료를 내고 각종 세금을 내는 한국법인과 동일함
    외국자본 외국기업이 철수하면 한국만 손해임
    자유무역과 시장경제는 지켜야할 소중한 가치임
    한국과 일본 정치인들이 자기 정권유지를 위해 갈등과 대립을 일으키는 것에 동조해선 안됨
    정치인들은 몇년 동안 정치할 뿐이지만 한국과 일본의 자유무역은 수십년간 협력해온 관계임.
    경제도 안 좋은데, 다들 이성적으로 생각합시다.
    일본기업에서 일하고 일식을 파는 사람들에게는 생계의 위협이 될 수도 있음

  6. 백번 이상 거절을 당하는 경험 그리 흔한 일은 아닌 듯 한데 멘탈관리 잘 하고 있으신거죠~^^

    오늘 영상도 아주 잘 봤습니다~^^

  7. 나이 60앞두고 있지만 내기억에는 일제쓴건 대학다닐때 카시오 공대계산기 산거뿐 없다 일본도 한번도 안가봤고 지금은 금연했지만 담배도 국산담배만피웠는데 외국담배 피는친구들이 일본제품쓰고 우리딸 친구들도 일본여행 자주가서 한번 물어보니 국내여행가면 바가지나 씌우고 그돈이면 일본여행이 좋다고 하니 할말없음

  8. 몇일전 옷을 사기위해 왕십리 엔터식스를 간적이 있었다. 매장을 여러군대 돌다가 문득 유니클로생각이 나서 기웃거려보았다. 매장이 독보적으로 커서 그런 것일까… 상당한 숫자의 사람들이 있었다… 연령층도 다양했다. 착잡한 마음을 뒤로하고 tate매장에서 준나 이쁜 아우터한벌을 샀다. Tate 짱.

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