Репортаж из пекла: протесты в Гонконге

Репортаж из пекла: протесты в Гонконге

Protests have been going on since the beginning of June,
and I’ve decided to come to Hong Kong, to sort things out, to see personally what is happening here. The police station was turned into a fortress, they are building
barricades, taking fences and twisting them on plastic clamps. Protesters take the cones and block one of the three
tunnels connecting the island with the continent. They move to beat someone
and the police are now clearing the subway. Well friends, it’s time to go to a hot spot. Let’s take a step back and try to understand where the protests
came from, what they want and what to expect ahead. In the first half of 2019, the Hong Kong
authorities are preparing to pass an extradition law, that will allow the extradition of Hong Kong
citizens suspected of serious crimes to China, Taiwan and Macau. In Taiwan, a woman was killed by her friend, they were both from Hong Kong, and then
the Taiwan government asked to extradite the killer, but it turned out that in Hong Kong there is no law
that would allow extraditing a killer to Taiwan. Then the discussion began that Hong Kong
could extradite its citizens, including to China. June 9, 2019 is the first major event. Almost a million people come to the streets of the city. People march
through the streets and demand to stop the pass of the extradition law. After 3 days, namely June 12, protesters
gather outside the Hong Kong Parliament, that day the police first used tear gas and batons. The authorities qualified the actions of the protesters as a riot. On June 15, the second reading of the bill
is postponed indefinitely due to protests. On June 16, was the second-largest protest seen in Hong Kong. Almost 2 million people went on a protest march demanding
to recall this bill, not to postpone the consideration of it. For your understanding, the population of Hong Kong is just over
7 million people, so 2 million for the protest rally is an incredible amount. June 18, Chief Executive of Hong Kong Carrie Lam apologizes for the fact that the authorities could not convince the public of the need for the law and forced its promotion. July 1, protesters pounce into the Hong Kong
Parliament, they “smash” down the courtroom paint over the symbols of the “People’s Republic of China”
on the coat of arms of Hong Kong, protesters also hang out the banner
“There is no riot, but there is tyranny.” On July 4, police begin to arrest protesters,
including those who seized the parliament building. July 9, Carrie Lam states that “the law is dead.” The Bill is “dead”. However, no one could clearly
understand what the “law is dead” means, since such a term does not exist and protesters
are demanding that the bill be “withdrawn” from parliament. July 21, people in white clothes attack protesters. Protesters wear black clothes. They beat people with sticks. As it turns out later, the people in white,
at least some of them, are members of the Hong Kong triads. It is not known… perhaps the Hong Kong government, at the request
of China, hired hooligans who began to disperse the protest. July 27, protests escalate into clashes with the police. Police are starting to use tear gas, rubber bullets and batons. On August 1, the Hong Kong garrison of the People’s Liberation Army of China
publishes a video in which soldiers work out actions to suppress street protests. During the video, soldiers in a megaphone say:
“You are responsible for all the consequences.” On August 5, protesters call for a mass strike. Protesters block roads and subways. Protesters tried to ruin the
roads with excavators that were stolen from road workers. It is August 10, the weekend, I arrived in Hong Kong. Today, as well as tomorrow, several marches were announced. At the airport, all arriving are met by people who are sitting with posters. They filled the entire arrival hall. Friends! The protests in Hong Kong: Well, the street tension begins, look at people with umbrellas. An umbrella is one of the symbols of protest. People with umbrellas and with posters
are slowly walking towards the government quarter. This is the action of parents with children
“Protect the future of our children!” A group of some dudes have arrived, they all took pictures
one by one with the Chinese flag near the police headquarters. Hong Kong Police Headquarters. Apparently for the “report”. Hong Kong cops with guns! This is one of the crossings in the city center, where stickers
are glued to the walls that describe the crimes of the regime. Here is something about the police, “no Chinese extradition”
and the photo shows that the police officer holds his finger on the trigger. A little about white t-shirts, this is a local “bandit”.
See, he’s in a white t-shirt. He beats the protesters with a stick. And this is an ”unfortunate hipster” in a black t-shirt.
The police welcomed the “bandit”, and attacked a guy in a black t-shirt. All day we are in search of protests,
and now it seems like in the evening it will be… That is, in the morning everything was boring. And in the evening, finally, “street activity” begins
and we are now going to one of the subway stations, where protesters blocked the road and build barricades. There are no clashes with the police yet. But now let’s see what happens there. The station on which there is nothing special except the Polytechnic University
and the tunnel that connects mainland Hong Kong with the island of Hong Kong, but the closure of the tunnel will be unsuccessful, it seems to me,
because the police will quickly stop it, let’s see. Soon there will be a hotspot. I thought today everything will be fine. I didn’t even take a gas mask from the hotel. I went outside as a tourist. Yeah, they’ll block the road now. What is this road? – This is the road connecting Hong Kong Island and the mainland. – Is this one of the 3 tunnels?
– Yes. – So, it will be critical if they block it? – Especially for people who are stuck in a tunnel. Pass the last cars through the tunnel. Protesters pick up cones and block one of the three
tunnels that goes to Hong Kong from Kowloon. At first, protesters warned drivers
that they were going to block the tunnel. And only after everyone drove
through the tunnel did they block the tunnel. Now everyone is leaving, that is, look, now the crowd just goes on. Ie they blocked the road and ran to block something else Listen, I think I understood their tactics, now they want
to move around the city and block individual roads. This is how the blocked off road looks like. The protesters are chanting five demands. So what are the protesters want? The first is to withdraw the bill on extradition
from Hong Kong from parliament. The second is to abandon the qualification
of the June 12 protest as a riot. Third, release all the detained 420 people who were
detained during a two-month protest rally. Fourth, it is to create a commission to investigate
the “abuse of authority of police officers” during the protests. Fifth, this is the resignation of parliament and to appoint
re-elections during which ensure the admission of all candidates. The crowd just goes and the most interesting
thing is that they don’t have any “leader”, it all happens somehow very messy, no one understands where to go. And they follow the rules of the road. hey stand at traffic lights and wait. On the way, people are armed with fences, barriers carries them, but so far it is not clear where we are going. Here is the police, the crowd shows them
obscene signs, but the police are not going there. Tactics of protesters: they randomly move around the city, block roads and try to leave before the police arrive. All this is similar to what happened in Moscow on July 27. The people put on helmets,
put on respirators gas masks and so on. Apparently, they are now preparing for clashes with the police. We got to the police station and the police are hiding. Сlosed all the exits and now the crowd
is shining with lasers at this station in the police office. We arrived at the next subway station, the crowd is already building or dismantling the barricades. This is the outskirts of the city, now everyone just
rides the subway from the police to different areas, these barricades appear spontaneously. See, what’s happening up there? People are going to beat someone! In general, this man in a blue t-shirt
“expressed his disagreement” with the actions of the protesters, and now the crowd had nearly torn him to pieces. This is a police station, people went to the police station and shine with lasers into it. I don’t go there, because they are a little aggressive
towards the press, which shoots on camera those who throw stones, but now they are breaking tiles,
preparing stones that they throw at the windows. Run! Police squad is here! So… everyone runs away! The police are quite vigorously pursuing people in black, and the police are now “clearing” the subway. They raise a flag like “diverge or we will shoot.” We are again in search of protest. Now on Victoria Street a legitimate action, Since the morning, there are a lot of people. but at the same time, an illegitimate actions
are beginning in other parts of the city, the demonstrators again block the roads
and seem to plan yesterday’s tactics when they appear in the most unexpected places to block the movement, build such small barricades and run from the police. Police ransacking another man in a black t-shirt. Now apparently checking the documents, they look at databases, interestingly,
there is one policeman taking everything on camera. And this is such a local version of the Rosgvardia, they are just catching all the suspects who look like protesters. [Rosgvardia – a national guard, was involved in dispersing demonstrators in Russia] We arrived at the gathering point,
where the protesters are now. Here is the police station. And police stations are one of the main targets of the protesters. The entire police station is covered
with special cloth to protect against stones and balconies turned into observation posts. In general, the police station was turned into a fortress. Below are tall fences filled with water. This is the first barrier, then in fact there will already be
an original fence with spikes and barbed wire. Do you see? Everything is covered with white cloth,
which protects the building from stones. There is a lot of discussion regarding
the “police and cruelty” towards the protesters. Just today there was a legitimate rally. He goes against these bandits in white t-shirts who,
together with the police, beat the protesters. Protesters are gathering around the police station, put on respirators, masks, glasses cover faces, in general, getting ready to confront the police. Protesters gather there, at that crossroads, nobody is here at all… yet. The press has already donned respirators, gas masks, everyone is waiting for the gas. Protesters slowly, carefully approach here, they are armed with helmets, gloves, some strange shoes. Among the protesters, someone raised the American flag. A real gift to Chinese propaganda, which scares
everyone with the “US State Department” being behind the protests. But people are unarmed.
Only the lasers with which they blind the police, no stones, no bottles, nothing. Building barricades. People take the fences that block the sidewalks here,
and twist them onto plastic clamps, thereby turning them into barricades. The barricade is built and now the crowd will move it, the mayor of Hong Kong, why did you put the fences near the sidewalks? Now these fences are barricades. Remove fences because they become the instrument
of the proletariat instead of cobblestones. Well, and umbrellas to cover faces. Barricades are being prepared in the rear,
and we should go to the front lines. The police put on gas masks,
apparently now they are going to use gas. The man was wounded in the leg and now everyone is retreating! Gas is an extremely unpleasant thing,
it’s not just tear gas like in Paris, this is pepper gas that burns the skin and arms, legs, in general, everything
that is not protected begins to “burn” hellishly. The crowd has dispersed and is now going somewhere further. This is a government agency and they
decided to break the windows here and paint it. Here you can wrap your hands specially
with cling film, gloves are given out here, in every possible way to protect the people. And here is the man with the American flag. The police used gas. Well friends, we have to go to hell, I’m now between two fires, they’re shooting there and there… you see, everything is in the gas! The main weapon of the protesters is the laser. Laser pointers. The police, however, do not care. But these protesters are
so diligently shining with these laser pointers in the police. Everyone went down to the subway station and took a breath. Almost all the stalls were closed, only one brave remained
to work and these brave people sell cakes to protesters. A meeting is taking place,
apparently they decide where to go next and people just all have a rest. People fled from the point where we were and now took
the subway and go again to Hong Kong on the island, because there protests continue. A dude in a white t-shirt put out a tank that was burning and the protesters decided to beat him. The skirmish started, the dude got nervous. As you can see this is a “real action.” Listen, the “white friend” again went into battle. Like Rocky Balboa. Dude behaves as if he is being interviewed for the work
of a security guard at a grocery store (very aggressive in the CIS). Cheeky one. We are now on Hennessy Road, this is Hong Kong, this is the main street, the same street along which a beautiful double-decker
tram runs that you all love so much… and it is blocked. It can be seen that there are no cars. I’m standing in the middle of the road,
and in front of me is now a barricade, the barricade that blocked this road. Yes! It is not a joke! They really blocked the road with this tape. Dude, it’s a barricade, where are you going? No, you will not do it! This is a barricade, respect it! Girls, where are you going? The police have just changed tactics. If yesterday everyone ran away from the police,
now the police decided to take a break. The protest is confused. Everyone is stuck in phones and nothing is happening anymore. The people, as you can see,
they just stand on the road and discuss something. “What to do next?” “We blocked the main street in the city and nobody cares about us!” “We built barricades but the police do not, what to do next?” Initially, the police had a plan that in a couple of months,
approximately as in the fourteenth year, everything would resolve. Then it will be possible to easily “pull out”
the most active participants to put them in jail. But a couple of months passed,
nothing resolved, every weekend there are protests. And the protest is becoming more radical. The protesters understand that if they leave the streets now, if they
get tired first, the police will put everyone in jail and that will be the end. So no one plans to give up, I remind you that this year
the Chinese Communist Party is celebrating its 70th anniversary. In the 49th year, the party was formed in October, in early October there will be an all-Chinese celebrating which in no case should be “overshadowed” by protests. I think no one will finish before October for sure,
there will only be an escalation of protests. Let’s see what the Hong Kong government will do. Oh thanks! Is it from America? New Jersey, USA. American cookies! Now let’s talk about police tactics, friends, it’s very simple: the cops are really kind. Well… they are attentive.
Police will warn ten times before using gas or firing. This is not like in France. In France, cops are “fierce beasts.” In Hong Kong, the police are “cute pandas.” As soon as the local riot police arrives, everyone runs away, Have you watched these underwater shots?
When small schools of fish escape from sharks. Friends, protesters do not consider that this is some kind of weakness. They consider this a tactic. They call themselves water.
They are like water flow to different areas of the city. It is expected that in the near future Beijing will make
another statement on the situation in Hong Kong and somehow intervenes to resolve the situation. Hong Kong’s value lies in being a city open to the world. There are many foreign companies,
the media, there is freedom of speech and the “forceful solution of the problem” of protests will
turn Hong Kong into an ordinary Chinese city and this will deprive the city of the charm and magic
that exists now… what will Hong Kong be like in the future? But Hong Kong has less and less time to resolve this issue.

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