అమరావతి గోల్ మాల్ వింటే ఆంధ్రుడి గుండె రగిలిపోతుంది..Buggana Revealed Amaravati Capital Corruption..

అమరావతి గోల్ మాల్ వింటే ఆంధ్రుడి గుండె రగిలిపోతుంది..Buggana Revealed Amaravati Capital Corruption..

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Anna Fernando September and develop Aurora interim stage have interim still objection I never put the Buffalo Rajendra Singh couch it is except of the chronically Arnaud Prabhu tonic is sing couch at a no matter the end result oppression under Section not glow we look until they say equals tonic into the Antelope are tenderly on the fall of man and I never wanna bother even if it's an intake request for proposal a proposal in one day and Jake over the Morrigan though are heavily tilted in favor of foreign developers as against Indian developers by prescribing mandatory experience of development and construction outside India and all that the project is to be executed in India and not accost quote inoculation of although ETA with animal picture and say condition lowly conditions Oh what about a pardon Holika Holika that lonely canny project was in Delhi India Raghava one of us removed organism [Laughter] in the company security code long before election I have a low security one Dakota in the intent is not a carrier of NATO foreign company Allah for an apology that occurred on ship master HF now they say the Kaka in project manager there is an extremely short time for submitting completing proposals only seven days from the dates of disclosure of the competitive edge and a wall organization proposed arranges an introduction our singapore botanical name jl & JP will Ranger enter proposal it is not a roll up on the clothes left arm on top so Danny will actually lemon ante in Romanian community gave up our only we'll never about that justice remember all God it's an observation so illiterates are open to what is actually this is one of the landmark judgments and Chaplin takes an interest in our heroes women are in the chair article 15 of the Constitution of India and the action of the state has to be fair reasonable non-discriminatory transparent non capricious unbiased without favoritism of them for ISM and in pursuit of promotion of healthy competition equitable treatment and taemin children te rostam prabhu consciously death of chiapas Oh judge agreement inherent a pop Navajo article panel go when a bad jump of me inject on that day today honey how about some tea spoon until now made a tonnage I become valley of death egg on dying except a sub-label more money for their second ordinary Molly you unbiased and without favoritism reported no render Han na valo uneasy of the partial to napalm not one of you only would have dinner to showed up on down doll and JPA the if they are also judge the ram chander oh god Oh Marie it's narrow Danny it's not observations or comments in judgments ultimately in the beautiful sense I named it if the proposal is not published in what manner can there be a challenge therefore many interested parties might not feel enthused to participate in the process without the commercial bit of the OPP being disclosed up friends thereby defeating the very purpose of the Swiss challenge under oath emulation provoked a name is in the picture Swiss challenge and the carpet now while Switzerland any key some of them later they say clobberin case was challenged a photo which is firmly in a pedestal to know which is the minority an opportunity I I know named Chester no I chose the panini a gesture no but a mere knock you won't end up the main gesture and a easier channel in the direction of JC although so and so you know me into contributing the torso on like that one dhf faded how this fits under picture he could have either said if at the brahmana main idea gotta chase L flatly our platinum a la Singaporean pitch the carpet Allah our Allah come to judgment under interjection dark a robust an independent a host to Singapore company hmm is that Arabic a foreman chapter again to interfere in conjecture and it's a panic without its nap I'm a dreamer and a swiss challenge alehsalaam show me me your research is chase Tommy better culture Perot are direct and did a button with a little a participant a cottage in observation election izakaya but first the interested bidders must know what is the resolution offered by the OTP and then only they can offer their challenge only thereafter it will be decided which made among them not the disclosure was meant for all interested applicants among hopes up they're jamming and a yoga returning to interested parties from the row-column never a teleport salami North America Nestle the purposes we sell in itself is defeated it sends definition an ahmadi syndrome and they picked that non-growth abram landmark judgment trauma development case and has opened up the chat supreme court will abandon hope chest oh thank lemon together hampton regard even the supreme court is underscored the importance of transparency when adopting the switzerland method mana soup raincoat the word our power density for nearly an hour almost an internship in many heroes government egyptian ammit extra hour if the revenue share as proposed by the OPP is admittedly not seen by the respondent it is prima facie and understandable as to how the respondents determined that the original positive proposal is beneficial to the scale nanak able to rent a probable medium on tomorrow ninamarie cioppino in the bubble of jetted off never to throw down on JP non iki jaman current a movie or get to pick a positive a negative in San Jose Yogi's who can adopt another Singapore electrical marriage a Danny I can't put a Stronach and all the money we get to this and you pay him to need one and that is detrimental so he comes up for that fellow was armed only one on this third picture Donaghy the reversal of procedure was admitted by the Attorney General either zip nada t-money a genie mala operty AG is never open at the reversal is in fact clearly set out in Joanna's number 170 dated for seven 2006 faith which runs contrary to 16 section 19 2 of that then the whole process emanating from the top instead of emanating from the second respondent and his inclement objection on the parish infrastructure development at the proctor amo Hinda a PID engine hike proposal Rolla IQ proposal within the Robert doar woman to consider Allah come out running canning will march in an Englishman and find them said government is till they make in heaven and enjoyment under and a government authority no month is no comment aside month is a criticise you a idea another fatality although there's a million things in the market observing that with the respondents are prima facie deviated with the mandatory provisions of the procedure of that which are intended for public interest and cannot occur from how Mozilla for so many years I say Marie eats Apollo you want able to save it on there when they deviate and are made on Jeffrey what kind of judge the fire coming just a section they've initiated the process of Swiss challenge first and intended to evaluate the commercial benefit from the hope you propose a latent of tomato will share in the proposal in his church Jesse approver commercial digital and repeat the procedure attend a pitch of Kannada picture give me a holiday what's in the government is the guardian of the finances of the state it is expected to protect the financial interest of the state from Bhutan the budget I was running some mention I've done a more double asean topographer books on embody a cavity Vanek someone's an arctic official agora rumble on the birthdays and JP heroes of god this axis connect heroes umbilical published but na manja Tomica wrong intelligent Dominic if the motivation in German from the on tape but government must be free from arbitrariness not affected by buyers are actuated by nullified and to promote Waunakee it lucky worker to me this is over with a frame of government under the Samana natural English Rizal chicken throw offer in until these rods cat things dick you can't them scattering remarks addiction in adjacent Oaxaca game.js narcotics trafficking I have here one near ecology power on JP it's have done the mallomars now certain program very narrow and Jeppe shut animal master in each one is raccoon undergone okay heroes it one today ultimately I said occur on Monday so think about that then develop of Nayana Deeksha Fausto and the path either bothersome little first – he proposal oh we play them a capital city cat Valley area Singapore until month out a chilled addiction the other something volatile didn't learn to do pockets in Nakata jump into Malaysia malama goes from mala heroes animal em except in the picture provoke learning is so much a favorite contact under each light of the company and if you thermal accompany an accommodation Samuel accompany danke America although Japan wallow ha da na they do in the rural Japan interdiction Yemeni Raja below combined to interpret the work of its varam ratified Norman Justin we interpret the engine we cut on my hands run away – organic in thought only the emulator and in the wash its gonna not the correct ago the custom gave out cartels in there sir economic sanction is just undercut tender now because they're koalas in JC Monahan have sent a national a national look it's going to now move Bulo couple of munches system father it's a lot of tender system at the entrance there because they would have got no ma ta in that tender system Nathalie land I got a call a mansion Lipinski Osama I'm going to see you jest thorough quality chairs number enter the books time right it would apply on the pills currently order but there's also objection if I keep America at someone general company Japan to someone's you know company – Telugu Tamil type company ok – I will move girl both are a man boy in Theravada first to enter the destiny introduced a depiction how do they first to Japan company way way way more well done or untied addiction yen the Morgana darlin lent a book of $1.00 low material cost some cement to concrete over get on together poked away dollar no labor cost and they can be fun yeah look at the extra drama I could tell you everything a certified or anyone have more than the contradiction more than the content a Armada Jason our margin in the customary Pike which punches knock out their margin 10 detection so on the right plane next to America one Minister addiction well our well enter our when we come the car will depend on what is a star how do they are America 11:20 in the Japan and nayavada America American heroes kanima quality in a variable today karate randomizer group I know material costs from or rendering of Apollo labor cost remove random error will find a margin enter detection so Japan only demo mode well morning and on level will have a hardware longer mana pollutant will accompany land accompanied with her sex is AE flat wrap around this accompany will point a large network of Kakashi instead of the ultimate our town interpreter so they were underground JP Matra element a you know Jeff Beck I am Jeff Carol's not X I so miss Ventura he can do comedy Japan one more just a mountain to America largest country in a repair they don't show like way [Laughter] [Laughter] iconic iconic iconic building William and Nikita are not patentable without observing and a cupcake and a stop or a sonic and willfully and ethics are welcome building a plan to build importance in Centennial and their grandeur cannot solve our the middle dominant abounded they say when they would have a monitor pony in the 7m limited edition will merge the market ship today is in a paneer Monday find out a god Singapore the company is present and extract martim automatically follow the Singapore government introduced and maintain the Singapore government or see you know Platt live opera and you just a 1000 just a send us sing princes and income competitor on we live in the company logic sure we Lester on matter in Jasper we learn we let Singapore construction interjection government of Andhra Pradesh Oh was embodiment Waldoboro Manta in Canton which is below the recommended Andhra Pradesh promote them home in typically within those it's a random malaria Coco team Singapore will mo motor on the lower court law Singapore on the papers only more on the water potent at that shine the damper okay when the look forward some would anyone really pretty but Allah Allah uma thurman the padishah potala our oppa either I [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] in the window but I needed a suitor at a couple than they were fanatics a month that yokai man we're days of mine an interdiction after state gets to gravity or kind of Singapore today some loony pills in our intersection HMO pills and pills brahmana many England protection you know bones Kentucky's just kinda different I forget now in learning and by to get over and I like biting will scuttle another not that exam and nothing to be chakra bridge converter [Laughter] and appearances at the photo gentleness or Ganga Manchu proven coke emancipated it's called La Mancha purple and evil Anakin to mock him the value of taxpayers money government to promote some question our diamante as I am NOT ago doctor Buddha bezawada Carnival / co' sub or toothpaste Oprah show a the Kanagawa Japan / trap and they managed it cost me over there I ran into our accountability responsibility Bhagat sound Allah knows this until he was overcome with regard in chapter in catatonic a delicious though but but the famous case in the next time didn't someone is g20 unlock it in the curriculum – a sense of Villa comin through loco move cleaned up with rocks and corals on CD this was the landmark case addiction it is called Jaipur Development Authority vs. Darth Malak margin ke sanity a landmark judgmental nature is a supreme confidence is quoted by many a thorough mata bench of choices justice kdrama swami injustice hands area and below it simpler by paramedics at the platform named giant a yes the plot low manage a put development of the adults in a cobra on scooter on matter upon seconded top one is a legitimate Lubanga I know it cannot be master an addiction the exhibit the power of the state government exchange over which the legislature has to make love execute to power a condom Johnson daddy Karim yeah thousand is all right there at the concert on the horizon though are the current Jeremy Roberts woman in the purple images to me the government runs the executive government of a state with the aid and advice of the Chief Minister and the Council of Ministers which exercises the powers and performs its duties by the individual ministers as public officers with the assistance of the bureaucracy working in various departments and corporate sectors etc decadence II Prabhu Tom and Tim comin through your granny Council of Ministers writing for a book Tom Mary Bailey legislature of God or China put the part of Chatham's apart Arthur author our kingdom the bureaucracy or each officer under can see for upon an ancestor though they are expressed in the name of the governor each Minister is personally and collectively responsible for the actions of action policies the ordinary means of China CUDA let's look at the actual graph that Theo come on three key and collective lente what can you name this commentar cabinet low up at the month it is afraid to go under colors you could have budget the white sharks and also Monday they are accountable and answerable to the people their powers and duties are regulated by the law and the rules Brazilian can Tomoko Brazil of course Amazon Japan cinnabar depth only Marie ye-yeah the car would in a convoy in this chapter move when I stepped on the other carbon pollution and yeah they purport is that America is so much cells they're in a poor part planning of an inner cinema they say example o.9 guru german durante the so-called public policy cannot be a camouflage for abuse of the power and first interested with the public authority a public servant for the performance of public duties is a public policy and a parameter heroes are husband you got some brahmana many singapore system shallow and potentially important i singapore a little tired ape in the quran salman khan or alicia either the end the eminent and public policy and prediction so jessica am a permanent a public policy animal tsukkomi de anima tsukumo paula mana was sometime we cannot open it topically he they present a monarchy it's in a budgetary items oh i when they put a public authority public servant public authority oka okay governament Agana okay officer in hooker good America budget on the net miss Joe's employees way about something improper want a hearing on proposition it supposedly sense of impropriety is replacement of public notice for a private one a then I Ghani Frangelico someone insufficient Iman impersonal Agha even Lauper all on a note of the foe when satisfaction sought in the performance of duties is for mutual personal gain the misuse is usually termed as corruption activate a decorator Monaco sometime of course from a day in agony public policy from Okinawa Okinawa at this corruption and in padam Danika player to make the holder for public office is said to have misused its position when in pursuit of a private satisfaction as distinguished from public interest he has done something which he ought not to have done well in local jails near the Gani a liberty of ordinary Gani one tonica's on a chest contest organized only the most elementary qualifications are important at the sharpest of querque the most elementary qualification demanded of a minister is honest and incorruptible days the basic fundamental qualification or come on Psychonauts may be enjoyed the ground early economy needs a Polaroid basic contradiction he should not only possess this qualification but should also appear to possess them you don't need a god o fella can afford an ionic course number are we done a proverb de challenge injects an infection corruption is dangerous consequences for Part A Raja kanaky MonaVie nate-n-amy Charlie when the college is a farce TV all the political corruption is more widespread here they take a picture Maree Roger Swamy million they sell know I think I saw Nevada we need Kennedy sound like undetermined of artistic of stone they bribes open the way for access to the state for those and a poka-yoke up some ajamila on the path of Quebec de semana my now across all adults in a Chopra you put a tab Ramos to no brain wellness semana thommanon falls on me semana throwing petals on a body language education a picture because of its illegal nature corruption increases the range of publications that are made in secrecy here they say that a mockumentary Muslims if not addiction Yemeni preacher both you know the breach of hope and day after the undeveloped of knowledge emulation prophet sawas Larry nine paratha all at Monday's also the actor arouses on on Mondays and so calm down lose weight on the pay would calendar K come to my mr. Tuttle Chaffee condo hunter and chippy he runs a surrogate I put a local evolve a flat low all the salon and they are comets conscious Nellie I went to Paris to turnover than JP judgment that that's a beautiful judgment but it makes a really bit of the cha heroes oh he public domain Leticia each at them los amo community yeah they promote on a project with al-anon kunafa dough first to a gigantic corporate the near miss stone though our Jessica ro e Muslim project to summon official and they go to public demente under possessed last home Danny Bob this organic crop and so after gallo what a kind a granny from tofurkey project becomes a routine until disaster addiction public oh brother voila be prying the granny one of this I don't have all the comments in any one that render document about supports addiction to Real Madrid Swiss challenge and JP or got thunder comme des arc AR politics are very clear that simple gentleman would have come as at LaMotta our salon the chopped program Lotus Coney Canada connect technical staff and take a technical staff is Jo our technical standard or Prabhu Tom provide just encoder at the camera bank how many girls named Monica unemployed zero mr. Motta heatsink about Marie Brazil a China a V Prime Wallace hallo hallo Marie Jenner oh Hanukkah irate the correct mmm pescado are correct to the Sunnis olive are numerous staff no Murray utilization Theravada output of apricot and watch a and deep recurring a ten dollar funding for karana Marine hero execution Jane Lynch Attenborough the mark for suits in Parramatta are Marple no Rockaway lemarchal Antonia mark from the paragon of Lake this goodness Erica opera the regular process of tendering coconut and the committee is called judicial preview addiction heroin addiction heroes o Maryam original Titanic II heroes into somewhere Kate Hudson and okay detail yet upon such an entity importance of the window historic bill very historic building here aster below a profitable for appearances of the Potomac comin through gotten up yet today we need to keep our mannequins and advocate for in contain the more historical slow is Oka bill and JP under a Marissa Hanzo the enactment of Saturn garland correspond to sorry

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  1. పిచ్చి కాగితాలు చూపెట్టి ఇంకా జనాల్ని ఏం మొసం చేస్తారు బుడగలబుగ్గ.నీ అబుధ్ధపు బుడగలు పగిలి ఆంధ్రమొత్తం కంపుకొడుతుంది .పనిలేని అబుదాల ఎగతాళి సభనా.

  2. OMG 40yrs experienced donga ela dochukunnado 😲😲
    CBN eppudu edhey mindset tho pani chesthadu.edhey maata lakshmi Parvathi 23yrs nunche chepthuney vundhe.atleast now yellow diseased AP people should know the truth and question CBN about all these .anyways whether they like it or not CBN and his gang will be punished severely by the courts very soon .

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