ציות לשם ציות זה פאשיזם Blind Obedience is Fascism

ציות לשם ציות זה פאשיזם Blind Obedience is Fascism

Shalom Moshe Feiglin. – Shalom Good morning. I am still listening to Guy’s speech and am amazed at the abundance of knowledge that he brings We would like to talk about a post that your son publicized Lieutenant Avi Feiglin, a combat soldier in the Kfir brigade The post went up last week on Facebook and it basically calls upon IDFsoldiers to refuse to obey orders Give us the background for what happened there Look, the bitter and hard truth that I think every Israeli already knows but doesn’t say it, doesn’t dare to say it, comes to terms with it and represses it The bitter truth is that most of the IDF soldiers who were killed over the past years were killed because of the preference for the well-being of a hostile population over the lives of our soldiers, our sons That is the truth. – What is the event that prompted this post? The event was the death of the Givati soldier standing against riots And after that, when everything continued as before and another soldier could have been killed, but was only injured by a bullet to the stomach in an additional clash because there are snipers who take up positions behind the rioters and the IDF continues to relate to this reality as if we have to distinguish between the rioters and the snipers It is as if we are police here, as if there is not a war going on as if this is just a demonstration I am very, very proud of my son. He surprised me with this post He calls to disobey what orders? Avri, he is saving the lives of his comrades and the lives of those who will be drafted after him I’m just asking for the facts. What is he calling upon the soldiers to do? Not to coooperate with these open-fire orders. What he is saying is ‘If you send me to riots in this type of situation ‘When you decide to win, call me.’ That is what he is saying. Those are my words, not his words In short, when you decide to win, call me Don’t send me to death games in order to somehow make it possible for the politicians to continue to conduct their policies in the current reality Solve the issue. Give me the order to win, and I will be the first one to run into the fire To run into the alleyways and into these demonstrations into an impossible reality, to endanger my life on the altar of crooked, warped values with which the New Israel Fund and its tentacles over-ruled the IDF I am not willing to do it. I am not willing for my comrades to die for this That is what he is saying and I am so proud of him He has served a wonderful combat service He is already near the end, with all the benefits of an honorably discharged combat soldier with excellent grades, etc. And now he is performing the most important service for the Nation of Israel, the State of Israel and the IDF soldiers with the action that he has taken now. with the prison term that he will serve now, this is the most responsible action He will sit in prion, no? -He will sit in prison, and he is going to it with his head held high and he will draw a red line for the army. Go no farther. You will not send the soldiers to die for those warped values that the New Israel Fund instilled in the army. You keep mentioning the New Israel Fund, the New Israel Fund, but we are talking about the IDF. Let’s try not to introduce all sorts of influences. He is a soldier. He must answer to a certain set of values that the IDF confers, ok? That is agreed. You said he rebels against it and he is going to prison We of course wanted to speak with him, but the IDF Spokesman does not authorize that, naturally. You support him completely? Completely. As I emphasized, he did not consult with me, he surprised me He came to me with trepidation 24 hours after he publicized the post He got out for Shabbat before it got out Does it seem proper to you that an IDF soldier calls for insubordination? He asked me to share the post. Is it proper? -There are extreme situations in which a responsible citizen and a responsible soldier must refuse orders. The law also says that. Actually, these are patently illegal orders What is the preference of the enemy over the lives of our soldiers? Does that seem reasonable to you, Avri? Does that seem logical? It isn’t even an issue of a political debate You can look at it as preferring the lives of the enemy and you can also look at it as keeping the conflict on a controlled flame in some way, and not to allow the flames to burst forth in a way that will also extract a much heavier price But in the meantime, Avri, look at what is happening We are talking about different types of insubordination Now I am getting into politics. 13 years ago, somebody decided to destroy Gush Katif and to expel its residents. And there was a loud outcry to say that this was a patently illegal order Don’t drive people out of their homes And then it was said to the residents of the State of Israel that we must carry out the order in the name of carrying out the order in other words, obedience is the essence of the matter There is no logic behind this expulsion but obedience in the name of obedience. That is fascism. That is simply fascism. What happened as a result? Did we build the IDF? Did we safeguard the State so that the roof will not cave in on us? Did we safeguard society against anarchy? The result is that the entire southern region is on fire that Tel Aviv came under missile fire and that the IDFcannot deal with a kite. What I am saying is that there is an extreme situation not every situation, but there is an extreme situation in which a responsible person is needed to sacrifice his own well-being and to refuse He is building the IDF and he is safeguarding the state and not the opposite. He will certainly pay a price. Will you also pay a price or are you outside of this story? I’ll tell you, he asked me to share his post with trepidation out of worry that perhaps it will endanger me politically because I am in politics How is your situation in the polls, by the way? – Amazing. Amazing. They don’t count us, so there are no polls What does that mean they don’t count you? -They don’t put us into the polls Simple. -Perhaps because you are not strong enough Bardugo on Galei Tzahal said that he saw two internal polls of two large parties I know which parties he is talking about In one poll we got 6, in the other we got 8 In short, we are definitely in an excellent place. But as to your question of how this issue impacts me politically I will never make that calculation. I never made it and I never will That is also my message Politics for you. The bottom line, Avri, As a father, I fear for my son very much and am simultaneously so proud of him. It is hard to find a compromise between those feelings, I assume Thank you very much, Moshe Feiglin. Zehut.

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  1. פעמים כמעט חזרתי הבייתה בשקית, בגלל הרפסות של צה"ל
    מאז אוסלו צה"ל הפך להיות רופס מתרפס, מכיל ומתגונן.
    צה"ל אונס אותנו לאמץ את ערכיו הלא מוסריים!
    אנחנו שואבים מוסר ממקומות אחרים, לא מצה"ל לא מרמטכלים רופסים, ובטח שלא מחיל החינוק

  2. עמדותיו חזקות והוא מביע את דעתו ללא רסן או פחד.יחד עם זאת ידוע שכל אחד שנבחר לשלטון ממתן את עמדותי בצורה זו או אחרת.
    מקווה שימשיך להיות חזק כפי שהוא היום…מעריץ את האיש בכל היבט…

  3. פאשיזם זה מונח מכובס של מתנגדי תנועות לאומיות. אין שום קשר בין השימוש במונח לבין הפאשיזם האמיתי של המפלגה השולטת באיטליה במלחמת העולם השנייה. עדיף לימין שלא לשתף פעולה עם מכבסת המילים הזו ולא להכניס את המונח פאשיסט ללקסיקון.

  4. די לרפיסות של צה"ל בדרום לחסל את ארגון הטרור חמאס #הבא_להורגך_השכם_להורגו

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